Wednesday, 4 May 2011

ON MAY 5.....

For a better future: VOTE SNP and SNP.

And don't think we're so far ahead that YOUR vote doesn't count. We need you.

Indeed YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU to go out and vote SNP.

Can you imagine Subway Sam running, or rather running away from, the country.

Think Jackie Baillie at Health, Johanna Lamont at Communities, Andy Kerr running our budget, and worst of all, think Richard Baker in charge of anything at all, even the tea fund?

It doesn't bare thinking about. They rubbished all the SNP policies for 4 years and then, with only a few days to go, they only went and adopted them.

Between running into Subway and out of ASDA, Gray has made a lamentable job of attacking the Tories, who are not in power, and then concentrating on the "Crazy" idea of independence.

The "Crazy" idea of Scots running Scotland, with authority to raise taxes which are appropriate, pay pensioners enough to keep them from dying in the winter, and decide who we're going to war with... ?Yeah crazy if you're thinking Iain Gray. But not so daft with the SNP's team.

Oh, and Iain, it's the Scots people who will decide in a Referendum; not Alex Salmond, not you, not parliament, not even Auntie Annabel... US!

It doesn't bare thinking about having a bloke like Gray as first minister.

So, let's hope we Scots elect and SNP government tomorrow with a clear mandate to take us forward to a safer, fairer country... with Alex Salmond as First Minister.


  1. You've convinced me to vote SNP twice


    Yes for AV plus INDEPENDENCE so the ballot isn't spoiled.

  2. VOTE SNP TWICE. Sounds good to me.

    Agreed with Tris, the SNP needs the voters to come out and vote SNP.

    Good luck everyone.. I have taken Friday off so I can watch the results into the wee hours.

    My prediction on seats.

    SNP 54
    Lab 45
    Con 16
    Lib 9
    Green 4
    Margo 1

  3. Now that was a hard job talking YOU into it Cyncial. I deserve a holiday for that!! ;¬)))

    Let's go get them!!!!!

  4. Allan: that was a brilliant idea... predictions.

    OK... here we go.

    SNP 59
    Labour 40
    Con 17
    Liberal 6
    Green 6
    Margo 1

    Let's hope that the result is somewhere around that... have a great couple of days Allan...

  5. Tris.

    I hope your predictions are better than mine.

    Same to you Tris and enjoy the results when they come in.

  6. prediction

    the Union holds together the Nationalists are rejected by the good peoples of Scotland once again.

  7. I'm hoping for at least:

    SNP 57
    Labour 40
    Conservative 18
    Liberal 6
    Green 7
    Margo 1

    As long as Independence minded MSPs are in the majority I don't mind.

    I see the Lib Dems were out signing pledges to protect policing the other day. Hmmm....Lib Dems...Pledges... they really ought to know better!

  8. Got any seat predictions Niko?

  9. Munguin: If they are signing pledges, that means they know that they don't expect to be part of the government.

    They are full of that kind of nonsense when they know that they can sit on the sidelines and carp about other people's performances.

    A bit like Mr Assif and his 'certainly' wanting to fund everything.

  10. Thanks Allan. Hope springs eternal....

    There are some differences between our predictions but I see we all agree that that Margo party is only going to get one seat...!!

  11. PS Niko:

    PS: I have a trusty pair of British scissors here (made in China). Be afraid.....

  12. Prediction:

    SNP: 61
    Lab: 32
    Con: 18
    LibDem: 9
    Green: 8

    This assumes vote shares of:

    SNP: 45 constit/38 regional
    Lab: 27/25
    Con: 15/16
    LibDem: 10/9
    Green: 0/8

  13. Thanks Dean. The most yet for SNP... but much on a par for Tories.

    Off to stand on polling station now....

  14. It will be quite painless... You did get the anesthetics didn't you Conan?

  15. Still only one for Margo Dean?