Sunday, 29 July 2012


Thanks to Danny for sending me these...


  1. ha ha, you can depend on Private Eye...

  2. Tris, It's traditional for a presidential wannabe to polish his international diplomacy creds by traveling to "England" to get his picture taken with the PM......and opposition leaders too, just in case. (You just never know when those Brits are going to decide to hold another election, and there might be a new PM come American election day.)

    But in Mitt's case, I wonder if his campaign can even manage to survive his trip to London town. Few candidates screw it up as badly as he did, and that's gotten a lot of attention on this side of the pond. It's considered bad form to embarrass yourself in front of the Brits. If he had been granted an audience with her majesty, he probably would have slapped her on the back and called her by her first name.

    CH, the COKE police are really serious about what you drink aren't they? Very funny!

  3. PS Tris;

    Not sure which is my favorite. His poorly scored dive off the airplane, or burning his old tax returns in the Olympic flame. :-))

  4. I remember Obama coming Danny, and making a big success. Remember he stopped and spoke to the police guard at Downing Street, while the buffoon Brown walked right past ignoring the man completely, like he didn't exist.

    He charmed everyone.

    Romney, on the other hand has caused bad feeling and dislike everywhere, and what's more, he actually managed to have me smile at something that posh boy Dave said. That's a first in the 5 years that I've known the man existed.

  5. Olympic burning of tax returns is my favourite.

    I love it when a cheat is being embarrassed. Particularly when it's an obscenely rich cheat who cheats to enrich himself ever more obscenely.