Saturday 26 September 2015


*Thanks to Gerry for the first picture


  1. oh they are brilliant. The look on that baby elephant's face and the orang below it. Truly soppy Sunday is your piece de resistance. And your USP. LOVE it.

    1. Thanks. Glad it brings pleasure to you (excluding John, of course!).

  2. O/t I'd like to let folk know about a smashing documentary on youtube about the referendum

    it has Paul (wee ginger dug) Kavanaugh, Derek Bateman, Prof Robertson and Christoper Silver. Some of the quickest 20 minutes you'll spend. See I'm not just interested in cute animals and lovely scenery!!

  3. Aww just got my first look at all those lovely pictures, been having one of those busy Sundays. Garden Centre, should have been clothes shopping but accident on the Bridge. Tris you will be pleased to know that I have managed to get some Monbretia, Lucifer and George Davis, so that will make the garden more colourful next year. Now I love all those pictures of the lion and lioness, pity though they tend to take over the pride and kill those cute cubs so that their genes are passed on.
    I wonder if the Panda and the Polar bear were waiting on Munguin serving them? If I know Munguin they will be waiting an awfully long time.

    1. Money well spent. Remember that Crocosmia spreads like wildfire, but it can be split and gives good texture to the garden for most of the summer, and bright flowers late summer.

      I've never had any luck with Hibiscus... not a single flower,so it will be interesting to know how you get on.

      Ha ha... waiting for Munguin to serve you.... yeah fat chance!

  4. Tris.
    Thanks for including my photo. What another great collection you provided us with.

    Just back from 2 glorious days in the Kingdom of Fife. Views over the Forth were stunning.
    Witnessed Cockenzie chimneys coming down from over in Burntisland.

    Managed to irritate someone in Kirkcaldy by asking" did Gordon no manage to save yer Tesco then?"

    Relaxed on Kinghorn beach for a couple of hours and felt the better for it.

    Seems to be a lot of platforms lurking about on the Forth, anyone know why?

    1. It's a great photo Gerry. Love swans, they are magnificent creatures, if a little scary when you have to pass them at close quarters.

      I once watched some neds rather stupidly trying to frighten swans, when they had young, on Stobsmuir Ponds. The swans put up with it for a while and then turned on the Neds, and started running in the water. The lads ran like hell, and one of them stood on a piece of broken glass on the bottom of the pool.

      Normally I'd have gone over, checked he was OK and if necessary run him to the hospital. In this case I ignored him.

      Glad you have a good weekend. Anyone hazard a guess as to why Kirkcaldy lost its Tesco? :) :)

      Managed to save the world, and Scotland, but couldnae save Tesco Kirkcaldy... Jeez, must not have tried that hard.

      No idea about the platforms... turn down in exploration?