Sunday 14 March 2010


Why is it that when they put up this kind of poster the photograph is always of a working class person in a working class area of a town?

You see what I mean... I mean, does this fellow here look like he could have a job that paid £64,766 a year... nope, I tell a lie, £64,766 +1.5% ?

Nope. He looks like he's on the dole.

....Well, yes it does, you see. And despite what the pictures say, it shouldn't matter much if you are just plain old Joe in a t-shirt or.... if you do earn £65,000 whatever a year and have a generous expense account....

Yes... this one is a bit different, isn't it? And that's because no one in the Department of Work and Pensions came up with this one. On no Sir. They are far too busy chasing the poor who are fiddling to stay alive, to bother with the likes of this fellow here.

But isn't he every bit as culpable?


  1. Of course.

    But plain old Joe, he can't claim exemption...

  2. Nope.... I know Conan.... but when you weigh it up, his crime is no different from Uddin, the person whose main residence is unfurnished and unvisited....

    I've had lads in my groups who doing just the same as her... saying that they live in one area when in fact they live with their lass in another area... in order to maximise the benefit they/their lass get.

    Same criminal offence as Uddin, but they can't get some old flunky with a powdered wig and bucked shoes to get them off the hook...

  3. Tris,

    According to new labour greed is very good but need is very very bad.

  4. Brownlie... I'm having difficulty coming to terms with new labour's philosophies...

    ... they are just so....erm.... can't find the word.... um.... oh yeah, I've got it....CRAP!

    I was cracking up today about the fact that that stupid old tosser Straw is, after 13 years, proposing that they should do what they should have done 13 years ago, and get rid of the house of lards and replace them with a senate...(Although I wouldn't have a senate. No bloody use and it just costs money.)

    What a pile of rubbish that man is... Did he come up with that policy on the back of an envelope after he got a wee hint of how incredibly angry the prols are that a baronesses about to face the courts for stealing £100,000 of our taxes (7 years in stir) can get some chappy in the Lords to write a wee memo and the whole thing is thrown out. The thieving old witch will be tried by her peers... maximum sentence: 6 months suspension from the trough!

    I wonder how she will keep her trotters warm without the income from our taxes....