Saturday 5 September 2015


I've never doubted that he was an inspiration to people in the Second World War. He was a spin doctor of extraordinary talents, suitable for the times, where people expected to be spoken down to by their "betters", but I've also always suspected that he liked nothing better than to play at soldiers. He seems to have confirmed it.
We all know not to believe what we read in the papers.
Note: Please add "Must have no compunction about sending people to an early grave".
Proof positive that you can succeed by being sneaky rather than clever, lying through your teeth and cheating as much as you can on expenses. It works. Give it a try. Or we'll sanction you and you'll starve to death.

"Get back in your box and shut up Kez" signed John.
Superb interview. Some people can carry off obfuscation with some measure of success. Some just look hopelessly out of their depth. Guess which she was.

You never really know whether he is deceitful or just plain dim.
Probably a mixture.
Good way to start September.
Let's have none of this Gaelic nonsense on our police vehicles.
Only 1% of the population understands it.
Latin, on the other hand, is taught at Independent Schools ...
So 33% of MPs can understand it.
And they told us it was by the grace of God.
Seems a sensible way to generate  membership 

...or maybe she likes calling people liars and cheats...
Oh bit off more than you could chew.
Isn't history lovely?
I always suspected this. Isn't Harriet Harman a cousin of some sort
 to David Cameron?
You shall be judged by the company you keep.
So, Mugabe, you just went down in my estimation!
Some surprises there....Switzerland? Germany? New Zealand?
Oh, and 100% in Northern Ireland didn't vote Tory!
Not to mention 100% who didn't vote for the dross
and dregs you elevated to the aristocracy, or the rest of that
House of Ill-repute.
And while we're on, remind me how many voted for the Saxe Coburgs?


  1. Our referendum exposed the English press and the state broadcaster as being no more than propaganda peddlers for the Westminster establishment.
    That is why they had zero impact on the GE election outcome in Scotland despite their best efforts.
    Maybe one day English voters will waken up to this reality and we will see a "free" press again.

    1. I dount that it will be, but as time gores on this matters less and less.

      The press has lost a lot of its power, and Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Google+, etc have taken over.

      I certainly get little of my news from the press now.

      Of course I appreciate that there are some that do. And of course the BBC and STV still have a massive audience. So we haven;t won the battle for truth yet.

      But it's moving in the right direction.

  2. Just curious about the Kezia Dugdale bit. Do you have a link?



    2. Thanks

      I am, obviously, no wiser.

      You do a public sevice here.

    3. Welcome to the 99+% of us, it's a secret manifesto policy only known to her and herself with the possibility of her dreams getting a brief glimpse. Top secret.

    4. Well... we are clear that she doesn't want to be drawn about what her plans for this really independent Labour Party (of which she is totally in charge) until she finds out what her boss's take on it is.

      Clearly if the new boss is Jeremy, the response to Trident will be a very different kettle of fish from what it would be were the new boss to be Andy or Yvette (ie Tony).

  3. Regarding your concern about Fluffy Tris where you ask if he is being deceitful or just plain dim. Well I can assure you that he is 100% dim ... he is not smart enough or intelligent enough to be deceitful!

    I have to disagree though about your idea that our police cars should have Latin and not Gaelic on them. It is PRECISELY because none of those robbing,deceitful, lying,smarmy,hypocritical,two faced bastards understand Gaelic that we should have Gaelic on the police vehicles. LOL

  4. Anyone know the Gaelic for "piss off Cameron"?

    1. pòg mo thòn Cameron....pronounced pok ma hon,I believe.
      Kiss my a**.

    2. I thought as much, Arbroath. he certainly looks and sounds it.

      Ah excellent. bringiton.

      I suppose we should have it in (my best guess) Latin for the Eton boys: osculer oro asini. (osculum asinum).

      Conan will probably correct me! If not I'm sure Boris will!

    3. Ahem... as much as I like donkeys...

      'Osculer oro podex' captures the 'essence', if you like, of the insult better.

      Longo vivas tempore prospera.

  5. Good selectio9n of stuff this week, so thank you. I just love this blog.

    Churchill- One of my grandfathers was in the Royal Scots and was wounded twice at Gallipoli. The first time, he only got a rifle bullet to his leg, so was sent back in for another go and got shot in the eye. He loathed Churchill until the day he died, and not the soldiers who actually shot him
    Mundell- I believe him when he says "there were no plans" Westminster parties don't DO plans. For anything. Wait until 100,000s of refugees turn up looking for a safe haven from the bombing and killing brought about by your sale of arms to the Middle East and suddenly invent a policy to deflect criticism.

