Monday 30 July 2012


I just watched the Despatches documentary  (Channel 4) on the Department of Work & Pension and ATOS, and their efforts to get people back to work.

Channel Four asked a doctor, a GP, to go undercover and train as an assessor at the DWP/ATOS training centre. He followed a three week training course, where he filmed his instructors explaining some of the mad decisions that an assessor has to make. 

He then lasted 3 days as an assessor before he handed in his notice. (This part is not filmed, but described.)

I can recommend this as compulsive viewing if you care about the way that sick and disabled people are being treated by the coalition, and were treated by Labour before them.

The waving of red white and blue flags appear to make some people proud to be British. For at least the more cerebral, this display should make them thoroughly ashamed.


  1. I have only watched c10 mins but can now vision the North Korean flag being sent from London to fly over Edinburgh Castle by order of the fuhrer Camerballs. If anyone votes no in 2014 they need sectioning under the mental health act.

  2. Well CH, you realise that even if they are stark raving bonkers, and on chemotherapy, they won't get diddly squat in Benefits from IDS and the Nazti Party...

    There is bound to be something that they could do, even in a straight jacket.

  3. Here's a story about a guy who is, in effect, committing suicide, all because of the ridiculous and disgraceful hoops he is being forced to jump through just to qualify for support.

    Jeez, these eejits at Westminster and Whitehall make me sick to the core!

    I've just found a new use for the Clyde Nukes. DROP THEM ON WESTMINSTER AND WHITEHALL!

    Totally agree with you CH. ANYONE who votes NO in 2014, or 2015 if the Cameroon Bar gets his way, definitely needs a long term stay at their local Mental Institution!

    Come to think about it, is there any way we can get IDS, the Cameroon Bar et al institutionalised A.S.A.P. This would save millions AND prevent thousands from further unnecessary pain and grief!

  4. Stories like this make you want to cry. There are thousands of people who need all their strength just to get from day to day in pain and in disappointment that this is their life, until it finishes.

    Depression about being in constant pain, not being able to do anything, not being able to have fun, not being able to live... and, even when they get the full money, they live in poverty, then they take it away.

    And in the meantime some toffee nosed prat in the royal family isn't happy because his two bloody princesses aren't getting £250,000 each of protection when they go clubbing, getting off their faces on drink...or some thieving spiv in a bank gets shirty because he might lose his £20 million for failure...

    And people says Danny Boyle's show made them proud to be british.

    It shows what little minds they have, it they think that a selective troll through history, leaving out the bad bits is something to swell their chests.

    I'm not spiteful by and large but I really hope that the people responsible for this crap lose their money and need help... and are refused it and left to die.

    Then they will know how it feels. Scum.

  5. Looks like the man in charge of the governments new benefit system is looking to step down, sorry resign, in the near future. I wonder if he'll be put through crap that the benefit claimants are currently having to endure?

  6. Clearly the man is insufficiently evil, Arbroath.

    He wanted to make it 'humane' according to the piece.

    This government and the word 'humane' does belong in the same story.

    So he was sacked.

  7. Labour will try anc cast blame on the Tories fo rthis but, as revealed here their sticky fingers are all over this.

    They started it. They brought in the systems and some of their people transferred over to the Tories to ensure it went through and continued.

    Labour refuse to apologise, Milliband even claims the ability to identify workshy malingerers by sight alone

    All three Unionist parties, although Tom Greatrex of Labour has done some decent things on this, are culpable

  8. I agree Anon.

    Someone at either Atos or the DWP (I can't now remember which) questioned the veracity of this report on the basis that the doctor was once a Labour candidate.

    That won't wash at all. The Labour Party introduced this scheme, with the full support of the then opposition Tories.

    The Tories then refined it with the full backing of the Labour Party.

    They are all to blame for this shame.

  9. Yeah and no doubt the snp will behave differently....what a load of Bollocks you only have to see how the snp have taken over piece by piece nearly every policy which the snp believe will make them more popular and bring them nearer to winning Independence.

    and if they could achieve it by burning the sick and unemployed at the stake the snp and its supporters would happily happily do so and probably will.

    soon were a Unionist party ends and the snp start will be completely indistinguishable.

