Friday 3 December 2010


A man was driving down the road with a car full of penguins. Penguins sticking out the windows, penguins coming out the sunroof, penguins everywhere.

A bobby pulled him over and told him if he didn't want a ticket he'd better take those penguins straight to the zoo. The man promised he would and drove off.

The next day, the same road, the same car, the same guy, the same polisman and the same penguins - only this time the penguins were all wearing sunglasses!

The bobby pulled the guy over and said, "I thought I told you to take these penguins to the zoo!"

"I did" said the guy, "today I'm taking them to the beach!"

(From the Guardian's Live Weather Blog)

Pic: A rare black penguin


  1. Tris

    You call 'THAT' a joke

    Englands world cup bid now that was a joke!

  2. Ha ha ha ha Niko.

    I was surprised that someone who had the benefits of an Eton education that includes etiquette and manners was so churlish about the idea of phoning Mr Putin and congratulating him.

    Everyone now says that FIFA is corrupt... I wonder if England had won, would they have thought the organization so corrupt?

    Interestingly the rest of the press (apart from the BBC and The Sunday Times) were saying it was wrong to call FIFA corrupt on Sunday and Monday... but it was right on Friday...

    Very strange.

  3. Tris,

    LOL: At last a joke I can tell my grannie.

    Wouldn't these chocolate biscuits melt in the sun on the beach?

  4. Shall we tell it to Sophia John....?

    mmmmmm melted penguin... yummy....

  5. Brilliant CH... You've always got the right link.

  6. Good joke Tris! I like penguins, and jokes about penguins. Nice video link too CH.

    One mistake though. Those are "cookies", not "biscuits." Biscuits are a sort of breakfast bread. We Yanks are forever having to correct Brits about the proper use of the English language. :-)

  7. Hum yes

    Right Danny, and we Scots are pretty lousy at languages, so we keep on forgetting...


  8. Actually Tris, I assumed that this YouTube clip was an English ad. I supposed that Scots would get it right. ;-)

  9. Right again Danny. :)

  10. Tris,

    Bheil thu cinnteach, a charaid?

  11. Oh John, You know I don't speak Antartctican!!