Friday 27 July 2012




  1. Is that what is called' Dropping a clanger'? Radio silence here as this corporate farce is dominating everything.

    I suggest we raise the North Korean flag in place of the union one because the UK is mimicking its theses daily.

  2. Yes. The press has been told to stop badmouthing at the Coca Cola olympics and to be patriotic. What I expect they mean is that with these companies paying loads of money into the games, we had better provide value for money otherwise they will never come and walk all over us again.

    If it were about sport in any way at all; if it were about physical achievements of athletes, I'd be right behind it. But it's not. It's about money and being important and better than everyone else who has ever put on Olympic ever in the history of the universe. Even the UK athletes are hoping for knighthoods that they can turn into sponsorship deals for cornflakes. Even nice guys like Tom Daley are a brand now.

    No bloody sport at all.

    It's not our games. We had a few days of Hitler's torch and we have had a few preliminary games of football that no one much wanted to see.

    All the advantages of the games will go to London. New buildings, the jobs, the boost in the economy, if there is one. Nothing will come here.

    Patriotism, of course, is the last vestige of the scoundrel, and so comes easily to the likes of Camerfool and his nut job government of the brain dead. If I am ever patriotic, and I hope I never shall be, it will most surely never never be for this uneven and unfair union, which I detest.

    So here's to the next 4 weeks of being fed propaganda by the Beeboids and the rest of the press. I dare say that Private Eye will take a more balanced approach. I can wait for their reporting of it.

    Love the "clanger" joke, CH. Brilliant!

  3. 'Prick' doesn't have the same ring tris.

    Stasi in force.

    How many new prisons can we build in the next fortnight!

  4. Ha ha dropping the bell. Thief jeremy is just small fry.
    Only the UK could spend £13Bn on the Games and have to translate it from French.
    Total idiots grrrrrrrrrrr

  5. What a DORK!

    FINALLY the London centric Olympics gets under way. Not that I'll be bloody watching it. I did say the other day that I might but now I've had time to reflect on that comment I've come to my senses and realised that I'd rather watch paint dry than watch the sycophantic BBC coverage!

    In fact tonight I have had three options.

    1. watch the opening ceremony.
    2. watch paint dry
    3. watch Quantum of Solace, again!

    All I can say is we have not been painting so that's number 2 out the window and I point blank refuse to carry out number 1 so come on Bond lets kick some ass! :lol:

    After SEVENTY bloody days of getting the Hitler matchstick rammed down our throat and the cringeworthy sycophanticism of the BBC in the last week I will be DAMNED if I'm going to watch ANYTHING connected with the Olympics.

  6. Oh by the way...
    Wings Over Scotland / Newsnet Scotland / Caledonian Mercury... bullshit artists working for state ?
    Weary man lol....

  7. Yeah. That's the first protest and they used pepper spray on disabled cyclist and pushed them out of the way so that VIPs weren't held up.


    Carry on guys. Set up concentration camps. make what is left of your army march goose step, and we can all shout 'hell Ca moron' as we pass and put our finger, I mean hands in the air.

    I see some Scots and Welsh athletes refused to sing God Save the Queen.

    I've not sung it, or stood for it, since I was made to as a child. As an adult Scot, you'd have to be a bit soft in the head to sing a song which includes:

    Lord grant that Marshal Wade
    May by thy mighty aid
    Victory bring
    May he sedition hush
    And like a torrent rush
    Rebellious Scots to crush
    God save the King.

  8. I think that the Olympics (modern ones) Monty, would have started in the times when French was the language of international relations.

    It wasn't till the aftermath of the 14-18 war, when the USA started to rule the roost, that the lingua franca of the world became American.

    But many institutions continue to use French either as a unique language or in parallel with American.

    I think it is a far nicer language than English. Pet Clark once described it as "embroidered". I like that description.

  9. Bang on, Arbroath.

    If there was any sport in it I'd watch a bit. But there's not. It;'s all about making money and showing off and getting gongs and MBEs and knighthoods.

    I expect they will make Coe an Earl or a Duke.

  10. What's that about Wings over Scotland etc Monty?

  11. tris..they can speak French as long as they like as long as they pay for it. Why should we pay billions to put on the games then not understand anything being said because it's all in French ? Are we bonkers ?
    And has that wings over scotland website been sent back to where they came from ? The sad PC loony bin ?

  12. I see that the Bitter Together campaign has hijacked the Olympics for union jack wrappings. They saying that as many Scots athletes as possible should be given knighthoods...

    I loved that Nazi Tory MP Aiden Burney, who looks so sweet in a swastika, has spoiled Cameron's night by tweeting about the ceremony being 'lefty'.

    After the party in France, I'd say this time he's toast.

  13. It's the first language of the Olympics Monty. London knew that when they bid for it. It goes with the territory. The Chinese had to do it in French and then English. They probably didn't farm out the translations to a company that can't cope with translations.

    If they didn't want to have to use a filthy foreign language in their green and peasant land, then they should have spent the 25 billion on improving Britain instead of wasting it on a vanity project to big up Coca Cola and McDonalds.

    We'll have to do the Commonwealth Games in English, not Scots. We know that in advance.

