Monday 9 July 2012



  1. • Backing for Scottish independence drops to 30 per cent, while figure for those who would vote against rises to 50 per cent.

    It wll not happen in 2014 there will not not not be a referendum...

    That Fat Ba@tard will not let himself be humiliated in a referendum which ends in 'YES' to the United Kingdom.

    The snp will use any made up grievance to avoid political it a synthetic argument over devo max or whatever.

  2. Ah the poll run by the advisor to the BRITISH government. Hmm!

    If you don't mind I'll wait till 2014 when we will get the TRUE answer not some concocted poll by a unionist thank you very much!

    What on earth was this guy Donald on?

    "It all started with our king."
    Ahem, oh no it didn't the British Isles have ALWAYS been here, and they will REMAIN here! It did NOT require a Scottish king to create the British Isles.

    "Scottish people have always been setting up businesses and inventing things and the WHOLE of the U.K. has benefited from that". And you point is Donald?
    Somehow I suspect that there would be NO cessation of Scottish people setting up their own business or inventing things in an Independent Scotland.

    "We have flourished as being part of both worlds. Some of our friends down south might be jealous of that." Do you want to explain that one Donald?
    How can Scotland be part of "both worlds" yet somehow England is not?

    "What is best for BOTH countries." C'mon now Donald the Independence referendum is ALL about what is best for SCOTLAND. England can look after itself!

    "What's good for your ANCESTORS!" Are you taking the piss Donald? Surely you MUST be with that statement!
    I don't know about you Donald but the last time I checked none of my ANCESTORS were that much worried about Scotland being Independent, in fact they were ALL pretty laid back about it. Mind you that might something to with the fact that ALL my ANCESTORS are in fact DEAD!

    Keep taking the medicine Donald!

  3. Got to be the most inarticulate social worker ever. If that's how he prattles on I'd hate to be his client.

  4. Here's some more information for you to chew the fat over Niko.

    This "great" poll that you seem to think is the end of everything Nationalist was conducted over 1,000 respondents. ONE THOUSAND Niko, not exactly a great mass of people there methinks!

    Oh and another thing Niko, how's your maths?
    When I was at school I was taught that 30% PLUS 50% EQUALS 80%!
    What happened to the other 20% Niko?

  5. Of course it will happen Niko.

    Rumour has it that the idiot Cameron is thinking of organising it himself.

    Wouldn't that be GREAT.

  6. LOL Very funny Arbroath.

    He was almost as convincing as Wee Ryan with his wee doags and wee sausage rolls!!!

  7. Anon:

    I wouldn't think any of them would understand him... but let's give him the benefit of the doubt that it was the camera that put him off...

  8. Niko didn't do maths at school Arbroath... he was bunking off to do weights at the gym!!!

  9. Tris

    Dont forget that Niko and all his mates (if he has any) think that Cameron is wonderful. That is why the Labour party are happy to take tory money from England so that they can campaign to keep Cameron Prime Minister so him and his friends can continue to bleed Scotland dry.

    I am like the guy in the video, the very mention of the union makes my skin crawl. I do not scratch as much as him however. Has he been near Nikos dug?

  10. Tris

    Ryan still holds the title for the daftest video.

    The unionists have just sent an SOS. Save Our Sausage Rolls.

    I can just see the campaign video, call me Dave holding up his roll saying "your sausage is safe in my hands"

    Niko will be pleased.

  11. DUBS

    your me mate one of me besty mates

  12. He was a bit sort of flechy, wasn't he, Dubs?

    Then there were his teeth (or rahter, was his tooth) which isn't maybe the best advert from Scotland's dentistry skills!!

    But mainly it was the crap he was blethering that did my heid in. He's could bore for Scotland.

    But, I agree, Ryan and his wee dugs and sausage rolls is definitely the winner.

    I wonder if Ryan was the reason that Gideon flipped on the bridie tax...

    He musta thought that if sausage rolls were that important to the union, he'd better no tax them, or Eck might make Scotland a Bridie/Sausage Roll tax haven... A sort of Celtic version of Switzerland with sausage rolls rather than Swiss Rolls!!!

    I'll skip over the last message though. The thought that briefly flitted through my head has given me a bit of a stomach upset. Must have a lie down.

    BTW, Where's John Brownlie?

  13. Right Niko... I'm sure that will have put Dubs' mind at rest... or something.

    How are you on dugs and sausage rolls Niko?

  14. I think you may right in your view that Ryan wins the title of daftest video. HOWEVER!
    I think this one gives good old Ryan a fair old run for his money!

    What gets me is dear, dear old Patsy going on about running about looking for a couple of soldiers. She obviously is totally oblivious to the Westminster governments latest defence plan for Scotland.

    Neither is she aware of the little known fact that the M.O.D., has MORE Press Officers than we have in each of our FOUR remaining regiments.

    Oh just a wee addendum.

    I've just heard the latest newspaper headlines for tomorrow. Not good reading if you're a pensioner!
    Now remind me again, how did dear old Patsy start off rabbiting on about... oh yeah that's right....PENSIONERS!

    ALBA gu BRATH!

  15. I see the comments are disabled for that one too. Presumably there were a few who pointed out that nothing she said made any sense.

    Evidently you can only be allies with someone when you are run by them. She was probably basing her definition on the relationship between America and the UK.