  10. But Niko, they know that there is no future in hurting the poor and the sick, which is why John Swinnney has found money to help some of the poor who will be hit by the 10% reduction in housing benefit which the London government is bringing in.

    I don't know how popular that will be... probably very popular with the people who benefit from it, and very unpopular with those who wanted the money spent on something that would benefit them.

    The SNP have put in quite a few unpopular policies this year... sectarian, minimum pricing... but they do it because they think it right.

    I don't really think that minimum pricing will do much good, but the CMOHs for every country in the UK say that it will. If it stops 15 years having cirrhosis of the liver, I suppose it's not a bad thing.

    I think the sectarian laws are pretty stupid, but again, if it stops some of the hideous violence between those that supposedly following Jesus Christ with incense sticks, and those who do it without, then I reckon it may be a good thing.

    Neither is popular. Both will cause bad feeling against the government, but they are doing them anyway.

    So maybe you would like to explain all that in relation to your "the SNP would burn the sick if they thought it would them popular" garbage...

    Incidentally despite upsetting a huge chunk of the population with unpopular legislation, I see that the SNP are yet more popular that they were at the general election, and under new management, that of Johann Lamont, Labour are even more unpopular.

    Any explanation for that?

  11. tris

    yeah well you obviously been reading Numptynet Scotland.

    More popular thats why they are way way behind the yes to the United Kingdom patriots...........any sensible answer why???

  12. But, you see, it's not the SNP that is running the yes to dependence and always coming second campaign.

    I notice you didn't answer my questions.

    I don't read Newsnet as a rule, and I guess we are a bit behind (35-45) with the rest don't knows, because we have had unionist propaganda rammed down our throats for the last 6 months... it's bound to have an effect.

    Jubilee, Jubilee, Jubilee... and the the Coca Cola Olympics with blue white and red all over the place.

    (Not that it's doing a lot of good as the GB are at 21 and France are at 3 in the medal tables.)

    Now, would you like to answer my questions...

  13. tris

    yeah well just remember(you and all the snp no Independence hopers)

    Every Olympic Medal won for the Glorious United Kingdom (with the Union Flag flying high) by all the British sports people.Alongside our wonderful and more and more loved Royal Family



  14. The employment minister, Chris Grayling, told the BBC that "there are no targets anywhere in the system", although the government refused to allow the broadcaster to see the full contract it holds with Atos.

    Hmmm... I wonder why that would be.

    Maybe because the pond life are lying through their teeth?

  15. The above was a quote from the Guardian:

    Sorry, should have said.

  16. seems to me the next(real and proper) election is going to be about all the lying cheating benefit stealing spassys who cant clean themselves proper in their wheely chairs and sticks(when they aren't bungee jumping or playing golf or rugby).


    The good clean hard working minimum paid tax avoiding lucky to being in a job peeps.

    yeah we must hold on to our triple AAA rating even if the poor and not quite so poor are eating rats or even there own children.

  17. cant wait till i see a spassy in a wheel chair yeah gonna run and push them right over ha ha what The Gangs of young Torys used to do on Maggies day

  18. An interesting read.

    The Olympics — Welcome to the Machine

    Poor Niko hasn't got a party that suits his views anymore hence his rants as openly supporting the Tories is a no no.

  19. So Niko. No response to any of my questions except some sort of Nazi rant.

    Yep, you will defo fit in nicely in the Tory Party.

    You better get yourself a little rant about blacks and poofs and Europe...everyone of them stealing our jobs/women/men/sucking the life blood out of the country.

    Then you best get yourself some plus fours and an Aidan Burnley/Adolph Hitler suit and all you will need then is to learn the salute.

  20. Excellent article CH.

    I can't imagine why Londoners are putting up with it.

    Supine wimps, I suppose, or maybe they are genuinely afraid that they will be shot.

    I see that shops in London report footfalls to be 10% down on this time last year. So although Coca Cola and McDonalds are doing very nicely, shops which are already struggling, are losing 10% trade.

    Rich Americans, Arabs and Japanese are giving London a swerve, because it will be over crowded, and over priced, not to mention under martial law, as your article says.

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  22. Better the same.

    I wonder if Niko gave Mundell a lift when he taxied for George.

