Friday 4 September 2015


For folk in Dundee, this is how we can help.

You can drop off tomorrow morning at the Charleston Bar or Peaches and Pearls salon at 13 Milnbank road 9-6.30pm or Sunday all day at the Charleston bar..

If next week then GMB 38 Whitehall Street (across from Papa Joe's).

In other places around Scotland there is a list of ways you can help here.


  1. Where Scotland LEADS David "the coward" Cameron eventually struggles up to his knees and begins to baby crawl along behind ... possibly!

    1. Maybe. But I see the Hungarian people (not government) and Austrians are out there putting out food and water for the poor folk who have been abandoned to walk to Austria. Some arriving in trains in Vienna were greeted by people with tables out in the station with food for them.

      That's my kind of person. I could just hug every one of them.

      There are good people everywhere. Just some countries have bad governments... and Hungary and the UK (not forgetting Slovakia, are pretty shit).

      Of course, Arbroath, Nicola Sturgeon is a leader, and she's first minister because she is a good leader. David Cameron, on the other hand, is a posh Eton boy who is prime minister because he went to the right school and the right university and has connections at the palace.

    2. Too right there Tris with regard to the difference between Nicola and David. One hasn't had to struggle for anything and the other, well she is one of us.

    3. Exactly. In fairness it can't be easy to empathise with ordinary people when you have had an extraordinary life. That's why it's is not a suitable job for someone who has no experience of life as it is lived by 95%+ of the population.

  2. Dear Tris,

    Many of you, like me, will have been reduced to tears at the tragic pictures of a small child washed up on a Turkish beach. The plight of three-year-old Alan Kurdi, his brother Galip, five, and their mother Rehan has touched our hearts.

    Today I convened a summit at which there was agreement to establish a taskforce to co-ordinate Scotland’s practical response to the humanitarian refugee crisis. The taskforce will engage with organisations across Scotland to establish capacity in a range of matters such as housing, language support, social services and health services.

    We stand ready, in the best traditions of this nation, to offer sanctuary to refugees who need our help.

    Ways you can help

    1. Put your name to a petiton
    Sign the petition to demand action from the UK government:

    Accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK
    2. Attend a vigil
    Edinburgh Sees Syria is holding a candle-lit vigil outside the Scottish Parliament on Saturday 12 September at 2.30PM.
    Glasgow Sees Syria is also holding a vigil in George Square, also on Saturday 12 September at 2.30PM.
    Other events will be taking place across the country. Facebook is often the best place to get up to date information.

    3. Get involved
    There are many national and local initiatives being established. Scotland Supporting Refugees are a group of volunteers raising awareness and campaigning for action. Many cities, towns and villages have set up local groups. Once again Facebook is the best place to find out details of what is going on in your area.

    4. Make a donation
    Make a financial donation to a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that is doing related humanitarian work overseas. These include:

    Save the Children: distributing essential items such as nappies, hygiene kits and food
    Red Cross Europe: providing emergency health services at central train stations
    Migrant Offshore Aid Station: dedicated to preventing migrant deaths at sea
    International Rescue Committee: improving living conditions by setting up camps
    The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR): providing water, mosquito nets, tents, healthcare
    Refugee Action: advice about claiming asylum, the asylum process, asylum support
    World Vision: providing food, water, shelter, education and social care

    In a world looking for a simple display of common humanity, all of us can play our part.

    I ask you to do what you can.

    Nicola Sturgeon.

    Nicola Sturgeon

  3. If you're in North Lanarkshire

    SNP members everywhere, ask your local branch what they are doing to assist.

  4. Cameron has listened and is proposing to bomb the hell out of Syria as it always works out well for our armaments industry and the city of London financial sector. The UK humanitarian relief effort.

    1. I came across a graphic of the countries from where the refugees are, in the main, coming. It's amazing how much the Brits have sold them in arms.

      It's probably England's biggest export. No wonder they are not keen on peace.

      It's also big business in France and the USA too.

      Says something, that!