    Next time round in Rio, they will have to do the whole thing in French, Portuguese and English. The English should think themselves lucky they only have one extra language to cope with. Although I'm sure it will defeat them totally.

    I don't know where WOS has been sent to... No idea.

  14. I must admit it was a great show at Olympics 2012. I'd forgotten how much culture we had tris.
    To have to listen to each part in French first was a total insult though.
    WOS had some great posts but they treated anyone 'off message' with total contempt and slagged them off mercilessly. No obscenity was too much.
    Not the independent Scotland I had imagined.
    So I'm sticking with the Union for now.
    Until we're more mature.

  15. I fail to see how on earth anyone could be insulted, Monty, by having to listen to something in French. It's not like it was Martian and someone presumably translated it for the benefit of those who didn't understand the French. It was the deal when the English got the games. They knew it then; they know it now.

    I know some Brits think they are a breed, and should never have to submit to having their ears sullied by any language other than English, certainly not in their own country, in your own green and unpleasant land, but I didn't think you were one.

    On the subject of WOS surely you are going to get bent out of shape because one blogger has moderated you, and decide that you'd rather stay with Mr Cameron and his English Tories. If so Monty, I wonder how strong your commitment to independence was.

    I don't give a damn what anyone says to me. I want independence.

    People could threaten me with knives and guns and I'd still want that.

    I've never seen an obscenity on WOS, or the other websites you mentioned, but if they been used then I regret that. However, it would take more than a few swear words in French or English to persuade me that the UK was anything other than a sick joke for Scots, who have been taken a loan of for far too long.

    Sticks and stones, Monty. And of course, the Rev Stuart isn't going to be the president of Scotland.

    These things are private websites. His are the jottings of a private bloke, who shares his thoughts with friends.

    When I find the rantings of a blogger, or his/her moderation policy to be out of line with my views, I stop reading the blog. I don't suddenly become English or British.

    Your choice of course.

  16. The Wings site is back up again. I don't know what happened to it last night but it had the feel of the Cameron Stasi about it, almost like someone didn't like the idea that there were websites for INDEPENDENCE thinking individuals. To quote a line from the T.V. series "The Prisoner".....I am a person NOT a number! :D

    I agree with you Tris about Wings, I've never read any obsenities on that site either. Maybe we've just been lucky. :D

    I was going to comment about your "green and peasant land" in one of your earlier posts Tris but having thought about it your right Engerland is indeed the Green and peasant land. :lol:

  17. Wouldn't it be good if "making a complete Jeremy Hunt of yourself" became part of the language! He does appear to show a particular aptitude for it,which I think is a good thing frankly as he's sod all use for anyting else!

  18. I didn't even know Stu's site was down Arbroath.

    As for obscenities... I thought that Stu had a pretty liberal attitude to people's input, indeed he did a survey about moderation policies (in which Munguin came out in the top sector).

    I've seen him wipe the floor with people who have trying to pick flaws in his argument, certainly. He can pour scorn on people when they make stupid arguments. But he does so, by counter-argument, or by simply asking them to justify their argument!

    So I really don't know what that is about.

    yes, the peasant was on purpose. If they want to live in third world squalor so that nobs like Cameron can hobnob with the likes of Obama, Hu and Hollande, that's fine with me. I'd rather live like a Norwegian and have my head of government worry his ass off about roads, hospitals, bins, drains...etc.

    Talking of drainage...another unfair bonus of the union is that our home insurance policies are set to rise steeply because of the number of floods in England. Scottish government (Liberal/Labour, I think) made it illegal to build on flood planes therefore it is far less likely to happen here... yet we have to pay for it.

  19. Tris, completely off topic. I see that a mutual pal has signed for a Second Division team. Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that he would be playing in a higher league than the mighty Rangers. Spooky or what?

  20. He he he... I'm thinking there's a lot of lads that never thought they'd be playing in the same league as Rangers never mind one above.

    Wonder who'll win the premier this year?

    But that is great great great fantastic news... I think maybe a wee trip to Loonland to partake of one of their excellent half time bridies is called for.

    Thanks for the heads up John...

  21. Tris,

    check out the blog "bytes fae the biddy" - and mine as well!

  22. Jeremy "rhyming Slang" yanks Bellend off.

    There must be a joke in there.

  23. Och Wolfie, I am certain that if you just put your brilliant mind to it, you'll find it hiding there. :)

  24. Right John... that's where she's been hiding is it...

    Uh huh... we'll see about that!

  25. Damned scandal these empty seats when so many people didn't get tickets, or got tickets for things they didn't want to see in places they couldn't get to.

    But Coe naming and shaming....erm... well, I'll believe it when I see it.

    Disappointing day for Bringland. Lost out in a few things. I feel sorry for the athletes. They work hard, most of them, for the chance to compete, but can't say I give a toss from the point of view of Cameron and Coe, who want them to win everything for propaganda purposes.

  26. Jeremy Hunt hits woman with his bell-end on video.


  27. Ho ho, Doug... that's gonna give me nightmares....

    Must think of something nice!

  28. Pictish...

    I think that the word 'Hunt' has already kinda become something like that...associated as it has been with James Naughtie and his...erm mistake...

    Sorry btw... I managed to miss your comment last night.