  23. CH

    Scottish independence: Poll shows support for UK split has dropped

    Two months after the official launch of the pro-independence Yes campaign, the new poll shows 30 per cent of people are in favour of secession, down three points from the start of the year.

    A total of 54 per cent of people said they were opposed to independence, up one point from the previous poll in January.

    Ha Ha ha ha ha ha yer big loser

    down the pan with yer lickle fantasy of separating the people of the United Kingdom.

  24. Oh Niko you must stop taking the BBC and there preferred analyst's biased view of the facts.


    When the three constitutional options are asked alongside each other, independence is the most popular:

    Independence: 30%, More devolution: 29%, Status Quo: 28%

    Asked about supporting independence on the question: “Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country”, the figures were:

    Yes: 36%, No: 45%, Don’t Know: 20%

  25. Niko

    I think you're just a trolling fud, but you might want to be careful with some of your posts.

    Threatening to attacking the disabled comes under hate crime, and given the tone of your posts, you might have a problem with "it was just an isolated joke gov"

    The SNP led a vote against these changes in Holyrood. Both Labour and SNP MP/MSPs have helped me in our situation, though the party policy of Labour is still hostile

    Actual attacks against disabled people are going up, fostered by the attitude that niko, in his ignorance, fosters

  26. Anon

    yer knobhead call old bill see if i care.

    any perceived attacks on the disabled are dun in the style of a Cameron Osborne supporter at their behest and with their full support.

    its Government policy don't you know

    two of my brothers are disabled all their lives been there worn the T shirt so fuck you!

  27. I think Niko and Fluffy have a special relationship CH

    These figures of his have been splashed all over the Scotsman today.

    As they paint a jaundiced view of reality, they are actually not to bad for us.

    This kind of thing encourages the independence workers to greater efforts. The Hootsmaun is trying to encourage the dependestas, and that is understandable, but they will probably find in works against them in the end.

  28. Niko

    Wasn't planning to report you, no matter how repellent you are.

    It was just a piece of free advice, and therefore worth what you paid for it.

    It's called altruism. The Labour Party used to be in favour of it before they went for a surveillance state, sucking up to bankers and running off with as much public dosh and directorships as they could

  29. Anon: I think I can pretty well be sure that that post was Niko's attempt at humour.

    In reality he can be quite witty on occasions, but like everyone else, he misses the mark sometimes and causes offence.

    As the offence was occasioned on my blog, I have no hesitation in apologising for it.

    There is no doubt that what Labour initiated, and the other Unionist parties are carrying on, is wicked and heartless and anti-Scottish in it's direction.

    We might in Scotland loathe the person who fiddles, but I don't know anyone at all in this country who would deny decency for people who need help.

    That may be how it is in England too, for all I know.

    The trouble is that all three parties are now complicit in the degradation of anyone who is claiming any kind of benefit.

    Because there are some people who cheat, the governing parties have managed to persuade many people that cheating is the norm.

    That is the way the Nazis managed hatred; how people were persuaded to hate Jews, homosexuals, immigrants, disabled people.

    Make them out to be wicked for long enough and the sheeple will believe you.

    They've done it here with single mothers and jobseekers, now they have moved on to the sick. The old will be next.

    If we would just stop and think, the people who have brought us to this mess are politicians and financiers. They are the people who have spoiled our lives, stolen our jobs and out pensions. They are the people we should be actively hating.

  30. I assume Niko... that you were having a laugh...

  31. Ha ha CH.

    I suppose they haven't ever written a book "unionism for intellectuals" have they?

  32. Niko,

    Poll in the Scotsman found the Labour party to be "out of touch, incompetent and boring" - Sounds familiar? It should do!

    Don't make jokes in bad taste - you know you're not like that.

  33. That's quite a flattering summation of the Labour Party, John. I guess the poll was done in one of their heartlands.

  34. Labour 'out of touch, incompetent'

    Scottish Labour is seen as out of touch, incompetent and boring, according to a new poll.

    The descriptions topped a table in a YouGov survey asking 1,029 people to pick three words or phrases which best apply to Johann Lamont's party.

