Sunday, 29 May 2011


In August of last year David Cameron urged everyone to help rebuild the economy by taking our holidays in the United Kingdom. He said that the £115 billion tourist industry was fundamental to rebuilding the country.

That’s not an unreasonable request to make. Not only would this support the British hotel industry, it would also reduce the amount of UK money going abroad.

There is some excellent accommodation available in Britain and there are some interesting sites to see. The downside is that it is pretty expensive, but if you don’t mind splashing out on yourself it can be worth it.

I’ve always found holidaying in the UK to be too expensive. I can have a week in Paris for about half the price of a week in London. It is better suited, probably, to the likes of Cameron, who won’t have to count the pennies.

So Mr Cameron duly took a summer holiday in Kernow, where his child was born. Perhaps, mind, he was persuaded in his decision by the fact that it might have been unwise for Mrs C to fly when she was close to giving birth.

There was further proof that Mr Cameron was heeding his own advice when he cancelled his plans to spend his Christmas holiday with an old school friend, the prime minister of Thailand, on, it is believed, the advice of Mr Coulson, who thought it might look a bit elitist. The advice didn’t get as far as Mr Osborne next door, who took his break at Davos!

However, it seems that Mr Cameron has decided that, after all the English tourist trade can do without him for just now, because twice this year, although there were, I have no doubt, perfectly good accommodations in his native land, Mr Cameron has decided to fly out to Spain. Maybe their tourist industry is in an even worse state than England’s and in the spirit of generosity which Cameron clearly has (see the UK’s commitment to give a bigger proportion of GDP than any other country in the whole wide world), he has decided to support it instead of the home-grown one.

It could also be that the food is better and the weather better.

As a footnote to this, I’d also like to say that trying to look as if he is in sympathy with the “squeezed middle”, by taking the most uncomfortable and unpleasant flights with Easyjet or Ryanair, he just looks just plain silly. It’s good that he is not flashy about his wealth, but it is daft him trying to hide that he has it.

He reminds me of a guy who talks terribly posh, getting all guttural because he is in the company of common people. It’s false. And no one buys it.

We all know both the Camerons are rolling in money and that they could hire a Lear jet to take them on holiday and never notice the bill. And it’s not even that they don’t like luxury; they just spent £30,000 of ours doing up the Downing Street flat. My advice to him would be to take a mid range flight, business class. Or maybe even to be true to his word and take his holidays at Bognor!

Pics: David and Mrs C on a yacht off Turkey; George in Davos with a scarf that cost more than my whole holiday; and David with a saggy tummy and man boobs, ouch!


  1. I wish I had a figure like Call One Dave...

    ...his bank balance.


  2. You and me too Conan. Although I wouldn't want the other one.

    You still having trouble signing in?

  3. danish pastrie for my banana hoodie ?May 30, 2011 1:29 am

    What's with Gideon and the Yasser Arafat scarf ?
    He's not got mumps has he ?
    Or gone all ethnic on us.
    That's all we need. Our chancellor going bonkers while in charge of our dosh.
    Oh and Cast Iron has got bigger tits than my missus. Mind you anything you can't get into your mouth is just gash I suppose.

  4. Well I don't care what the moron is wearing... a party frock for all I care, I just wish he had some financial nous.

    Maybe banana boy, you could tone down the smutty bits please, on the basis that my mum reads this... ;¬)

  5. Denmark buys banana hoodies from Aberdeen councilMay 30, 2011 1:54 am

    oops sorry tris
    Will be more careful.
    Hi Mrs tris. Your son is doing very well and is an example to us all.
    You must be very proud !

  6. Hey Tris, I can talk posh if pushed. :)

  7. Never mind only three years to go! And counting.

    Then it will be an interesting exercise to see if England does indeed become the land of never ending Tory rule. Boy will we all be able to have a real good belly laugh at the stupid things they get up to down there, all the sweeter because it wont effect us at all.

  8. Goodness Subrosa. I thought that you takled posh as a matter of course.

    I'm trying hard to imagine someone with enough nerve to push YOU though, and failing badly!!


  9. It's the thought of that that keeps me going through ever more bad news, Munguin. One day this bad news won't affect us....

  10. Thank you, Danish Hoodie Boy.