Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Yes. We did it. I'm up there on the billboard behind the big E at the top.
Two Teams, One City, One goal.
Credit to Andy Clark and his Dundee FC 
This should get John Brownlie's attention
Imagine being terrified by threats from Flipper
 trying to save his peerage
Not photoshopped I'm told, and on the Kilpatrick Hills
There's a woman that doesn't need Paul to chivvy her
and she's real, not an actress reading  words written by Flipper
as he desperately tried to save his seat in the Lords
This is the kind of things she's talking about.
It might have been semi acceptable in the days before
Gordon Brown brought down the company pension s scheme
We have streets like this in Dundee
Yes City. I've only seen two No windows and literally
thousands of Yes windows.
Even the No signs in the grounds of Baroness Strange's
castle have been removed.
There's something logical about that, isn't there?
Instead in Britain we have poverty wages which have to be
subsidised by social security, and then the people who allow
this situation call the recipients "skivers".
Go tell that to Johann Lamont who thinks it is a virus.
Stupid woman.
Fine legacy guys. And yes, you can say that you were
 hampered by Tory governments who never gave you enough
 money. But then there was that 13 year period
 of Labour government. Although you could be excused
for not noticing it.
It was pretty indistinguishable from Tory government.

Which is why the Scottish government has frozen council tax.
It's bad enough the rent is unpayable on minimum wage
without the council tax going up too.
Oh dear.  Oh dear, oh dear.
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!


  1. I should point out that the "No Thanks" banners in the grounds of Megginch Castle facing the A90 between Dundee and Perth (erstwhile home of the late Baroness Strange) have been vandalised and not removed.

    It is the two "No Thanks" banners mounted on the out buildings of Moncur Farm, slightly further along toward Dundee on the other side of the road that have been removed. Why I don't know. Perhaps Moncur Farm had an epiphany, perhaps they were vandalised as well and removed or perhaps God intervened and blew them away.

    In terms of No banners the most common are the purple "No Thanks" although I have seen a couple that say "Proud to be Scots: Delighted to be United" and in Fife I saw one that said "Team UK"!

    1. Ah, yes, fullest apologies Munguin.

      I don't hold with vandalism of anyone's signs, and it has happened on both sides. I suspect that that farm may belong to the estate of the late Baroness, Lady Very Strange, and possibly if one set has been vandalised they have taken the other ones down.

      I'm not surprised that they wouldn't want an independent Scotland. They are English aristocracy.

  2. Makes you proud to be a Dundonian, doesn't it? Kind of makes up for the accent! (joking - I'm proud of that too!) Noticing more and more YES signs and flags here in Charleston and all over - There's a gorgeous and huge one in Newbigging, on the road to Monikie.

  3. Yes, it's like they are all over the place. I noticed it in Arbroath too, and in Birkhill there's a great big house with two drives and they have these massive white ones at both entrances...

  4. It's unfair to highlight what Johann Lamont says - even she hasn't a clue what pops out of her vocal cords.

    Totally O/T - sorry, but great items in the Huffington Post article on Patronising BT Lady

  5. Brilliant article Iain.

    Yeah, sorry, I wasn't really being fair to Johann. She probably too busy with making sure her husband gets his cereal.

    I can't believe they were stupid enough to release a patronising video like that. Almost beyond belief.

  6. TwoPandasOneToryAugust 27, 2014 3:30 pm

    We had better make the most of this high whilst we can, with darling and broon joining up and cameron due in Scotland any day now for two weeks, it is all over for us bar the counting.
    What chance does the Yes campaign have when we are up against these giants?

    1. Nah right enough... we are sunk. I wonder if Darling and Brown will leave holding hands, or with hands round each others' throats.

      It's silly. We know they detest each other.

      And the Eton boy was here tonight eating slow cooked beef only a mile away from where thousands of kids went to bed hungry.

      I hope he has the trots all night... and all tomorrow and the next day for that matter.

  7. I must say that 98 year old woman looks great for her age. Maybe we can get her to tell people what life was like before the NHS because if you vote No that likely what we'll return to.

    1. Was she the one in the middle?

      ...oh, there were other photos...

    2. Aye, she looks fairly fit for that age...

      Conan... I put that photo up for John Brownlie... not you. You haven't paid the VIP subscription. You weren't supposed to look at it.

  8. Thanks for your efforts to date, Tris. You are working hard and I like your take on things.

    1. Anon. Thanks for the kind words. Its 5 years since Munguin's Republic started out... and it's been great fun doing it. Made a lot of great friends...

  9. Replies
    1. Well, you'll have to pay the VIP subs now. Munguin is very fussy about subscriptions.

  10. Doesn't the historians comment make you proud (& NAE buts )
    Well done

    1. Yes in a word.

      We know our nationalism isn't the virus of Nazism. It would take a particularly stupid person to think that it was. And there you have it.

      My Lards, Laddies and Gentledogs, I give you Johann Lamont.

    2. Please take her

    3. Micky Phin's scrappy wouldn't take her....

    4. Oh well... I did try.