    Only 5% say the party is efficient while just 8% say it is trustworthy or has plenty of ideas. At the other end, 35% believe it is out of touch, 29% think it is incompetent and 26% describe it as boring.

  35. Mea Culpa sort of

    UMM! My humour(which it was) is to some Nationalists like my political support..............
    sometimes difficult to comprehend

    But the tirade over the disabled

    was i feel an accurate portrayal of the inner truthful thoughts/feelings of an average Conservative in the south east of England.

    Cameron and his ilk do actually hate the poor and those unable and not unwilling to earn a crust.
    To carry out a sustained and targeted attack over many years on a weak section of society who are unable to defend itself. And then claim they actually are doing so with love in their hearts.

    Is a hypocrisy i seek to expose by the means of a dark humor.

    To physically attack someone unable to fight back is and looks cowardly and disgusting . But that is what Cameron aided by Clegg is doing because they are not in person beating the shit out of them does not in my view change the reality of peoples life in the firing line of this sustained assault upon them.

    my verbal representation was used to reveal an image which most would revile as normal people should.

    The fact is for many for now and in the future my representation is just everyday life.

    If you did not like it and felt discomfited it was meant to have that effect.

    I should then add


    but i truly wonder if that will make any real difference.
    and NO! voting snp wont either

  36. I read the article CH. The Hootsman manages to put a positive spin on Labour's predicament... You really wonder how you can be positive about "out of touch, incompetent and boring!", but, hey, that's the Scotsman for you.

  37. Fair enough Niko.

    Those of us who know you, and have known you for years, knew that this wasn't a genuine reflection of your feelings, but, it came over wrong ...

    We have been conditioned by this government and past ones, to despise those who cannot find work. More recently, those who are sick have been the target.

    Labour has to accept its share of the responsibility, but I'll admit that this bunch of incompetent ideological Nazis have made the situation unbearable.

    The fact that on average 30 people who have been found fit to work are dying shortly after, suggests to me that the system doesn't work.

    The fact that people who appeal are being re-assessed a couple of weeks later has to be wrong...and a wast of money.

    The fact that a man who was told he was fit, decided that the doctors must be right and started doing work around the house, had a heart attack and died, must be wrong.

    The fact that someone who was comatose, sectioned under the mental health act, and effectively unconscious at the time of their assessment and still failed, must be wrong.

    The fact that people who cannot go to the toilet without someone there to pull up and down their knickers, and wipe their bums, are found fit for work must be wrong.

    That Grayling is a pathological liar at the heart of government (not to mention a benefit chest himself: see his record on expenses) has to be wrong.

    Would voting Labour make a difference? Well, they might scale back the awfulness of the test, but it would still be more or less the same. It was them that brought it in.

    Would voting SNP make any difference? I don't know. The SNP doesn't have to deal with this at all at the moment, and that the 6 members in Westminster voted against it is neither here nor there. But the fact that John Swinney has found the money to plug the Tory gap in housing benefits for Scots, suggests that the general attitude in Scotland is that we must find money to help the poor, in the kind of way that the other Scandinavian countries do. In an independent country I hope that we would have a fair welfare system. Not a free for all, but at least a fair assessment using GPs and properly qualified medical people, not ambulance drivers and nurses.

    Scotland wouldn't want a welfare system that kills 30 people a week.

    My worry is that the government in London has already moved its sight into creating hatred for old people, living all these years extra with the most ungenerous pensions in Europe.

    Watch; soon the old will be beaten up, like the disabled, for being scroungers, egged on by Adolf Grayling.

  38. tris

    your not wrong me i expect the state pension to disappear in the next 15 to 20 years.

    And the fact is its not about having enough money its all about what is a priority and the willingness of the people to pay and the political partys leading the way.(some hope there eh!)

    life was once very nasty brutish and short and will be once again I fear

  39. I think so Niko.

    Have you seen that despite this vile company doing vile things to people they seem to have been awarded a contract to do the same thing to people who are on DLA.

    I didn't see any mention of Scotland there mind. But they must do it here too, because it's a UK thing.

    I agree about the pension. people will have to manage on their own sooner or later, because they will say they cannot afford it.

    They are saying that families must take old people in, to save money, but houses in the UK are too small for that. Only the really rich have houses big enough to take in their elderly. And they don't need to.

