Saturday, 2 August 2014

World’s Largest Oil Field NOT Found - The Mystery Surrounding the Prime Minister's Shetland Visit

I thought you might enjoy this little chippy article that I found on the net from the good people at and the YES Highlands and Islands folk. The illustrations are Munguin's, because obviously the whole thing is a huge secret and MI17.2 has destroyed all evidence of him ever being anywhere that day.

Speculation is growing in the Oil Industry that there was more to the UK Prime Ministers recent secret visit to Shetland than has been released. The Facebook page of YES Highlands and Islands has released the following article that has gone viral on-line.



You may remember the Prime Minister came to visit Shetland under the tightest secrecy ever seen in Shetland last week and the national press knew nothing about it. Nor the local press.

Buster was there as he landed at the airport at 1623 of course to take photos.

Mr Cameron came to Shetland to say absolutely nothing about anything and allowed the local media 6 minutes of questions.

Which he did not answer.

Now you are all wondering why the PM made a very rushed, and hugely expensive trip to the Shetland Oils, missing his cabinet meeting, and just making it back to Glasgow for the Games.

You're not?

Well you should be.

Because his haste was nothing to do with wanting to see us. He did make one tiny announcement about energy in which Scots could save £46 per annum but he could have put out a press release from No 10 about that.

Energy. Mmmmmmm? Black gold?

As luck would have it, Buster was flying his drone around the West of Shetland oilfields recently when he noticed something strange.

A drilling rig, definitely not on contract to BP, and not near the Clair Field did not suddenly de-man and send all the workers home and they are not on full pay.

Nor did he overhear the rig manager say "Come back in September and don't speak to any wee ginger cats or your sacked."

The rig did not discover "sweet oil", the most highly-prized stuff for turning into petroleum spirit, nor was it in shallower water than the normal 150m some of the other Clair oil is lurking at.

Nor did it find it in quantities so large that "biggest" and "world" could be used in the same sentence.

Mr Cameron did not request the oil companies keep this massive wealth hidden from the Scottish electorate until after the referendum.

He would never do that.

Just like Westminster didn't before the last referendum.

We're sorry we have absolutely no news for you about the vast oil and gas reserves not found in the Atlantic but when we do hear anything you'll be the first to know.

Editorial Note: There is no truth in the matter that following last year's heavy investment investment, oil production is set to soar over the next few years.


  1. Yeah read some comments on wings about this, it must be one hell of size of an oilfield if Cameron wants it kept hush hush, between this field and the west coast oil basin, Scotland is swimming in the black gold. Yet I bet not one Scottish newspaper carries the story, we must spread this info far and wide.

    1. I hope Alex asks Flipper about it on Tuesday

      Of course Flipper's "out" on everything is, that he doesn't know. He's only a part time back bench opposition MP of veteran standing... in short a retired politician, who makes more money in one night from one speech to bankers than an OAP gets for two years.

  2. My friend, who is a 'no' voter, said yesterday:

    "douglas, I have a chum in Aberdeen, ex Glasgow, etc.

    He says that we have the biggest unexploited oil fields in the word. I know you want indpendence, but is that true?

    Yesterday, I managed to remember the Clair Field, West of Shetland, and the Ministry of Defence's embargo on exploration in the Clyde.

    I would love this to be true. If it is, then I think a chap from Aberdeen has won over a straight 'no' to a straight 'yes'.

    1. Well, it seems to be true.

      As I say, it is something we should get distributed as widely as possible.

      There is no doubt that they have invested huge amounts of money (which distorted the tax take to Osborne and his popinjay's benefit). The increase in production could be quite substantial this year, which will also be to their advantage.

      This is important.

      Tweet, Facebook, Google plus etc etc etc...

      Let's hope that we have a convert, and many more.

    2. Even the fields that have been publicly announced take oil and gas from WoS comfortably into the 2050s. And there is a lot of territory to explore yet. Sullom Voe is undergoing a substantial upgrade to extend its life.

      The Laggan and Tormore gas condensate fields are located approximately 125km north-west of the Shetland Islands, on the edge of the continental shelf. {Owners : TOTAL E&P UK Ltd & DONG E&P (UK) Ltd}

      DECC estimates that approximately 17% of the remaining UK Oil and Gas Reserves are located in the WoS region.

      Edradour, Total’s latest UK development to receive sanction will tie in to our infrastructure.

      The produced hydrocarbons will be transported to Shetland via 2 x 143 km 18” import flowlines at a peak gas rate of 500 MMscfd.

      Processed gas will be exported via the SIRGE System (234km 30” pipeline) to the existing FUKA pipeline. Peak capacity = 665 MMscfd.

      Capacity in SIRGE earmarked for Laggan-Tormore and future developments of Rosebank and Clair Ridge.

