Wednesday 4 May 2016


So, tomorrow (or today if you're reading this in Thursday) is election day. Suddenly after what seems like months of campaigning, it's here.

There's no doubt that, in terms of news coverage, it has been overshadowed by the British referendum on Europe, which the first ministers of the Celtic nations asked David Cameron to postpone so that the twos sets of campaigns wouldn't coincide, and which he, with customary lack of respect for any of us, refused to do.

Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland just aren't that important to the dodgy one.

But for us this is important. How we run health, education, law and order, the environment, transport, and much more... and later in the parliament... a measure of social security and tax policy, will be decided tomorrow (today).

This wasn't ever a "pretendy wee parliament", well not unless you lived in England or the Bahamas, or wherever Mr Connelly put his head of an evening, and it's certainly not now. This is real stuff, real politics that affect our every day lives. 

And our votes matter.

I've put off writing anything about the election until now, and coming late to the party means that it's difficult to find anything much to say that hasn't been said more eloquently or most authoritatively by others, so sorry if you've read it all before.

Opinion polls show and opposition parties have already conceded that the SNP will be the biggest party in parliament. The Labour Party and the Ruth Davidson Party (formerly know as the Tories) have openly set their sights at being the main opposition party. 

There's not even been a pretence that they were aiming for Bute House. At least not since Kez said something about wanting Nicola's job and her desk, and then even Labour people shook with laughter.

Up and down and round and round they have gone in the polls, battered by scandals from London or Edinburgh: The leader of the RD Party (Dodgy Dave) and the drawn out saga of Daddy's offshore dealings; the Tories tearing themselves apart over Europe; Labour's internal strife over Mr Corbyn; Kezia's consideration of voting for independence in certain circumstances, denied within the hour of her saying it, but jumped on by the leader of the RD party as evidence that they, and only they, were the party of the union, and of course, most recently, the engineered scandal of anti-Semitism in the London party.

So nothing is certain; we just don't know who will come second and who third. No one has had much to say about Wee Willie, but the Liberals will come in 4th or 5th, I expect, if anyone's interested. Patrick Harvie has had a good campaign and he hopes to better his parties 2 seats.

Now as an independentista (I won't call myself a nationalist, because I don't think I am), I've been happy with the idea that Nicola will be returned as First Minister, but I find all the "certainly" a bit worrying.

And this is why.

If there was thunder and lightning and snow, floods, a volcanic eruption from the Dundee Law, and a tsunami tomorrow, somehow I would go and vote, but not everyone would or will. 

Some folk will forget; some people will be too busy; the rain might put some off; the bairn's sick...or that late meeting at work on the night of the club darts competition might mean getting to the polling station is more difficult. And some will say... oh well, it's in the bag anyway, so what will one, or rather two votes matter?

So my message is, it's not in the bag

There are constituencies on a very slender majority. Didn't I read somewhere that one constituency had a majority of just 8?  Let's not take anything for granted. We need every vote. So please vote and,  if you've a neighbour or a friend or relation who has difficulty getting out, make sure you offer them a lift, or contact your local SNP office and ask someone to pick them up. 

Every vote counts.

I'm not clever enough by half (or so Munguin says) to write about why both votes should go to the SNP, but if you are in any doubt, both Scot Goes Pop and Wings have written about the dangers of giving your list vote to a tiny minority party.    

Like most other bloggers I wouldn't dream of telling anyone how to vote. Everyone has their own views, their own priorities, and everyone will interpret the pros and cons of tactical voting on the list howsoever they see fit. 

All I can tell you is I'm not gambling with the result. I've read James and Stuart and I know what I'm going to do.

I want an SNP government under Nicola Sturgeon, and that is what I will vote for. 

With both votes.

So good luck everyone in your constituencies throughout Scotland.

I guess many of us will be awake till the votes come in and we know our future.


  1. Tris

    Still undecided on one of my votes and it looks like going to the wire for myself tomorrow.