  40. Don't forget Tris, one of the MAIN sponsors of the Paraolympics are.......(Drum roll please).......ATOS!

    I'd just LOVE to hear the Cameroon Bar's explanation over THIS sponsor of the paraolympics.

  41. Listening to the radio this morning, (BBC Scotland.)

    Talking about caring for elderly parents, there were people on saying children should look after their parents and not leave it to the NHS or social services.

    I do look after both my parents, I spend hours in any given week just doing paper work, its fucking hellish. I stay down at my Mother's place 3 or 4 nights a week and I'm in at my Dad's as often.

    These people on the radio saying people should do more for their parents don't have a fucking clue, and neither does Grayling or ATOS.

    You have to work all the hours you can just to stay mobile so you can do things like, look after your parents.

    Its totally daft and I have no idea why anyone still wants things managed by idiots at Westminster.

    Some of these facts are really very disturbing, they should be more widely propagated so people know whats going on.

  42. People have protested about that Arbroath, but it seems to have made no difference. Unfortunately they seem to be a sponsor of our own Commonwealth Games. Needless to say, I won't be looking for tickets to that now, nor will this blog support the games despite out own, much-respected MSP, Shona Robison, being the minister responsible.

    Obviously Cameron doesn't have any problem with the lying sack Grayling. (After all Cameron was a tad on the wild side with his own expenses, and when it comes to being duplicitous he's not that far behind Grayling).

    And as ATOS have just been awarded more contracts, they must have pushed the secret targets up and will be despatching more people; this time the ones on DLA.

    It's the kind of thing the right wing love. Let's get rid of the sick and disabled. They just drag the country down...whereas the bankers...

    Please get us away from this lot. Who knows what their next target for "remoding" society will be.

    Talking of "remoding", I see they are now trying to get people to go back into the centre of London, as all the scare stories about how busy and expensive the centre would be during the games has resulted in the place being deserted, and businesses which thought they were going to make a killing, being left high and dry. £500 a night hotel rooms reduced to £99, I heard.

    Oh dear...another cock up.

  43. Pa... Yes, I thought about you when I read about this. I know you do a huge amount for your family... but it means you fitting this in with work.

    And of course, as you say, there is a mountain of paperwork to get anything done.

    They are trying to guilt people into doing more, despite them having to work all week to keep a roof over their heads, and despite the fact that the houses in the UK are so small it is difficult to fit yourself into them, never mind take on elderly relatives.

    I agree with you. We need to publicise this more. It is good that both Panorama and Despatches investigated ATOS and came to the same conclusions in the same week.

    I hope that they look in to the plight of people who are being left to look after elderly parents with little help and a great deal of hindrance.

    Maybe a letter to Despatches would set the ball rolling...

    We have to stop people in Scotland being hated for being sick, living too long, not being able to look after their parents...and whatever London decides next to make their target of hatred.

    This is not the kind of country I want to live in. It IS the kind of country Cameron and his Nazi mates want to live in.

    At the moment, he and his ilk seem to have the whip hand. We don't want their kind of politics in Scotland. We need to get rid of them for once and for all.

  44. tris

    They do do this in Scotland. It's a reserved matter.

    Journalist Sonia Poulton has given Ed Miliband a baton to pick up, trying to get him to show leadership in opposing this Labour introduced/Tory tweaked vile system.

    However Ed has been conspicuous by an absence of comment. Ed sees more mileage in demonising the poor and sick as shirkers and fraudsters, just like others in his party (e.g. Tom Harris, the one whose name he remembered)

    Labour, just as the Tories and LibDems, are against the poor

  45. Errkk. Just read my posts from the post about the opening of the Olympics ( been on hols since - braw ).
    I must have had a few lol.
    I'll stick with independence for now and apologies to WOS / NNS etc.
    Although I did see the Rev at WOS calling someone a 'dick'
    Maybe that was his name ? ;)
    I'm putting a blog together and hope it will be suitable for your blog list tris.
    It's a cross between Alex Jones and James Delingpole. So might wind up a few folk who don't love conspiracy theories lol. And believe in the global warming myth.
    Imagine The Dolphin Bar in Fintry with a Boeing 757 from Kentucky spraying chemicals for your own good and you're somewhere close to where this blog will be ;)

  46. Anon... Not sure what you were referring to... when you say that it is a reserved matter.

    If it was the Housing benefit, yes, it is, I know, but because the benefit is paid by local councils on behalf of the UK DWP, Mr Swinney can give the councils the extra money, and ring fence it for housing benefit, thereby completely stuffing and trussing Osborne and Duncan-Smith, like the turkeys that they are.

