Monday 10 September 2012


Eat your heart out, Ryan


  1. WHIT?

    Nae sausage rolls!
    Nae wee dugs!
    How on earth is onybody supposed to know WHY their voting NO in 2014?

  2. Arbroath 1320 you'll have to ketchup.

  3. Hmmmm don't ask me. Ask Dennis how he managed to not mention anything like that. I though he was a man of the people.

  4. It's hot dugs you put ketchup on, not wee dugs...CH. You should know that.

  5. Maybe his wee dug was hot Tris in which case C.H. is right to point out that I missed out on the ketchup. :lol:

  6. One of the Queens wee dugs called 'Monty' passed away the other day. It was a secret wee dug....

  7. I think you may be moving into the realms of fantasy there Arbroath...

  8. Are you trying to tell me, Monty, that you are actually one of Her Majesty's wee dugs?

    If you are you should stay well clear of Arbroath. She seems to have a desire to put ketchup on you or your likes.

    Although as a corgi you won't find it difficult to 'lie low' or 'keep your head down'! boom boom!

  9. I can't divulge my secrets tris. I'd prefer to be covered in fruity HP sauce. Never really liked ketchup ;)

  10. That's it Tris, your TRUE identity is out for all to see now, isn't that right BASIL? :lol:

    How's this for yet MORE proof that the union is falling apart?
    As we all know the Empire is dead. Unfortunately, for most, if not all historians, that TRUTH about what happened during the "days of Empire" will never be known.

  11. Ye gads Monty. You think we're made of money here...?

  12. There are some tales of horror Arbroath.

    George Orwell, I think it was, who wrote about his days as a policeman in Burma and some of the atrocities that were committed, or the sheer disrespect of the colonisers for customs of countries which they had invaded and taken over. Refusing to take shoes off in temples was one. They said that British people didn't show respect for heathen gods...

    The banishment of sparse populations in Canada, America, Australia and new Zealand to "reservations" where the soil was poor and nothing would grow, is almost unbelievable given some of the things that Brits have to say now about people "coming over here taking our jobs".

    Mind it seems to me that I heard that during the war they moaned that the Americans were over here taking their women. Someone it seems is always taking something from Brits.

    But at least they don't take the whole of the country and banish us to Rockall, or worse still Milton Keynes.

    I've never, even as a little boy, been impressed with the idea that we should be proud of the empire.

    And it's not as if the rape of these countries for mineral wealth or spices or whatever did much good to the ordinary people of these islands. During that period the workers in Glasgow (the second city of the empire) were among the poorest in the whole of the UK, and that was saying something.

    On the other hand the merchants didn't half make themselves indecently rich.

  13. Oh gawd. Milton Keynes.
    How DO they get the milk from those darned cows?
    What does the milk from these cows taste like?
    I always thought the milk would be a wee bit too dusty for my liking!

  14. If you tried to milk them, you'd be stoned in the first place...

  15. Conan,

    have you any concrete evidence for that? I'll get my coat!

  16. I dunno.

    See trying to get any intellectual discourse out of yous lot...

    I feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall!

  17. That wouldn't be the brick wall "protecting" the concrete cows by any chance wold it Tris?

  18. It WOOD, Arbroath.

  19. Scott Minto (Aka Sneekyboy)September 11, 2012 2:39 pm

    I only looked at it because I was acutely aware of the pro independence failure to provide a positive message for the future of Wee dugs and sausage rolls in an independent Scotland...

    A waste of time...

  20. Just get plastered tris as the sore head will be worth it.

  21. Scott...welcome to the blog. I'm so very sorry you felt it was a waste of time...

    I'll try to run something positive on Wee dugs and wee sausage rolls next week...OK?

    And that is a promise...set in stone!


  22. Hmmm....


    Harl, harl, harl...