Thursday, 28 August 2014


Martin from the Libations updated me last  night that they were able to make their first donation to "Loaves and Fishes" as a result of sales of Caledonia. Once again he thanks Munguin's Republic's readers for their support.
The lads with Mrs Curran at loaves and Fishes
He and Darren went along with Mrs Curren (Denis's wife) to make the presentation of a cheque for £1,115. 

Those of you who have followed the success of the song will know that it has been #1 in the Amazon country sales; it has risen up the overall downloads sales, and was, as of last night, at #8 on their chart just behind Pharrell Williams' "Happy".
If we can keep sales like this going until Saturday then it is likely that the song will make the UK Top 40, and then the radio stations take over and it becomes (hopefully) unstoppable.

I know there have a been a few posts about this, but it's important:

(i) because, as you read above, the lads have already donated over a thousand pounds to a foodbank, and 

(ii) because having "Caledonia" played on the radio and on the iPods of the country won't be doing YES any harm in the run up to the referendum, and

(iii) because it's a great song, and a superb rendition. It deserves to be a hit and in any case you're gonna love listening to it.

There are always readers who haven't seen the original post and/or who will see this one and remember they haven't reminded their cousin Willie or Great Aunt Matilda to get out there and download it on Amazon or iTunes.

So we make no apology for plugging it for all we're worth. Buy it, tell your mates about it, phone your local radio stations and request it for your granny's or grandson's birthday. Just let's get it out there.
Munguin's humming it in the background, whilst cracking his whip, as I type. 


PS. Darren, Ross and Martin will be up in Dundee on Saturday to promote the disc. Not sure at the moment where  exactly or when, but we'll be along to see them at some point. Munguin, being a sophisticated animal, takes a great interest in Scottish Arts. We'll keep you updated with any info.


  1. I live overseas and want to ensure my download counts for the Scottish charts. Any suggestions?

    1. I simply have no idea, unless you can get one of your friends to download it for you (using your Amazon/iTunes account).

      If not download it anyway. The chart is important for publicity purposes, but the 79p will at least be feeling Scottish hungry.

      Thanks for your query. If anyone else has a better answer, feel free to add it...

      Delighted to see Derek Bateman now tweeting about the song and supporting it.

  2. Great spread Tris.

    Darren says he's been in touch and that is fine. But a big thank you from me too. You and the other sites have gone a long way to helping the poor. I feel proud to be a part of something good.

    Hope to be in Dundee myself with the Libations. If so it will be my honor to shake your hand.

    You have no idea how much your pictures and humor have changed all the no'ers my way. Folk don't read but they notice a picture.

    A Yes vote will be secured because of sites like this that gets the truth out and de bunk all the drivel from the MSM.

    Thanks Tris and all at munguins.

    1. Great Richie.

      Let me know what time you will be here at.

      I have gardening duties for an old friend between 2 and 4, but I want to make a special effort to meet the lads and you.

      Can you answer the question Anon asks at the top of the page?

      How does a purchase overseas register in the Scottish charts?

      Is it even possible...?

    2. PS good to know that the pics are having an affect on no votgers... That's bucked me up a good bit :)