    If it wasn't that you were talking about I'm sorry... maybe you could explain. :)

    What is the challenge to wee Miliband?

    Ed has always got a eye on the fact that he is looking for votes from the South of England, I think. He can't afford to be seen to be too caring of the poor. If he is the rich will see their taxes disappearing down into the black hole that is the benefits system.

    He's always wary that his previous involvement with the unions and the fact that he is identified with the more traditional Labour, will come back to bite his bum when it comes to the elections.

    Although things are looking good in the polls for Labour, a lot of the support that, at the moment seems to be going to UKIP, will go back to the Tories at the election, because the voters will know that there is only one alternative to the Tories... and it ain't UKIP.

    That said, I can't imagine anyone voting for Cameron as prime minister ever again, and even if they get rid of him and replace him with the Mad Haystack, it hard to contemplate the Tories getting in.

    I guess it might depend on where the Liberal votes go, because as sure as eggs is eggs they are finished.

    I just hope that we are not a part of it at the next election.

  47. Ah... Nice to see you Monty. I wondered what was wrong with you, but "a few" would seem a reasonable ailment!


    I must admit there are a few people who write on some of the blogs that I'm inclined to describe as "dicks" even if their names don't even begin with a D...not fortunately this one, as everyone is just the dog's whatsits around here.

    I will look forward to your blog, and of course if will be on the blog list the same as the blog of all the Munguin crowd...

    The Dolphin Bar on a Friday night is frightening enough without adding planes, never mind ones from Kentucky!

  48. ha ha true enough tris.
    The Dolphin pub dominoes team are never to be messed with lol
    I've started the blog but am struggling with adding links etc so would appreciate a wee help.
    Latest attempt to start a blog is here. Not very cheery but will be adding a bit of music etc soon..

  49. Great...I've added the blog and had the honour of being your first correspondent.

    Email me on and ask as many questions as you like mate. I'll try to answer... not that I'm any kind of expert!

    Music indeed... There won't be any of that kind of frippery on Munguin's Republic!!!


  50. Cheers tris
    Will try and be a boost to your list.
    Got a lovely music link coming up tris..

  51. Cool Monty. I'm sure you will, and heaven knows I need it!

  52. Tris, I was meaning InCap, ESA etc
    As to the letter I meant this

    That's in the Nail, but Sonia Poulton is spreading the net wider on this in conjunction with campaigners trying I get Miliband to stand for the sick & disabled as opposed to demonising them.

  53. OK Anon.

    I got you. Read the letter and agree with its thrust (although it is incredibly badly written).

    That is the English/UK government, you're right. Scotland's government has no control over how our sick and disabled people are treated by the likes of Cameron and Graying.

    An independent country we would at least have the chance to display the compassion that has been shown by John Swinney in finding Scottish block grant money to circumvent the worst excesses of Iain Duncan Smith's attack on the low paid council tax claimants.

    Dependent as they are on the largesses or otherwise of the Tories, the disabled have little chance, I'm afraid.

    Thanks for the link.

  54. Tris,

    I've just posted my entry for the "McGonnagall Pure Idiot" competition - don't show it to your Mum or she'll never speak to me again.

  55. I've just posted my entry for the "MacGonnagall Pure Idiot" competition. Don't show it to your Mum or she'll never speak to me again.

  56. If I need your approval, I'm doooomed!

  57. Why did that happen John?

    I've changed nothing. No one is moderated here. I don't approve of it. If someone has something to say, they should say it. If I don't like it... tough.

    If it's too rude I can always get rid of it after I've read it.

    So, sorry about that. I have no idea why it happened.

    What's this about MacGonnagall Pure Idiots.... and rudeness.

    Spill ....