Saturday 28 May 2016


1. I'm just contemplating my forest, so you carry on
and enjoy Soppy Sunday.
2. Britanny.
3. Castellucio.
4. Clouds
5. Like my field? I got plenty of daisies and dandelions...
I'll sell you some?
6. Do you love me, dad?
7. Isle of Man.
8. Skye.
9. I wonder if they are good to eat?
10. Bluebell wood.
11. I'm not convinced that best friends sit on each other.
12. Greenland winter sun.
13. It's all right I'll look after the dog.
14. Where's that nut I buried?
15. Alaska.
16. Sunset in Kirkcaldy.
17. Sunset in Nauru.
18. Lunchtime here. Not got time to look up.
19. Don't you think I'm pretty cute?
20. OK, you've all had enough soppiness for one day. Now you all have stuff to do. The car won't wash itself and that lawn needs  cutting so jump to it... or I'll get cross, and trust me, you don't want that!


  1. Great work on pulling all of this together.

    I was, kind of astonished by the clouds at 4. and I would never have guessed Britanny for Number 2.

    Great series of pictures you do here.

    1. Thanks Douglas.

      I'm thinking how much I'd like to live in that house, then I'm thinking ...but it rains quite a lot in Brittany... so peut etre pas.

      I think they are called Lenticular clouds...

  2. Nice sunsets! A Bison silhouetted against a sunset would be nice if you ever spot one.

    1. Your wish is Munguin's command, Danny.

      Can you hold on till next Sunday?

    2. Maybe a minimalist approach. Vast sky, lonely Bison, and the prairie of Nebraska or the Dakotas.

    3. Of course Tris! This is just an off-the-cuff suggestion. Munguin may have a different concept of sunsets and Bison. ;-))

    4. Munguin found a similar image for you, but he is keeping it till next week.

      I can't help feeling that chap looks a lit lonesome!

  3. Those clouds were amazing. As was the resemblance between Kirkcaldy and Nauru - who knew!

    As for the caption for No9 I believe the answer is yes especially good with mint sauce...

    1. Argh.... The daffodils!!!!

      Yeah, I was struck by the similarities between Nauru and Kirkcaldy! I think the holidays will be there next year!

  4. Great collection,Bluebell wood, somehow the picture in my mind for the 'secret garden'.

    1. Love bluebell woods, Golfy. I found one a few years ago, quite by accident, on one of the B roads that run along behind the Dundee Perth Road. What a delight to turn the corner and find it.

  5. The cat seems to be enjoying the dog licking it. The 3rd one gives you a sense of calm. The photos are your Sunday tonic.

    1. I know. I can imagine being there, pitching a tent and never wanting to move... until the weather got cold and wet!!


  6. Nauru does not have beaches but it does have a very high suicide rate due to the number of would be asylum seekers interned there by that bastion of democracy australia

    1. Ah is that where they send them to that camp.

      Man's inhumanity to man.

      Given that Australia was stolen from its inhabitants by British settlers/refugees (some of them "crims") it seems a little strange that these immigrants should take such a poxy attitude to immigrants.