    That's how it works, and Mark Steel is suddenly waking up to how things function in a UK "democracy"?.

    1. Thanks HV. Good to know that you enjoy it. It's a bit light-hearted most of the time compared to the seriously brilliant work that Stuart and James and Bella and so many others do, but it seems to fill a wee niche.

      It seems almost sacrilegious to criticise Churchill, and as I've said I've always acknowledged that he was the master of spin. The Brits seemed to be pretty much on the losing side during most of the war, and the privations for fold, specially in big cities were terrible. (Although of course, the privations were mainly for "ordinary people" and not the nobs.)

      Churchill's speeches seem to have been the glue that kept the place together.. or so I hear from relatives who were around at the time.

      Anyone reading more about him would know he was a pretty awful person. He was a drunk and misogynist, a junior member of the aristocracy, he had no realy understanding of the ordinary person, and although he loved the war, he seems to ahve been not very good at it.

      I've listened to his speeches and tried to imagine the circumstances under which they were given. I've tried to imagine being comforted by them, and failed dismally, but I didn't live through it so I have no idea what it must have been like. I can't imagine his plummy tones reassuring me. But different times.

      So it is interesting to know that someone who was contemporary hated him so much.

      I'd say the Tories plans are to make the rich richer. The devil of the detail is pretty much [spur of the moment.

      This crisis has been 5 year and more in the making., and Cameron clearly only acted to take more people when public opinion cause by Aylun's image woke people up to the reality, rather than what the papers had told us, about swarms of cockroaches.

      I wonder how much harm this has done Labour. Thousands of potential voters put off by Harriet's incompetent management.

  6. Child poverty is now when the underclass can't afford the latest I phone.

    1. Poverty is always relative. It always has been. The Queen is poor by the standards of the king of Saudi Arabia. David Cameron is poor by comparison to The Queen, ...and so on

      Brits are poor by comparison to Icelanders, but rich compared to Albanians.

      You need to get out of your mansion a little more if you imagine that poverty in British society is as you describe it.

    2. @Anon, an arsehole makes a loud noise and smells of shite, this is how I imagine you.

    3. :) You have a way with words Jim...

  7. Anonymous,

    Well, child poverty might be better described as being drowned trying to escape death by the West.

    There is a dichotomy here. Most folk that read Munguins Republic probably agree with the general approach, y'know, a Good Samaritan viewpoint?

    We are not cynics, by and large.

    So, where was the wit or wisdom in this:

    Child poverty is now when the underclass can't afford the latest I phone.

    You ought to be ashamed, but you won't be.

    Keep reading. It might change your mind.

    1. I don't know who this anon is. I wish he would identify himself or herself with a nom de guerre.

      The funny thing is that I must be poor by that standard as my phone is far from being the latest model, and it's not an iphone.

      Donations to Munguin Towers!


  8. Anonymous,

    This is what hit me:

    If they did not effect you, well.....

    1. I think that type of image hit a lot of people Douglas. It was in all the papers the next day...I found it on the net and was suddenly hit by the horror of it.

      If that kind of thing doesn't affect one; doesn't hit one; doesn't bring the reality of these people's plight into focus, then, well it doesn't. I suspect it didn't for Katie Hopkins either.

    2. Thanks for sharing that.

      I admire the work that you do. It is absolutely necessary. I cannot understand the opposite point of view whatsoever. People that can pass on bye are not folk I care to know or associate with. I like the sentiment that you provide.

      It is sad that it has to be said. It ought to be an unstated norm, but it isn't.

      Best wishes.

  9. Churchill was vastly overrated by the Brits as he suited their warmongering tendencies and hatred of all things foreign unless they could exploit and make money out it.

    1. I'd always suspected that he loved every moment of the war. A lad playing at soldiers, not particularly well. I've read that Generals would be summoned to his bedroom or bathroom and confronted with a list of his plans, most of which were absolutely nonsensical, and the poor men had to go away and find a way around what he had ordered. This making their lives far more difficult than they already were, with a war to win.

      It's hard to get to the truth of it after so many years.

      I know he was a dreadful prime minister in peacetime. Absolutely no idea of democracy. His Cabinet was in revolt most of the time over his overriding them, making agreements with other countries without consulting them.

      During the war, when he was prime minister, Atlee was the de facto PM, running the country while Winston ran the war. That was why so many reasonable things happened.

      Interestingly, I'm reading a book about Thatcher, and she hated everything foreign and loathed being abroad. But she didn't see America as abroad!