      During peak construction there are likely to be over 2000 people employed on site. The total development cost of the project will be in the order of £3.3 billion.

      The Laggan-Tormore project represents a strategic investment, opening up the West of Shetland for future development

      This is the ‘Marine Traffic AIS’ link on the Shetland Times website. Just Northwest of Foula is the drilling rig Paul B Lloyd Jr – hover over the blue icon and the name and speed of the vessel is shown. Zero knots for a stationary structure. A few people have be suggesting this is a 'ghost rig'. She ain't - very much real.

    3. Sorry Douglas, but it isn't true. The real reason why there's been no news reports about this "vast new find" is that it isn't a new find at all; we've known about it for a good few years and it's already factored into the independence calculations.

  3. Yeah well apparently the new field is to be called The McCrone one wonders why.
    perhaps we will find out in another 25 years time...

    1. Well maybe the wicked witch for Finchley, friend of some really dubious characters as well as being a nasty old trout herself, will come back form the dust to hide it all from us.

      I see the apprentice of the sorcerer's apprentice is doing his best to keep it a secret.

      How's Taz tonight. I think he should post on here more often. He usually makes a lot of sense.

  4. "set to sore over the next few years." Who is it going to be painful for? Us if it a No vote or them if it is a Yes vote. Lets hope it is them.

    1. What can I say? Me, I think Munguin is going to deal with me later. 6 of the best!

  5. For the willfully economically illiterate nats
    Invest $100 return $160
    Invest $100 return $150
    Invest $100 return $120 etc etc
    Invest $100 return $101

    oh dear i will invest somewhere else
    not Scotland where the snp have taxed
    the erse off me to pay for a load of snp skivers
    simples !!!!

    err no oil for the snp wastrels

    1. Mr Sensible.
      You are free to invest your monies, wherever you wish. I would suggest an education in economics, political history, with a smattering of therapy; so as to deal with your obviously deep rooted self hate. An affliction, which you are transposing to others, by blaming them for all your ill's and sinking to the level of a troll.
      My I take this opportunity, to wish you all the best, in your endeavour to improve your self worth and your rehabilitation, to being a rational human being.

    2. Dear Mr Sensible, may I suggest you check what taxes Mr Salmond and his government have imposed on you. I think the only one they actually have control of is Council Tax which they have frozen since 2007. I suggest you take your dollars, the last time I saw that mark it was being used in the US, and stuff it where the sun don't shine. Other wise go and troll no more if that is the best you can do.

  6. So sorry about your erse - it seems you've found an alternative outlet?

    1. LOL.

      We should maybe put the hat round for him!

    2. He said that from the heart of his bottom.

    3. Erm... quite!!


  7. Scotland's Talk In with Nicola Sturgeon and Johann Lamont.

    Any questions get phoning in from 11 till 1.

  8. Replies
    1. Looks like a largish thing then.

      Surprised it hasn't made the news.

  9. Why the hell do our journo's not check up on this stuff ?are they all morons or die hard unionists ? We are lied to everyday i know but surely someone out there can see how one sided and twisted things have become.

    If we vote YES we can expect the Bullies of Westminster to deny us our share of wealth from our part in the union

    If we vote NO then we are in the shit ..They will destroy our govt and turn us into a region of England.

    When this happens , how many will own up to voting NO .. Guesses on a postcard to - We fucked Scotland forever
    North Englishire
    The YOO kay

    1. Richy

      What the proprietorship of these papers is aiming at is power, and power without responsibility — the prerogative of the harlot through the ages.
      -Stanley Baldwin
      Richy get yerself an edukation

      I like this one as well

      To me, England is the country, and the country is England. And when I ask myself what I mean by England when I am abroad, England comes to me through my various senses — through the ear, through the eye and through certain imperishable scents ... The sounds of England, the tinkle of the hammer on the anvil in the country smithy, the corncrake on a dewy morning, the sound of the scythe against the whetstone, and the sight of a plough team coming over the brow of a hill, the sight that has been seen in England since England was a land ... the one eternal sight of England.
      Speech on England (May 1924); published in On England, and Other Addresses (1938), pp. 6-7.

      Nothing wrong with loving your Country shame the snp dont want
      accept the undeniable fact being a partner in a larger union does
      not diminish ones love for your birth/blood nation.

    2. ch

      tick tock tick tock 14 points behind not far to go oh dear !!!
      Alex on a loser here...bye bye snp

    3. Oh well, as Margaret says Johann Lamont is ready to be First Minister and will the best First Minister.

      Can I come and stay with you in Cyprus?

      The thought of her in charge of anything more than tea trolley fills me with dread.


