Sunday 12 December 2010


Following the disturbances in London on Thursday last and the fact that Charles was involved, Cameron has decided to get tough. He looked jolly cross when he was ticking everyone off the other day.

It is not, absolutely not on, to ruin other people’s things unless your father has enough money to put the whole show to rights the next day. And terrorising innocent bystanders is only alright if it’s in an upmarket restaurant, in Oxford, and only rich people are involved, and it must never involve a prince of the blood royal unless he was in your house, or at least another chap’s house at school.

More seriously the idiot who is paid to be in charge of policing in London told the protestors that they were lucky not to be shot. Apparently it is within the right of the police to shoot people who are threatening a “highness”. Kinky Boots May, the home secretary has hinted that she would not stand in the way of police using water cannon (which is a pity because I wouldn’t mind seeing her being blown down the Thames with a hose up her frock). So for the first time in Great Britian, water cannon could be used. (After old Boris banging on the other day about how jolly decent it was of us chaps not to use them, ooops.) Other people have suggested tazers and tear gas, and I think I heard rubber bullets proposed.

I wonder what effect that would have. OK. I know, people would get very wet, or teary or sore..., and if they shot people, I suppose they would get very dead.

I think people are angry at being treated badly, at being expected to pay back money the bankers lost them, and at being spoken down to by Cameron and his poodle Clegg, both looking very angry (or possibly frightened). It’s been a bad time recently for authority, or what passes for it. MPs have been found to be on the fiddle and lords too have had their snouts in the trough. In Yorkshire two senior police Officers are under investigation for fiddling recruitment so that their family would profit, and elsewhere senior police have been found wanting and in court. A police officer killed a passerby at a protest last year and got off with it. And the prince of Wales has defied the tenets of the church he will (perhaps) one day lead by marrying a woman with whom he had an adulterous affair whilst married to the Princess of Wales and who herself has a living spouse.

What’s to respect?

Just how much of a beating will people take from people whom they see as corrupt before the kick off properly?

If police shot someone because they poured paint on a car which happened to belong to Charles, what do you think people would do?

I’ve put up a poll... please give your opinions, and of course leave a comment if you wish. I’m interested to know what people think about this.

Opinions from foreigners are equally valid (Danny).... Les avis des étrangers sont également valides (Yves).

Sorry, all the pics are of Theresa May, because I just can’t get over what an old perv she appears to be with her kinky shoes, and there she is doing some dirty dancing with a row of men in police uniforms. Enjoy, I bet she did!


  1. 'mon the students! I think you're getting a thing for Theresa, you filthy bastard. Mind you, after two or three vods......?

  2. Hi Tris. Kind of hard to read the poll questions because of the colours, but I think I managed. :)

  3. POLICE & FIRE ARMS USE. When the Lib Dims ratted on their promise of a referendum on the EU Constitution/Lisbon treaty, a demonstration was arranged outside their party offices. About seventy mostly middle aged people turned up. The Met sent three policemen to keep us in order - armed with machine guns!

    Among our number, which included a clergyman, were two old soldiers, wearing their medals and immaculate regimental berets and blazers. We were in three rows about 25 yards abreast on the pavement opposite the Lib Dim office entrance. The police were to our right at a right angle to our line (not in front of the office entrance, as you would expect) The soldiers quickly spotted that this gave them a free field of fire across our ranks (enfilade).

    Very politely, they went up to the bold gendarmes and asked them "Will you fire on us, if you are ordered?"
    Two answered "no" straight away; the third (who, I suspect, was in charge), looked awkward and shuffled his feet.

    There is a problem with fire arms officers. In spite of several shootings of unarmed men, none has ever been charged with anything. It is believed that they have let it be known that every fire arms officer will down weapons, if any colleague is ever put on trial for a fire arms offence. The De Menenzes case and others seem to bear this out.

    As for Theresa May (who remarked that the Conservatives were seen as "the nasty party"), I remarked to a friend that she was the Gerald Ratner of the Conservative Party. "Yes" he replied "But without the charm".

  4. DL: Nah, I'm not, I promise you... In the "older woman" catagory Petula's my choice..

    But I am fascinated by her strange desire to wear wellington boots and leopard skin shoes in the execution of her public duties. And I saw, in fact I'm sure that I used a pic of her in what looked like a massive chain around her neck giving a tv interview.

