Tuesday 29 September 2015


Oh look, Scotland almost makes an appearance.
Just that little bit run by Theme Park Fluffy
 for the Huntin', Fishin', Shootin' brigade.
Sale of the Century
Actually it's more like the White Elephant Stall at the Church Jumble.
Any old garbage not yet sold going cheap to rich folks.
How VERY unfortunate Govey. Trust you to be seen with a pig!
Still, if it had to be someone, I guess you were made for it.
Oh dear... Tell me it's not true.

Anyone know where I can get Coke around here?
Have you ever seen so much money wasted on such bad taste?
I mean if I were as rich as the Queen, I think I'd have a better class of oily spiv to tea.
Maybe Mags. Conservatives never seem to run out of other people's money though.
Bang on there, Charlie!
I think we will be laughing at Pigate for as long as we laughed at Major and his underpants, or indeed his nights in with a good Currie. But is it true. Did Cameron take £8,000,000 for a seat in the Lords and a job in the cabinet knowing all about  Mr Ashcroft's tax situation?
Thanks Dave, you lying git.
Honorary Tory, admired by Thatcher and Cameron alike.
Maybe George should try another recreational substance, cause things certainly aren't going better with Coke.


  1. Tris, that better together poster should be on every billboard in Scotland!

    Regards, Ronnie.

    1. Hi Ronnie. Damned right it should. Sack of lying sods that they are!

  2. I agree with Rpnnie, could we have the one concerning the debt as well. Might drive it home harder.

  3. Gove had better hold on to his girlfriend or his boss, and social superior, might grab her and do unspeakable things to his face.

    1. Undoubtedly Iain.

      Never trust an Eton toff with your swine!

      That's my motto!

  4. That picture of Blair is how I assume is the image of a man who has just been charged with a crime, tell me he has at long last.

    1. Wishful thinking.

      But folk with as much money as he has are above the law in England.

  5. Has Blair got a painting, in the attic, that's getting younger?

  6. Tris

    The Tories are scumbags, we all know that, everyone who votes knows that, but I tend to think with them that you know what you are getting because they pretty much spell it out and don't care. They know that enough voters in England are right wing enough and with stupid boundaries and an arcane voting system they can get in and then gerrymander to make sure they have a better chance of getting in the next time as well. While I despise them I despise Labour even more because they do similar things but by the back door. Some might argue that Labour have to do that to get elected but I think that is why they don't get elected because they are more of the same.

    It's like the witch hunts that the unionists use for things like t in the park subsidy, an important issue to ensure that public money is used appropriately, but like the kettle calling the pot black. I am so sick of this type of politics, Corbyn promises a change and then gets his information from the Burham of Scottish Labour Dugdale and we are back to petty point scoring and more lies dutifully reported by the BBC and the right wing media. This country is a disgrace of a place to live in where the minority and vested interests will do everything they can to keep people stupid and irnorant and too many people are happy for that to be the case. I hate it I really do.

    How we get people to wake up is beyond me, no matter how many of us blog, how many excellent blogs like this one are out there, people still stick their heads in the sand. They care more about the release of the new iphone than they do their elederly neighbour they haven't seen for 3 weeks. I sometimes think that it is only my anger that keeps me going, and my blog is the only thing that keeps me from goping postal lol.


    1. Aye Bruce... With the Tories, you get what it says on the tin.

      With Labour we had become used to the same thing. No one truly believed that they were anything other than the poor man's Tories.

      Now we have Corbyn, who is the UK's great hope.

      Trouble is that the likes of Benn, Burnham and some of the others are undermining him at every turn. All the briefing against him this morning over his non- nuclear stance.

      Trouble is he cares more about people than he does about being photographed with the president.

      I think he's being badly advised by some total creeps who care more about themselves and revenge on the SNP for stealing their gravy train.

    2. Bruce

      The T in the Park subsidy is a serious issue. Disregarding the alleged reasons behind it, the simple fact is that the there is no justification to give a highly profitable company, which hosts a highly popular event guaranteed to sell out, a grant of £150K of public money, for the reasons given by Hyslop.

      Agree that the unionists have no room to speak, but that cannot be used as a justification. That money could and should have been used elsewhere.


    3. Yep. I don;t think tax money should be given to commercial events.

      I've not read all the details, but unless Titp was threatening to go to England (unlikely), I don;t know why we subsidised it.

      That said I not entirely sure why we subsidise Scottish Opera.... or the Royal Ballet, or the National Theatre... except of course it makes them cheaper for the Nobs that go to them.

    4. That is exactly why we subsidise Opera and Ballet. Even subsidised those are still expensive.

      I like the Ballet actually, but I have long held the view that arts should not be subsidised. People seem willing to pay up to £100 a seat for events at the Hydro ( Manilow and the Corrs both want up to £97 next year ), so it seems a bit bizarre to argue in favour of general public subsidy for any other art form.

      I do not believe for a minute T in the park would have moved from Scotland. Is the sponsor market leader in Kent? Are there not other competitors waiting in the wings anyway - Rockness, Wickerman, etc? If there is some rule which permits paying the subsidy it needs looking at. The matter is bringing our party into disrepute.

      Saor Alba

    5. Yes good point. In the days where pop concerts were cheap, but ballet or opera (with necessarily a lot of players to pay from the takings) were expensive, I could see an argument...although I didn't agree with it. (If you have expensive tastes you just have to save up more and go less often.)

      But today anyone reasonably well known is charging a vast amount for decent tickets; sometimes well over £100 for the best seats. No one subsidises them.