Thursday 10 September 2015


Scotland's one and only Labour MP, and the party's Scottish spokesman, Ian Murray, who said a few weeks ago that he didn't know if he would be able to serve under Jeremy Corbyn, has decided (now that Corbyn looks like winning), that he CAN indeed serve under the man.

Bless him, he says it's because he feels that the need a strong Scottish voice in the Labour shadow cabinet. Not that Corbyn would have a massive choice of Scottish representation. I can't help thinking it's more likely that he wants to hold on to his job!

If Mr Murray had decided to stick with his doubts, Corbyn might have be obliged to do what Farron on the Liberals has done, and invite his Scottish leader, Kez Dugdale, to serve in his shadow team as spokeswoman on Scotland.

The leadership race has now been run, controversies and all, but the results are still not known. Mr Murray wants Yvette Cooper to win, and while that's not impossible, it is looking less and less likely by the day, as this betting information shows.

To Be Next Labour Leader Odds

Bet365BetfairBetfredBetVictorBoylesportsCoralLadbrokesPaddy PowerSkyBetWilliam Hill
Jeremy Corbyn1/71/71/61/61/61/71/71/61/71/6
Yvette Cooper15/213/27/16/17/113/27/16/17/113/2
Andy Burnham9/19/19/18/110/19/110/19/110/18/1
Liz Kendall150/1150/1100/1100/1150/1125/1100/1100/1200/1100/1

For your information, the details of how the voting works and the timetable is as follows. We'll know at 11.30 on Saturday.

  • Candidates: Andy BurnhamYvette CooperJeremy CorbynLiz Kendall
  • Voting deadline was midday on Thursday, 10 September
  • When will the winner be announced? At a special conference on Saturday 12 September
  • Conference timings: It begins at 11:00 BST, with the result of Labour's deputy leadership election announced first. At 11:30, the winner of the leadership contest will be unveiled; they will then make a short acceptance speech. In both cases, round-by-round details of voting will be made available to show how each winner emerged
  • How does the voting system work? Voters rank candidates in order of preference. If no candidate wins more than 50% of the votes in the first round, the person in last place drops out and their supporters' second preference votes are reallocated to the other candidates. This process continues until the candidate with the most accumulated votes wins.
    They dragged out some frightful old relics to warn that Corbyn would make the Labour party into a socialist party, appealing to the working classes... OMG what a nightmare scenario.


  1. I heard Murray, on radio "Scotland", this morning. Typically slaber, a lot of waffle and no substance, SNP bad. However, one thing did jump out at me, he alluded to Labour having 30,000 members in Scotland. I think he has found the Labour calculator, as used during the referendum, that automatically over inflates the answer.

    1. Pretty empty vessel as far as I can see, Jim.

      I've no idea where he got 30,000 from. I know there have been a lot of new members as a result of the Corbyn interest, but I think most of them are only paying £3 to be able to vote.

      If Corbyn doesn't win, or is deposed, I don;t expect many of them will be voting Labour and certainly not pounding the streets delivering leaflets for them...

      Alternatively he could have just plucked a number out of the air...

    2. He probably knew he wouldn't be challenged, as par the BBC's kid glove and hand in hand approach when dealing with "Scottish" Labour.

    3. Yep. He cold have told them there were 10 million and the BBC would have said: "Thank you, Shadow Sec of State... PS I love your Jack jacket.

    4. Not much indications of a revival on the streets/roads. Loads of cars showing their SNP badges not many with Labour on them.
      I am moved to buy some Saltire cushions, one has to keep up with our Southern Neighbours who have so wrapped themselves in the Union Flag to the point that they actually believe it is theirs.

    5. My car has still got it's YES stickers on, and I still wear my Yes T shirts and hoodies...

  2. Good Lord, Blair looks terrible.



    1. It seems that way Gerry.

      He's let himself go a bit Hard to believe that young man in 1997 turned in to this decrepit old fossil, in a mere 18 years.

      His badness showing on the outside...

    2. All those nights sleepwalking and screaming Out, damn'd spot must bear heavily on your body after a while.....

      Saor Alba ( see me paying attention there, Jimnarlene )

    3. LOL Saor Alba...

      Yes, he must wear out a lot of carpets doing that. Fortunately murderous dictators pay him vast sums for him to teach them the tricks of the trade, so Cherry can always afford new ones.

  3. Tris

    While all indications are that Corbyn will win I won't believe it and have my chuckle until I see it. I just don't trust the Labour Party. If he does win it will be interesting to see what happens, will kendall defect to her rightful home the Conservatives, will MPs boycott the shadow cabinet, will the party split. If he wins and they bring him down then the party will desend into civil war with memebers leaving in droves, the PLP need to be very very careful. I suspect if he wins, they will look at the bank account and decide that they will change the rules before the next GE and depose him that way, they will hope that the members wont take revenge and will have to accept another Tory win more likely. This might be the best result for the SNP and Scotland because I really believe that a Tory win in 2020 would be the final straw and Scotland will have another referendum and the result will be a YES. Last year was last chance saloon for the UK and so far they have broken all promises, this is not going to change, oil revenues will become less and less important and I believe that many Tories will just decide that Trident isn't enough to fight to keep Scotland, they will dump it in Wales or something and possibly encourage a YES vote. Interesting times to be a saddo political watcher.


    1. Hi Bruce, I am of the belief that if Corbyn wins there will be a whole lot of hot air expelled but not much else. Labour see themselves as her Majesties opposition and therefore part of the establishment. I imagine that Kendall will pop over to her natural home, all the rest will do their level best to undermine Jeremy. Too old, seen so much of Labour and not seen on so called socialist, well maybe a teeny weeny bit but nothing else and as a gang they spend so much time fighting they cannot get on with representation.

    2. Must say, I just haven't got a clue what will happen.

      I certainly agree that it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that there may be a fiddle to make either Burnham or Cooper win despite the vote. Don't know how they could do it, but they if there is a way I certainly wouldn't put it past them.

      I reckon whichever way it goes there will be a battle. Blairites aren't going to take the proper Labour policies of Corbyn lying down.

      On the other hand if Corbyn doesn't win, there's clearly a lot of support for him, not in parliament among the feather bedded elite, but among ordinary voters. Where will these people go?

      A mixture I suspect and Corbyn will get the blame for a party that is rattling down like an old seater.

      I see that Brown has now come out and said that the Vow has not been delivered.

      Not sure what he's going to do about it. Probably nothing.

    3. I predict a Corbyn win, the PLP will then be exposed as the Tories, that they are and the in fighting will begin, in earnest; the "Scottish" branch will shite its self and implode with a fizzle and no bang, as they are a zombie party.

    4. Well, it looks like a Corbyn win.

      All the people who said they will refuse to serve will be having to eat humble pie, or confine themselves to a few years on the back benches plotting how to get rid of him before the next election. They should remember that electors don't like split parties.

      I'm not sure that Corbyn will prevent people voting Labour in the future, but I suspect that they fact they are fighting like ferrets in a sack may do that.

      I suspect though that if Corbyn doesn't win, there are a lot of potential Labour voters who would never vote Labour.

      In either case, it seems to me that 2020 is a cert for the Tories. God help England, and to a lesser extent us.