Friday 24 December 2010


First Minister's Questions can be found at Subrosa's place today.


  1. Tris

    This was a new low, even by the sub zero standards Gray has set himself previously.

    To compare the desire for independence to the conflict in the Balkans was despicable.

    Even Bell in the Herald found that too much to stomach.

    Is there no sewer Gray will not slither along?

  2. But when Gray is full of it he has nowhere else to go.

  3. He could try the bathroom, like the rest of us CH.

  4. There are some politicians (on all sides) who are simply unlikeable. (It seems that George Osborne falls into that category.)

    But Grey is a bit like Liam Fox, and we all know what that means. And he thinks he's good too!!!

  5. Goldie owned Salmond, Gray illustrated Salmonds failed seperatist message ... and even Tavish had a good day vis-a-vis Jabby-the-Salmond.

    Merry X'mas! That cheered me up!

  6. Och well Dean, as long as you're cheered up, that's all that matters...


    Happy Christmas to you too matey!

  7. An end to a very disappointing year for the SNP.
    They even managed to outdo the madness of the coagulation on the key points affecting us.

    Global warming scam -

    Went further with their CO2 targets than even '7 homes huhne' and Ed Millipede and are pursuing their windmill building agenda with gusto ;) Riding roughshod over local planning laws and running around the world attending global warming wankfests while we all freeze our gonads off

    Civil liberties -

    Racing ahead with their 'eCare' citizen database programme and 'generation Scotland' insecure biobank. Outdoing even the dumped ID card sytem in their intrusiveness.

    Nanny state -

    Outdoing the coagulation with their anti smoking, drinking , eating and general nanny knows best noseyness.

    EU -

    Love it more more more please

    Security -

    Megrahi set to outlive us all. Continue to promote mass 3rd world immigration and help every stray and waif with the most tenuos right of appeal to stay in Scotland. Even better if you can sing or have a chinese take away.

    Troughing -

    Full troughers. Still sticking to their 'well everyone else is bad so why not us' routine.

    Independence -

    Ah, their unique selling point (USP). Dumped for a £2m chat a la ' big society'. Being in power is too much fun to waste their time on such trivial nonsense.

    Have a Good Winter Festival Fathersuckers !

  8. UK person,

    After reading your post I can see why your party never have or never will make any political progress. As a matter of fact your who tirade smacks of racism so, as far as I'm concerned you represent all that is nasty in our society and you will never prevail.

  9. Tris, Munquin and the rest of the gang, yes, that includes you, Niko,

    May you all have a lovely Chrismas, may Santa be good to you all and may your god grant you everything you wish.

    Catch you all next year, chums, and may it be a very happy one for you all.

  10. John said..

    " your who[le] tirade smacks of racism"

    That's so last year. Patriots are now called 'little englanders'
    Even if they're Scottish.

    Have a good Christmas.

  11. UKIPer,

    I haven't seen much of you on here in a while. Welcome back, and I do agree with some of what you said.

    Global warming, most proponents of it tend to be what I'd call climate alarmists, the case for man-made global warming is far from being made. Natural heating, cooling cycle that our activities might - might - be contributing to speeding up.

    Additionally, there is so much more to the environmental debate than CO2 emissions, though if you listened to any of the mainstream Scottish or UK parties you wouldn't know it.

    BUT you are displaying unfortunate tendencies when criticising the EU. What alternative is there to integration, liberal intstitutionalism etc? Nothing, but that doesn't seem to stop you, all you want is to live in splendid isolationism. I call it post-imperial syndrome. Like Putins Russia!

  12. Ah Cynical... I wonder to whom you referred there...

  13. UKipper...

    You sound really unhappy. I wonder if you are living in the right country really: nothing here seems to suit you at all.

    Some of what you said there was plain wrong, in that it didn't happen, but some of it was a matter of your opinion, to which, it goes without saying, you are entitled.

    Given that, as John said, your party manages to make less impression that a fly on a blancmange here, I guess your views could be said to be pretty much minority. Thank god, because it sounds even more unpleasant that that of the Conserberals. And that is saying something.

  14. John. Thanks for your good wishes. I hope that you have a great day and that Santa gets you that distillery, or if not, the key to someone else's.

    See you soon... hopefully round at Sophia's place sitting in front of the fire, wide eyed or pie eyed, listening to one of her tales...and drinking her sherry!!! ;)

  15. Dean...

    I think that it is a bit silly for any of us to pronounce on Global Warming/Climate Change. I mean what they hell any of us know about it. Climatologists don't know, so what on earth a linguist or a politician or an architect or a bus driver would know, I have no idea. However as the English/UK government has committed the UK to carbon reduction I can’t see that the Scottish government would have much say in the matter. Indeed as we can, without doubt, make a lot of money and create many jobs out of it, even if it turns out to be a scam, it’s no worse than the banking industry, or politics itself. Scam!

    I’m not sure why Kipper was on about Scotland and the EU ... our government has no say in any EU policies, nor has it on immigration... Indeed his spiel sounded more like the results of the intake of a considerable amount of alcohol that hasn’t agreed with his system.

    I trust that you would never do that!!

  16. Hi tris, just a word or two to let you know youre not forgotten..Happy Xmas

  17. Hi Nomine...

    What a nice thing to do...

    I'm glad not to be forgotten.... :)

    Have a great day.

  18. tris said..

    " Some of what you said there was plain wrong"

    Ok that's Christmas over. And I had an excellent time. I hope you did too tris. So I'll now ask. What was plain wrong ? Apart from Megrahi outliving us all. That's in Gods hands.

    Hi Dean. It's good to be back ta. Glad you agree with some of what I said ( I think ;) )