    There's clearly something weird about the woman. And now she's wanting to use water cannon on the protesters... eww er. Wet t-shirts on young men Tessy?

    Still, if you can manage to drink 2 or 3 bottles of vodka, I suppose you might fancy her, if it was late at night and everyone else had gone home... and the lights were very dim....and you liked patronising women... I suppose.... maybe...

    Tell you what DL...have another bottle then make up your mind.

  5. SR: Yes. I'm sorry about the unreadability of it. It's just the way things come on on this template and I can't think of any way to change it. If you're using your laptop you can always increase the size at the bottom right of the screen. I'm not sure about the Mac...

    But thanks for having a go anyway in difficult conditions. ;)

  6. Thanks for that Mr S. Well done you for protesting anyway. Not that they ever listen unless you start to rock their boats a bit.

    I can't help feel that they sit in their comfortable clubs and say, "don't worry old chap, no harm done and the press is more or less on our side. We can count on Rupert. It will all blow over in a few weeks and everything will be back to normal. Another brandy old chap? it's on expenses, make it a large one".

    In the past there have been splendid protests by older people, including men of the cloth and old soldiers: over Europe, as you say, council tax increases and pensions. It is good to see that it isn't just young hotheads doing the protesting.

    Of course, particularly in the young, a "mob" or "group" mentality can break out, where the sum is greater than the parts but this is not exclusively a young thing. It's a psychological phenomenon and it works for more mature people too, particularly I would have thought, old soldiers, who may have tried and tested it in even more important circumstances. It does mean that, driven by the atmosphere and the adrenalin, things can get a little out of hand.

    It seems the Liberals have no consciences whatsoever. No matter what promise they make they seem to be prepared to break it. I’d have expected that of the Tories, accepted it from Labour, especially New labour (washes blacker), but you tend to expect that the Liberals would take their principals to the grave with them. Wrong.

    Interesting story about firearms men. It certainly explains the long line of deaths which have never, not once, resulted in a prosecution.

    How corrupt is this country.

  7. BTW Mr S, I love the description of the Boots woman.

    She certainly lacks charm...but look on the bright side, the token woman in the top set of the cabinet (for surely that is what she is: there must be better than her) could have been Mad Nadine, the nut-job from Mid-Bedfordshire, or wherever her homes are these days.

    Can you just imagine what she’d have dreamed up Water Boarding would be more likely than water cannon.


  8. Even in gun crazy America, where owning guns is a constitutional right, and where police commonly face armed civilians, the use of lethal force in civil disturbances is very rare. The most famous case in recent years was the Kent State University shootings in 1970, where the Ohio National Guard fired 67 rounds into a crowd of unarmed protesting college students, killing four and wounding nine. There were indictments, but none of these "official killers" were ever brought to trial.

    Surely the London police would never fire on protesters. The slimy politicians are simply posturing for the media, in even suggesting such a thing. And what's with the Home Secretary? Telling you what she thinks the police might have done. Just where was SHE when this was going on?

    In the old days, Home Secretaries were made of sterner stuff...LOL. In 1911, Home Secretary Churchill showed up at the "Siege of Sidney Street" and personally directed the gunfire. He made sure the news cameras saw it too. Now there is REAL political posturing. And he got a bullet through his top hot for his trouble.

  9. I wonder what the feeble crew will do next? Shooting Oxbridge students is hardly a good PR stunt now is it. Although faux outrage at these atrocities to that concrete lump the Cenotaph, that ugly bit of bronze that commemorates that racist old soak, that ghastly abomination of a flag and of course not forgetting the august persons of the highnesses! These have kept the Daily Mail and the outraged of Royal Lemington Spa on side. No need to worry about the Murdoch press they were bought off long ago when Mr Coulson got that plum job with dave as his new best friend (apart from Cleeggums) and spin doc.

    It seems that “call me dave” is lining up that plum non-job at the EU, the foreign minister or whatever it is, that Catherine Ashton has at the moment, for his pet poodle Cleggums. Apparently the grape vine does not seem to think that he will win his Sheffield Hallam seat at the next election! Well there is a political legacy for you: the road map to liberalism....ha ha. That’s if he can hold his imploding party together that long. There is another wobble just round the corner.

  10. Yeah Danny... Seriously the police commissioner for London said it on radio. He said that his officers acted with restraint; that they were armed and that their job was to get their principals to their destination on time and safely... Cameron reiterated it.

