Sunday 5 December 2010


...And so it is with our bold boys. The Daily Mail has headlined these fine chancers. Technically probably they are doing nothing wrong, although if they were “ordinary people” claiming benefits from the same government that they are claiming their expenses from, they would have the book thrown at them.

Instead.................... during this time of hardship for the country; this time when people all over the UK are losing jobs because people like them, these four members of the Labour and Tory parties, were not holding the last government to account; were not keeping an eye on the property boom which most people’s pet canaries could have told you would burst at some point; au contraire, they were enjoying the property boom themselves with the capital being supplied by none other than daft mugs, you and me..............these people are profiteering from the new regulations.

As they are no longer allowed to claim mortgage repayments what they do is rent out their houses which we paid for, and move into rented accommodation themselves, which... you guessed it.... we pay for. They then collect the rent on the property that we bought for them.

Sometimes I wish we still sent people to the Tower of London to get their greedy heads cut off.

I reproduce these picture stories from
The Mail on Sunday, where you can read a more detailed (and possibly a more measured) account of their murky doings. You can't turn your back on them for ten minutes, can you?


  1. Yes I suspect that one day the people will rise up and slaughter them. Piano wire and lamp posts will meet in perfect harmony.
    But in the meantime. Who won I'm a Celeb ? Did Big Mary do ok in X Factor ?


    Never let it be said Monty, that I am not in tune with the readers of this humble blog.

    I've heard it said that the programme promised for next year weill be "I'm a jungle, get me away from these no-ones, er i mean celebrities (?)"

  3. tris..

    Thanks for those links. Will check them out. My post was slightly OTT ( night out on the town ;)) but I do wish we could get an honest set of MPs. Is it really too much to ask ? Lib Dem MP Mike 'handycock' Hancock has just been on Sky moaning that his reputation might be tarnished with his 'assistant' being collared for spying. This is the same handycock who is in court soon for pestering a vulnerable constituent with sex text messages.
    You really couldn't make it up.

  4. You'll never get honest politicians when those who are supposed to keep them on the straight and narrow are doing the opposite.
    Wendygate – Electoral Commission Reveals ‘Illegal Donation’ Name was Altered.

  5. Goodness Monty. I thought it sounded remarkably sober.

    I fell about laughing at Hancock this morning. His reputation? Tarnished? WHAT?

    They live in the land of Puff the Magic Dragon.

  6. Good old Labour CH. Never far away from some financial controversy...

  7. The new expenses rules do not allow for the publication of expenses reciepts. Is this why we continue to see secrecy at the highest levels?

    Corruption, the stink of it, the mucky filth, the piggy-greed. Measured? Why be measured when faced with these types of totally rancid 'Hon Members'!!!

    "my gast has never been more flabbered!" -Frankie Howard

  8. They are completely determined to avoid our knowing how they spend out money...

    I think we should probably have a massive petition to stop this Hon nonsense, and teh Noble nonsense in the Lords.

    It is just hilarious....

    It’s like calling the Queen lower working class...

  9. PS.. Frankie Howerd was great . I remember seeing him address the Oxford Union. What a laugh....