    I think the SNP will win, not sure if they will get a majority, they have faced a national media onslaught that no party has ever faced before. But they will do well. I think Labour will sneek second, I just think for many it's too hard to vote for the Ruth Davidson Party of scumbags. The Liberals will be on 4,5 or 6. They are talking big and if they do better than 6 I will be shocked to be honest. The Greens may do ok, 6 seats plus maybe if the sun is shining.

    However, the campaign has mostly been uninspiring and boring for me. Too much SNP bad with little or no decent analysis outside wings and the blogs. But it is what we have come to expect now from the joke we have for a media. I will be glad when it's over though.

    Ruth Davidson, Willie Rennie and the UKIP non entity have been the most annoying but Rennie wins it for me as being the biggest plank overall. KeZia Dugdull is out her depth, she comes across poorly in a party which sold its soul for thirty pieces of silver a long time ago.

    I will watch the results coming in and suffer at work on Friday as a Scottish election is my World Cup Final. I wish the SNP every success and my votes will remain a secret as always.

    Interesting day tomorrow.


    1. I'm afraid you are right Bruce. it's been dull because the politicians and certainly the media has been all about how bad the SNP is.

      We've said this before. I think Kez is a nice woman. I think her heart is in the right place, but she's no leader and in any case she has a pile of dunderheads to lead.

      Maybe if she had been 10 years more experienced then she would have done better. A seriously experienced woman like Johann had difficulty with that lot. it doesn't help that instructions keep coming from London.

      If she loses to Ruth then there will be questions. but the bes they have to offer is Sarwar, who couldn't get elected in a constituency aster being beaten last year, and somehow got to the top of the list. He'll be a laughing stock for that, but he also said that the Scottish parliament was undemocratic... so why would he want to be in it? I've heard him speak. He's inarticulate, dull and his arguments don't stand up. He makes Gray, Lamont and Dugdale look brilliant.

      No doubt that Ruth uis a better performer, but the trouble is she's just Dodgy Dave's cypher. There was a line in the sand till there was no line in the sand because DD said so. There should be another referendum if the public wanted it, till there should not be another referendum because... you guessed it, DD said so.

      Willie Rennie's so far out of his depth and Coburn is just a joke.

      I respect people that want to leave the EU, but why does UKIP have to choose the looniest folk on the planet? They say that they aren't racist but, ask Humza what he thinks of that. I suspect that most of them spend the greater part of their lives pissed.

      Patrick Harvie impresses me, but I worry that they aren't four square behind independence.

      I'd have to say that if I were asked who was the stupidest, it would be Coburn by a country mile.

      Yes, I'm looking forward to it. Hopeful but not sure.

  2. My list vote's always been Green; that's not changing.


    1. As I say Derek, you vote for what you hope to see as the make up of parliament. I respect that completely.

  3. "Now as an independentista (I won't call myself a nationalist, because I don't think I am),"

    Seriously? You have me laughing.

    1. That's clearly because you don't know me at all.

  4. no votes for the snpBAD ........cos I am a decent patriotic person

    1. Your prerogative, old mate.

  5. As I commented on Bruce's blog, Scotland doesn't need a new government - it needs a new opposition. I have no problem with geniuine scrutiny of any party but the SNPbad crap is an insult to us all and demeans us as a nation.

    I think Labour will cling on to second, there is only so many will vote for the Ruth Davidson party. I agree that Kezia seems a decent sort and would probably be relieved to leave the rats fighting in their sack but her replacement will probably be Sarwar who has no redeeming features whatsoever (other than being unelectable as First Minister five years from now).

    I have a lot of time for the Greens but you are right, they need to be more firmly pro independece. Patrick Harvie was more robust in the debate last Sunday but of course there was an election looming! I hope they overtake the Illiberal Undemocrats though.

    Lets send Cameron a message that we're not going away - SNP x 2.

    1. I'm going over to Bruce's blog when I'm done here, so I'll have a look, PS.

      In truth, whilst I could see Dewar, McLeish and McConnell as first ministers (which of course they were) and I met with the latter two and found them pleasant and competent people, I look at the current crop of possibilities and I think... Nope, not even a chance.

      Sarwar would be a joke.

      SNP bad, isn't just insulting to half the country that voted for them, it's been futile. it has never worked.