    Personally I think that if they shot someone with the mood in the country the way it is the Clarence House would burn down.

    But you can never tell. There is a restraint about the Brits/English. Disabled kids were being hauled from their wheel chairs and yet nothing was done. Officers on horseback charged the crowd and nothing was done... who knows.

    Poor old Winston's top hat. Mind you, that took guts; more guts that Tessy Maynot has got. But then, in fairness, an aristocratic voice could clam the rioting mob in these days, added to which Winnie was a great communicator if he was nothing else.

  11. It’s all gone horribly wrong for David hasn’t it.

    “I know the British People” he said with such arrogance at his conference... and then proceeded to tell us that they would all pull together to get the country out of the mess that so very few rich people had got it into...although he left off that last bit.

    I remember thinking at the time... which particular British people are these then Dave? None of the ones I know.

    And there you are 6 months later with riots all over England their England... So how well did you know them Dave, you prat?

    And as for Clegg; that’s some achievement. To be the country’s most popular politician just 6 months ago. To have a mania named after you.... Cleggmania!

    And then to find yourself, as deputy prime minister, in danger of losing your seat... Jeez... and packed off to Brussels to do a job thought fit only for a halfwit... How the mighty are fallen.

    Well hell mend you Clegg. I liked you; I thought you would bring humanity to the Tories’ policies. Instead you find yourself to be the poodle of a man who is the poodle of another man... How far down the pecking order can you get?

    Still unlike other people who are useless at what they do for a living, you will have the good fortune to go to another country with a job that pays a third of a million a year and no real responsibility.

    But you went to Westminster School and Oxford University. I should have known that you wouldn’t end up down the dole! (slang for social security Danny)

  12. So the police are going to use the same brutality on the English as they have previously reserved for the Irish? Originating from Ireland, all I see is a haze of hypocrisy. Jolly decent my arse Boris, your corrupt government has been brutalising people for over half a century, just not so much on the mainland.

    People will tolerate a LOT more though, if we're using Northern Ireland as a model. People will become FEARFUL and the rich and middle classes regard the violence as necessary to keep the urban poor from rising up with violence of their own. The mainstream media will excuse violence against ANYONE to ensure the continuity of the dominant culture, and children will die at the hands of police officers.

  13. Tip re poll if one stands up or tips screen forwards the background lightens allowing the script to show up better.

  14. 'Could' should be 'should!'

  15. It would be a proud moment for Call me Nikdave if they could create the same sort of fear and disunity in England as there was in Ireland Laz.

  16. Good tip CH... Again I'm sorry about the black on blue... you can increase the size with the button at the bottom right....

  17. Maybe if I can find that invisible button!

    I suspect that we will have the army on the streets once the vat increase kicks in to protect the bankers and MPs from the anger of taxpayers and others. There are already a few hundred thousand people getting food handouts which is scandalous when the rich just keep getting richer.

  18. He would be elated if he could do that, I guess then he'd have to let that preacher in though... and that'd be about the only thing he's done that's decent if he tells the guy to fuck off.

  19. Oh sorry CH... I've got one; I thought everyone had :(

    VAT, heating bills; council cuts; interest rate increases soon; students' fees (England); school subsidies (England);

    I doubt they have enough army (also cut) to police the streets.

    Hell mend them...

  20. I hope he won't let the guy in Laz. I take no sides with religions, but I don't like stupid extremists of any kind, and this guy is a fruit loop. He thought it was a good idea to burn a Koran while American troops were in Afghanistand and iraq. Is his brain cell count in the negative? He's no place here.

    By the same token, why we have people like Abu Hamza al-Masri in this country is beyond me. There should be a power of deportment going on of people like that, and if they complain that they will be tortured in their own countries, we should put them on a plane and tell the that what's good tae gie's no ill tae tak. And you really should have thought of that before you started preaching religious hate. Now **** off!

  21. She discovered a job lot of boots in the Home Office when taking over from Jackboots Jaqui. Wonder what she did with the porn stash...

  22. Ahhhh, that's who she got them from. I suppose Jacqui wouldn't have had room for all her kinky gear in that shoebox she was repoterdly living in on top of her sister's wardrobe.

    The porn is with Mr Jacqui Smith. You'll find it under his bed, if you really want it.

    Second hand porn is a bit tacky though.... dontcha think?