Thursday 3 September 2015


Just thought I'd share this drivel with you. If it wasn't so pathetic it would be funny, and if it weren't so funny it would be pathetic. Anyone who Mr Feldman is?


Have your say on the future of the Conservative Party – take this quick survey on some of the most important issues facing the Party today.

I want to make sure the Conservative Party keeps getting stronger - so that we can keep on improving our country and delivering security to families across Britain.

So I want to hear your views on what we’re doing as a Party: how we can get even more people involved; how we can keep attracting great candidates to be MPs; how we can do even more in your area.

So please take this quick survey today – your views will help shape the future of our Party:

Thank you,

Andrew Feldman Conservative Party ChairmanPS. It’s important everyone gets their views heard – so please have your say now.


Party Review Survey

Have your say on the future of our Party

Have you ever supported the Party in any other way? Please tick all that apply
Would you ever consider doing any of these activities to support the Party? (Please tick all that apply)
Why haven’t you become a Member?

Would you ever be interested in becoming a Member?
Which if any of these would make you more likely to join? (please tick as many as you like)
How much do you think regular Membership should cost (current cost: £25), bearing in mind all money goes towards the Party?
If you didn't become a full member, would you be interested in becoming a Registered Supporter for a small donation - or in return for giving your time volunteering, or sharing graphics online?

Your responses and contact details a


  1. Ya BUGGER!

    I filled it in and was disappointed when I couldn't submit it.

  2. Bit slow this morning and found link to real form.

    Duly filled it is and suggested the apply for protected species standing otherwise they will be extinct.

    Postcode was SLab's in Glasgow.

    That should confuse them.

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha...

      I think they start off being rather confused!

  3. Anyone who Mr Feldman is?

    It wouldn't be this gentleman by any chance Tris?

    1. That will be the block Arbroath... LOL