Thursday 12 July 2012


This was the display at Prime Minister's Questions yesterday in Westminster. This is Ann Marie Morris (Bryanston and Oxford), and Tory MP for Newton Abbot.

Now we have some half wits in Edinburgh, and some that are good for a laugh once they start... but none, as far as I can see, that require a straight jacket (well not now that LORD George ffoulkes has gone). 

No wonder her arm is in a sling! The rest of her should join it.


  1. tris

    Reminds me of the type of Character from Monty Python only in real life.

    You notice when she got all excited(Cameron would say "very frustrated" aka NADINE)She waved her alleged injured arm(a try for the sympathy vote)there is no doubt in my mind she would def fail any Work Capability Assessment.

    and be forced to get a proper job and not sponge of the state as a MP

    3. Reaching

    Please tick this box if you can reach up Now go to question 4.
    with your arms without difficulty.
    Can you lift at least one of No
    your arms high enough to put
    something in the top pocket Yes
    of a coat or jacket while you
    are wearing it? It
    Can you lift one of your No
    arms above your head
    to reach for something? Yes
    Use this space to tell us more. Tell us why you might not be able to reach up,
    and whether it affects both arms. If it varies, tell us how

    Part 1 – Physical functions continued

    4. Picking up and moving things
    Please tick this box if you can Now go to question 5.
    pick things up and move them
    without difficulty.
    Picking up things using your upper body and either arm
    Can you pick up and move No
    a halflitre
    (one pint)
    carton full of liquid? Yes
    Can you pick up and move No
    a litre (two pint) carton full
    of liquid? Yes

    Can you pick up and move No
    a large, light object like an
    empty cardboard box? Yes

    Use this space to tell us more about picking things up and moving them.
    Tell us why you might not be able to pick things up. If it varies, tell us how

  2. tris


    17. Behaving appropriately with other people
    This section looks at whether your behaviour upsets other people.

    Please tick this box if your behaviour does
    not upset other people.
    (well Dubs what do you say)

    How often do you behave in
    a way which upsets other
    For example, this might be
    because you are aggressive
    or act in an unusual way.

    Every day *



  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha niko.

    Surely a nut job like her would never get a job. Even if it ruined my targets I'd pass her for the funny farm and throw away the key.

    I don't even know what the silly old bat was wittering about. I couldn't hear, and I'll warrant none of the NMPs that were cheering her had a clue what she was saying either. (They just cheer anything weird!)

    Erm, why didn't Caremoon tell her to "calm down dear". Angela wasn't a tenth as agitated as that.

  4. Oh jeez, if you put the word "bank" and "America" in the same sentence, it is a sure fired thing that whichever British prime minister/chancellor of whatever colour, will abase himself, grovel and roll over....

    Given, however, the fact that Brown, and clearly Blair (because the pm is the First Lord of the Treasury and the chancellor only the second) knew that the banks were in a bit of a state, why did they not tighten up regulations, or at least ensure that the fat lazy a*** who was supposed to be running the FSA was actually going in to the office on occasions?

  5. At least this M.P. does the "decent" thing and actually turn up at the House of Commons, unlike this money grabbing s.o.b.!

    This man MUST be pulled up in front of an inquiry, preferably a judicial one, over his lack of respect towards the electorate and inability to carry out his duties as an M.P.!

  6. Don't you just love that guy Max Keiser. :lol:

    Good old Max he NEVER pulls his punches!

    A wee while ago he was going off on one of his favourite rants, against one of his favourite targets... Jamie Diamon, and saying that the J.P.Morgan Chase losses, at that time around $2 Billion, would not be the end of the matter. In fact he was certain that we would at some point be hearing about losses even worse than the $2 Billion. Well guess what folks!

    I'm looking forward to the next few Kieser Reports, I'm sure at least one of them will have Max going off on one against Jaimie Diamon. :lol:

  7. Good old Brown.

    I remember working on a polling station in Glenrothes and all these old people coming up to the station and looking at me like either I was dirt or a traitor...

    'Give him a chance' they said... he sold their gold; he ruined their pensions; he refused to make up the deficit in the state pension that Margaret Hilda had created, instead he asked her to tea, and to dinner and to tea again...and left the country broke and run down...not only that but he shamed Scotland by his incompetence

    He's an useless prat and should be held to account for accepting a job, refusing to do it and trading on some supposed status as an ex-prime minister that no one dares to say to him "move your lazy fat arse and get into work!.

    He doesn't care. He won't stand again. And in any case that part of Fife would vote labour if they put up a cabbage.

    Second worst prime minister ever.

  8. Hmmm... maybe he could teach them how to sell gold cheap and end boom.

    Max is a wee genius. He says it like it is and he's usually right. Lord we could do with some more like him.

  9. Morgan Chase.... spot on. How can a bank find out that its looses were twice what they thought them to be...Is there no one in there that can do accounts?

    Ooops silly question. Of course there's not.

  10. Remember Leeson that 'rogue trader' who was the fall guy for the banks misdeeds now RBS are trying to pin their problems on a trader in the far east.

    UK Column about 16 mins they briefly talk about links between Barclays and the BBC Trust and on the Max interview there is a link with Goldman-Sachs and the BBC! I wonder what R. Peston has been promised on his banking spin. All allegedly of course.

  11. Now we all know that Labour skip down the street hand in hand with the Orange Order.

    Well folks it looks like things are going to get just a wee bit interesting from now on!

    I wonder how long it will be before we end up with a cat fight or three in the school playground!

    Give me a fiver on wee Ruthie, don't fancy the Lamentable one's chances much! :lol:

  12. Ahhhhh: So hte BBC used to be in Labour's pocket is now in the banks' pocketss.

    Very interesting stuff on that UK column interview.

  13. Ruthie will kick box old Lammy into a corner!

    My goodness they must be hard up chasing that bunch of idiots living in 1790s.

    Still if that's the quality of people they want...good luck to them.

    I suppose if you live 200 years ago in your mind, the Tories' world of privilege and class is probably to your taste.