      I'm sure Mr Cameron would be delighted with a fall in the fortunes of the SNP. I'm pretty certain that he won't be happy with tomorrow's parliament.

    2. I posted it back in April on Bruce's SNP at risk of arrogance? Thread. I post as lanark on Bruce's blog. Wordpress didn't seem to likethe PS name (maybe not fans of Alasdair Gray).

  6. umm I think snpBAD is just brill you only have to say/print/blog
    and the pavlovian nat response is foaming at the mouth red faced
    angry (they would be )denial and general barmyness...

    wots not to like

    anyway not to worry after me safety i have covered windows
    to stop bricks strengthened me doors to prevent ingress by
    zombie nats...and got two weeks supply of tunnocks and irn bru

    1. I was down your street this morning, and I thought to myself, Niko's let that place go badly. Fair brings down the tone. And that's not like Taz.

      You get down B&Q, that nice unionist store that was gonna shut shops if we became independent, and when we didn't, it shut them anyway, and get some paint and smarten the place up.

    2. Been done Niko...

    3. Out of date now Conan. There's only a man and a cat on that paper now, and the man's part time.

  7. Strange that in Niko's world standing up to and defending against the unionist mass media is 'foaming at the mouth'. It is clear from looking at the comments on here who has been consistently drooling froth.

    There will be massive unionist/media celebrations if the SNP fail to achieve a majority. No doubt Rennie will receive a knight-hood and Fifi and Ruthie dame-hood of the British Empire.

    If Niko covers the windows in his mansion he will be doing his neighbours a favour and property prices in the area will surge.

    If 'Scottish' Labour fail to take second place no doubt the knives will be out for Fifi in an already un-settled party even without a credible alternative.

    The irony and indeed the sadness is that given Scottish independence the probable beneficiary would be a truly Scottish Labour party with true Labour values instead of the Blairite faction which Niko still defends despite the mayhem, carnage and atrocities they were directly responsible for. Again, sadly, the results of their actions are still plain to see.

    1. I always think a real Labour person would welcome the fact that a party is challenging the mad right wing, establishment, press and politics.

      I'm thinking that knives will be out tomorrow for whoever fails to make the 2nd place. I suspect that one of them may fall on their sword (or under their tank), but be rewarded with a seat in the Lords, like ms Goldie was, and jack was.

      The tank lady may well become Lady Tank.

      I'd be interested to know what Niko thinks of the alleged plot to remove Mr Corbyn.

    2. It will be interesting to see the votes in Orkney in view of the Carmichael situation?

    3. It may sound vindictive, but I REALLY hope they fall in Orkney and Shetland.

      I don't think they will to be honest, but it would be justice for the lies and then the way he tried to bankrupt his constituents with punitive damages request for having the audacity to question the authenticity of his win, based on him being a liar and a cheat.

    4. Oh I should add that the whole thing reflects on the Liberal Democrats in general for all their support of Carmichael.

      Everyone can make a mistake.... Pffffffffffff

  8. Anything other than an SNP led government will be a disaster for Scotland,except for those who don't think Scotland should have one in the first place,i.e. all the London based parties and their supporters.
    I think Davidson has been taking a leaf out of Vlad Putin's election strategy,photo shoots as the Kung Foo,bear wrestling,Country and Western singing,homo phobic (well maybe not in her case) superbeing.
    I think Vlad probably got the idea from watching too many 1930s Gene Autry movies and it has proved very successful in fooling quite a lot of Russian voters.
    Davidson clearly thinks it will work here in Scotland as well.
    We shall see.
    Off to vote.

    1. Mad Vlad and Rugged Ruth

      What an imagine...

      Happy voting :)

    2. Are you an utter fool? Ruth is an openly gay politician who is second to nobody in promoting LGBT rights. Take your absurd comparisons to Putin elsewhere.

      I might even add, the only homophobic thing is comparing an lesbian to some wrestler.

    3. That goes beyond reasonable argument Dean.

      Please apologise.

