Wednesday 17 March 2010

Better bring me a double brandy with that cappuccino

That daft wee Liam Byrne has been at it again. Here’s a guy who just can’t get it right. He was the one on the parliamentary committee for the 2006 Road Safety Act, which increased fixed penalty fines for driving while using a cell phone then got caught, was fined £100 and received a fixed penalty notice for using a phone while driving.

Then of course there was his idiotic suggestion that "British Day" (can’t type that without laughing) should be held on August Bank Holiday, when Scots are hard at work. What a prat!

The funniest of all was his 11-page memo sent to all his staff and called "Working With Liam Byrne". It listed his demands like: cappuccino on his arrival in the office, an espresso at 3 PM, and soup between 12:30 and 1 PM. His instructions to tell him "not what you think I should know, but you expect I will get asked." And a warning: "Never put anything to me unless you understand it and can explain it to me in 60 seconds... If I see things that are not of acceptable quality, I will blame you” Arrogant little man. Well what follows is not of acceptable quality and I blame him.

His latest boob is that he announced on radio that no new tax rises would be needed to fulfil the government’s commitment to pay down the deficit. He also ruled out a rise in Vat. However, today he had to row back from that position when he admitted that taxes may well have to rise if Labour wins the election.

When he was asked by the BBC about whether he stood by his comments about ruling out a Vat rise, he had to stutter and splutter his way through a withdrawal. Clearly Darling has given him a sound thrashing!

The Quotes (taken from the Times):

11 March:

BBC: Are you telling us that you can get to a fifty percent reduction in the deficit with the tax increases we already know about?

Liam Byrne: Yes.

BBC: You don't need anymore?

Liam Byrne: No, we've set out exactly how we will find that £19bn, and we set that out in the Pre Budget Report

BBC: So there will be no need to increase VAT to, say, 20 per cent?

Byrne: We don't see a need to do that because we've made some difficult decisions about National Insurance contributions.

16 March

BBC : And you ruled out a VAT rise and you still do that I take it?

Byrne: No, I mean Chancellors reserve the right to come back to tax matters at every budget.

BBC : But when you were pressed, and I’m going to do it again, on whether beyond that there would be more beyond the election if you win the election, you said no.

Byrne: I said that I had spelt out very clearly how we were going to raise 19 billion in tax now of course every chancellor reserves the right to come back at every budget and make decisions about tax and you’ll forgive me for not giving away the budget on Radio 5 this morning.

What a twerp he is!

Pic: The Cappuccino Kid ... mighty pretty, ain't he?


  1. Wire Brush and Dettol.

  2. I'm not quite sure where the Labour party get their "talent" but perhaps they could give Jordan a call and get the phone number of her rent a fruitcake dating agency. You could not do any worse!

  3. LOL> Erm...Bugger.... would you like to elucidate?

    Where, for example? And when, and by whom....?

  4. Munguin. The scary thing is that this fruitcake is Chief Secretary to the Treasury!

    PS... when does he have the fruit cake... is it with the cappuccino, or the espresso? Lord... he doesn't have it with the soup, does he?

  5. In all orifices, sequentially, by winners of a Lottery draw.

  6. Ah... gotacha. That's splendid Bugger. You can be torturer in chief.... oh, I forgot, given the UK's record, maybe you are already!

  7. I am not called Bugger for nothing.

  8. Erm.... indeed Bugger!