    Jeez when I think how many REAL friends we would have as an independent nation it makes me hiss with anger at that kind of stupidity.

    At least the stupidity value of her video has given her 164 hits compared with most of the others which have only got 6, 7, 8 (see sidebar of youtube page!)

    If she's looking for a soldier she'd better get a shift on before that old fool Hammond gets rid of them all whilst forking out £100 billion for some more WMDs.

    I hope he knows how to set these things off...There's not going to be anyone else to do it.

    I didn't see any bad news for pensioners... well, no worse than normal.

    Don't tell me they have started with a hate campaign against them, already. They gonna round them up and take them to a Stalag?

    Surely they have to do gays and Jews and Muslims first...

    I knew the Nazi torch was a mistake....

  16. Aye your right Tris she'd better be quick in her search for a soldier. According to an article over on NNS the Tories are backtracking, do they ever do anything else?, on their "promise" of around 7,000 soldiers based in Scotland. Apparently we'll be lucky to get 2,000.

    Still the poor old dear can at last be happy and proud that she is backing a government that has SEVEN HUNDRED Press Officers in the M.O.D. SHEESH!

    There's only one wee problem with your point about Hammond Tris. Apparently it doesn't make any difference whether or not he knows which button to press unless he knows the launch codes the missiles are going nowhere!

    Thankfully Hammond is not deemed a safe enough pair of hands. In fact NO U.K. defence Secretary of state for Defence has EVER been deemed a safe pair of hands.

    The U.S.A. holds the launch codes to the U.K.'s nuclear deterrent. Nice to know isn't it that our "beloved" government has/is spending BILLIONS on a new nuclear deterrent but is not deemed to be a safe location for our own nuclear missiles!

    The piece about the pensioners can be read here.

    Whatever next, Scots, welsh, Irish,gays, jews, muslims...........

  17. Truly appalling! I imagine that “better together” (AKA NO) are eschewing and celebrity endorsements after they jumped up and down about the SNP doing it. To that end they have got in what seems to be a bunch of inarticulate morons to try to convince us all to vote “No”!

    This social worker is so inarticulate that it worries me. I wonder just what sort of social care he is supposed to provide for needy and vulnerable people who can hardly be any more inarticulate and unable to express themselves than him.

    But he is not the worst who could forget dear Ryan the student from Glasgow with his wee dogs and sausage rolls! I agree that his was the daftest video. What he does not seem to realise is that we will still be able to use the appellation “wee” in an independent Scotland and sausage rolls will still exist. Indeed the Tories are much more of a threat to baked savouries than the SNP, and poor old Ryan is more likely to have to forgo his sausage roll if he decides to vote “No” and opt to be better together with David Cameron in charge!

    This cringe worthy embarrassment was so lampooned by one and all that the “No” camp decided that they would be better together without Ryan and tried to expunge his heartfelt plea from their site and from the internet. Fortunately without success as it can still be viewed here;

    I’m assuming that this gratuitous use of idiots for their videos (where did they get them? Rent-a-moron?) is an attempt to embarrass the SNP for their getting in there with the slick celebrity fronted launch. The idea being I suppose that these people are so stupid and inexpressive that they have to be real. Rather seems to be an own goal as their later attempt to stifle poor old Ryan and his angst ridden plea for wee dogs and sausage rolls would seem to suggest. Regrettably in this celebrity driven culture people demand slick presentation and that is true if you are a nationalist or a unionist. These dummies just are not going to cut the mustard!

  18. Thanks for that information Arbroath.

    I'll write a little more about pensioners this evening.

    The armed forces thing as a joke. Only a bunch of complete incompetents could need 700 press officers to spin the crap that they come out with.

    And the "independent" nuclear deterrent is, as you say, only a part of America's nuclear deterrent that the Brits pay for. The British prime minister is obviously not thought responsible enough to manage the codes without making a mess of it...and I have to say they have a point.

    The French on the other hand once had little Napoleon Sarko with his hands on the codes.... imagine!

    Fancy the Tories lying about how many people were coming to Scotland... not like them is it?

  19. I'm not a great lover of celebrity Munguin, in fact personally I don't give a flying fig what some actor or singer thinks about anything. They are as likely as the bloke next door to have a grasp on it, but quite unlikely to have to face the same problems as we do.

    Shir Shean can sod off to the Bahamas or wherever without worrying about spending a cold winter in Scotland; and David Tennent spends most of his life out of Scotland, not living on an average their concerns are not likely to be the same as mine.

    But I accept that people generally like celebrity, glamour... and they care what they think. They always have possibly moreso now with the advent of all these "celebrity magazines" and in the days when even some half baked talentless muppet can be a "celebrity" for making a fool of themselves on Big Brother.

    There is no doubt that a piece given by an actor or someone who is used to having a microphone in their hand and a camera in the face, is always likely to be more professional and slick... and appealing.

    Probably no one apart from his friends care what our social worker, or Ryan thinks about sausage rolls and dugs. People do care what celebs least some do.

    Labour and the Tories have used celebrities over and over again. I imagine that the reason they didn't this time was that someone criticised the fact that YES had used "stars"... and so they were stuck with NOT using them.

    There must surely be some celebrities that support the UK.

    The trouble is that Tethered Together are stuck in a celebrity free zone. They won't be able to ever get a quote from anyone... and if "someone" comes out for them they are going to have to disown them.

    Tsk tsk... blunder big time.