  11. It made the news. 3 years ago!

    1. No, this week's news is new. Not often an oil rig that costs $400,000 a day to hire is stood down without a good explanation for the shareholders. Amusing

    2. What drilling rig would that be? The only one near the Clair field is drilling wells for Clair ridge/greater Clair. The ridge production platform hasn't been completed yet. That's the project the news item refers too. Seems to be an article full of anger and speculation. Show me some facts and I'll gladly concede defeat or give a counter argument.

    3. Think there is more to it than that Anonymous.

      An awful lot of secrecy about this. Maybe they just don;t want us reminded at this time that there is an awful lot of loil out there.

      Remember Alistair Darling, the chancellor that took us back to the 30s, said that the oil would run out in 2017. They just need to suppress that we are very rich in oil.

      After all they want it all to prop up their clout.

      And yes, You're right., I am angry about the lies and deception from London, but remember that the article didn't originate here. Check the link for its provenance.

    4. I know the article didn't come from here but it's all speculation and no fact. It's spreading all over Facebook and it's just not true! I just want a truthful debate, stuff like this is ridiculous. What else is there to it? Please. Tell me!

    5. If they are trying to keep it quiet there wont; be a lot of information.

      Governments lie.

      (Usually over sex or financial scandals I'll admit, but there is nothing that this lot of pond life wont lie over.)

      PS Sincere apologies to any pond life which is offended at being compared with Cameron's cabinet. I realise it was totally unjustified. You can't help being slimey. It goes with the territory.)


    7. That's a totally different company much further west! We know there's oil out there. It IS reported. I don't know what you guys are trying to achieve by sharing ridiculous articles full of speculation and lies.

  12. If we vote no, London will have a complete makeover at Scotland's expense whilst we suffer more block grant cuts and austerity, lets just see what London would do with all that black gold. First up HS2, then a complete overhall of the Victorian sewers, then a third terminal at Heathrow, followed up by a complete refurbishment of Westminster.

    New fighter jets to replace the plastic one, that sat on the new aircraft carrier, then possibly a rise for MP's, whilst the NHS continues to be privatised south of the border, finally but by no means lastly, build up Trident and the new submarines, then find a country that the USA wants to invade and help them to do so.

    Are we in Scotland so naive and stupid that we'd actually vote no, thinking that Westminster actually cares about Scots, god help us if we are.

    1. Well put. Added to this we now know that Boris says that their capital needs an underground rail system for the south... and I'm sure he is right. The last time I went to England and London was 2008 and everything is totally clogged, congestion charge or not.

      The total cost of this was estimated to be £200,000,000,000. But they always underestimate.

      That will take a fair share of money from Scotland. Without us they will never afford it.

      And finally Alistair Carmoichael has said that the consensus is that this referendum has come about because England took its eye off the ball. They let Scotland and Scots imagine that that with devolution, the UK state had all but disappeared in Scotland (apart from them freezing our pensioners and killing off our sick, and putting their leaky submarines only 20 miles from Glasgow). This, he said, must never be allowed to happen again.

      Expect massive interference from London in everything ...

      Expect us to be a small and unimportant part of Northern England.

    2. I don't even think we'll be as important as Northern England, Westminster will set up some type of office in Scotland to oversee every decision Holyrood makes, and if this office doesn't agree with the decision it will veto it make no mistake Westminster will NEVER let happen whats happened over the past two years, how dare those (us) pesky Scots think they can run their own country, and handle their massive assets.

    3. The whole thing is scary. I think it's going to get very bad.

      The UK is falling to bits but for all that there is a good chance that we will be involved in another war soon.

      So they will be able to cut more stuff for ordinary people to pay for it, and send "our boys" into battle under equipped as usual, in something else where not only will we lose, but we will make a bad situation worse.

      Incompetent morons.

  13. Replies
    1. Thanks CH

  14. Whichever way you look at this it seems very strange. A friend - yes, I do, Niko - of mine from the Shetland was saying that no-one knew of Mr Cameron's arrival which, as publicity hounds, is very unusual for politicians but that he failed to answer any questions from locals such as "Are you lost?" and "Who are you?".

    1. Or even, what are you?

      I suppose they don't see many of his sort around Shetland. Luckily we don't see many of his type around Dundee. We once had a visit from Mr Blair, when we were told to wear our best clothes, speak when spoken to and call him "Sir" and to say nothing disparaging about New Deal.

      But as I took the day off, I can't really tell you more than that.

  15. Tris, I think this might explain part of the mystery.

    This discovery is way bigger than anyone thought.

    1. Seems the more you try to hide the truth the more it emerges. Thanks Panda.

  16. So we've changed companies and areas now then? :/

  17. If we dont get independence from England we'll be the first ever country in history to not want it, so much for being a nation again.... :(

  18. I live in the Highlands of Scotland and know friends of the people sent home off the rig in question its all true..... but same old shit coming from England lie to them lie lie lie its time to stand up and not take anymore lies....

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