    4. Dean was quite happy to disparage the junior doctors, in England; as they are at odds with his Tory ideals.

      Before you once again straddle your high horse (doing a Ruthie as it were), Dean. My daughter has been openly gay, since the age of fourteen, and believe you me, she has done more for LGBT rights than your leader has ever done; including going round schools, making videos and songs, going to conferences and being an ambassador for LGBT rights.

    5. "Tory ideals" is an oxymoron.
      Opportunistic,self serving,doing unto others certainly but idealistic,definitely not.

    6. I was being generous, as he was disingenuous.

    7. I respect Ruth for being open about her sexuality. I'm sure she, like Kezia and Patrick, have done a great deal to make homosexuality more accepted and make life easier for gay kids. But her are many other people who work enormously hard for equality. (Jim's daughter obviously one)...some make a full time job of it.

      No one said anything about Ruth being gay. If you go around posing on top of tanks and demanding that while people starve you spend £200 billion... and feed a deficit of £1.6 trillion billion, you're going to be likened to a tough guy.

      I accept Dean feels strongly about it, but I'll not tolerate someone being called out like that on the blog.

      So I'd like an apology.

    8. Tris,apologies for causing any stushie,not intended in the way my comments were interpreted.
      Vlad uses homo phobia in Russia in the way the Blairites in British Labour use anti-Semitism (hope this doesn't create another stushie) and is simply a means to an end.

    9. It's was a Tory with faux outrage, like Tories give a toss about anything but themselves.... Queue the faux outrage again.

    10. You didn't, BIO.

      If you stride tanks and that sort of thing you should be able to take comparison with Mad Vlad.

      It's nothing to do with being gay.

      It is Dean who needs to revise his language.

    11. Jeeez, there's going to be a surfeit of outrage, faux or not, tonight.

  9. Brownlie

    you scoundrel i have never defended the Blairite faction au contraire mon ami Torylite led to the inevitable and deserved conclusion in Scotland..... But fantasy Nationalist dreams
    will not solve inequality in Scotland although many nats would't
    care as long as it was in an Independent Scotland

    1. Niko, the Blairite faction are still around hence Mr Corbyn's problems. The grass-roots such as yourself - no offence - voted for him but the vested Blairite interests will get rid of him.

    2. You have to accept that that's the truth. They are plotting. There are those who suggest that the big Anti-Semite thing would not have happened but for the flames being blown on by the Blairites.

      They are happy for London to go to the Tory toff, as long as they can rid themselves of the socialist in their midst.

      Of course he is considerably cleverer than any of them and I suspect that if they do manage to get rid of them, they will break their own party in two.

  10. As you may know when the polling booths are open you can't say how you voted or say anything that might resemble an exit poll. So keeping it legal, it was Garscadden where the majority was 7 - SNP over Labour. I remember the winner saying "never were the 7 more magnificent".

    Anyway make sure you vote - I worry about a low turnout. And if you want to know how I voted ask Ruth Davidson as it was a postal vote :-)

    1. I didn't know that individuals weren't allowed to say how they voted, PP.

      There seems to have been a very low turnout. Certainly in Dundee, and David Taylor was saying on Twitter in Clackmannanshire too. Stuart Campbell predicts a 54% turnout.

      So much for the political engagement.

      I love that quote from Garscadden, by the way.

      I suspect Ruth is dealing with a heavy number of callers wanting to know about the postal votes. And as she got away with it last time she'll probably tell us.

    2. aye Tris very strict rules though on twitter lots of folk are breaking them. Wee Ginger Dug has suspended comments until after 10pm and the Graun are deleting anything falling foul. Make sure you delete anything posted between 7am and 10pm that says who they voted for because as blog owner you are responsible e.g. Derek's above is okay as it was posted before polling opened.

      Gosh the obscure things I know...

    3. Thanks PP.

      Just as well you knew that, PP.

      It's a bit of a silly rule, that you can't say how YOU voted, but you could say yesterday how you were going to vote...

      I wonder if it's illegal to tell your wife? LOl

      OK. I won't tell anyone how I voted... and I ask everyone to respect that here too.


    4. It's 10:26.

      I voted SNP x 2....

    5. As did I, but then I've voted for them for 30+ years.