Saturday 8 September 2012


  1. This looks like it is building up to be quite an awesome occasion Tris. In fact if the weather "behaves" I think we could be totally amazed with the turn out. From what I know and seen there are busses going to Edinburgh from as far as Inverness in the North, Dumfries in the South and ALL points in between! Of course the unknown factor is the numbers attending from Edinburgh itself, those driving to Edinburgh for the event and those traveling by train. I think at the end of the day the only question is how many THOUSANDS will turn up.

    I reckon a fair or even sunny day will see sufficient numbers to give Westminster and the Bitter gang a SERIOUS headache! :lol:

  2. Oops!

    Looks like some one has spooked Barclays methinks.
    Makes you wonder WHY they are coming up with this suggestion now. It's not like it is what is generally referred to as rocket science to come up with a suggestion like this.

  3. tris

    Just wonder how many non snp will be bothered to man and his dog if they are lucky.
    The event will underscore just how one party and unrepresentative of the real wishes of Scottish people this referendum will be.

  4. I'm non-snp, I'll be along. And I never normally attend this sort of thing, its just not the done thing in my circles, a bit too demonstrative, in every sense.

    But I'm going because its important.

    The STV annual telethon was on last night, all proceeds to Scottish children loving in poverty, well you know what Osbourne said, we wouldn't be able to attain this level of prosperity with independence.

    What a massive arsehole he is.

  5. I hope to make it, and i'm not a SNP member. Hopefully my two grown up kids are coming too.
    I haven't been on a demonstration march since the '80's.

  6. What a heartening response there has been to this, Arbroath. When you consider the "blitz" that the "No No No" campaign had, and the pics they posted with, well, two or three people attending... this is going to be quite a day.

  7. I see no point in a new banking body, Arbroath. There is already an organisation in the UK that can deal with just doesn't bother. There's no reason to suppose that a new one, with more posh offices in "the City" and a pile of directors on ridiculous salaries, would be any more effective than the FSA.

    Just more jobs for the old boys.

  8. But it is not one party Niko. Labour already has a strong movement, and the Liberals do too, although clearly their membership is small reflecting the fact that they are pretty unpopular.

    No one in the Tories seems to dare to defy Ruth, but that may be because they are feirt that she'll kick box them into a corner, rather than they don't want an independence group in their party.

    Clearly already the Greens and the Socialists are independence parties.

    Are you taking Taz?

  9. 'Children loving in poverty'

    Of course I meant living. Saturday morning sausage fingers.


  10. Ha ha Pa...Bless old Gideon... BOOOOOOOOO.

    (I see btw the Jeff Breslin thinks that its not right for people to boo these Tories when they trot off to the Paralympics, and when I tried to explain why I thought it was quite reasonable, I was slapped down.)

    Yes, it is important to show Cameron and Miliband. I hope the Labour contingent will be there in numbers with a red banner to show Lamont.

    I just hope we get a decent day for it.

  11. Hey Juteman...

    That's the kind of emotion it stirs in people. I think there will be many who haven't been on demos for the longest time, because there hasn't been anything that they felt strongly enough about to demonstrate for.

    Now suddenly they see that they could live the rest of their lives in a better country: one where they have real say in how it is run, and that has stirred them.

    No one could reasonably claim that the SNP haven't done a fair job of running the country, but independence is not about the SNP. (In my opinion they are just the best hope of us getting independence, and a vote for the other independence parties in my constituency is a wasted vote that might help Labour to victory.)

    I hope it will be a day to remember... and one that will make it very clear to Cameron that he is up against a formidable force.

  12. tris

    22nd of September


    yeah1 will do bigger post on me blog later

    Taz will be locked up all day on the 22nd i know where the little traitors loyaltys are

  13. LOL Yes, Pa, I realised that.

    Actually it is shocking to read of how many people are going to bed hungry at nights. For a while I was involved in a food bank in Dundee, providing basic foods for people who couldn't afford them, and the claims on its services are rising enormously.

    Teachers say that kids can't concentrate because they are hungry.

    And it can only get worse as they press ahead with ANOTHER £10 billion savings from the welfare budget.

    Kids are going hungry, people with no chance of finding jobs are being persecuted for being unemployed, the sick are being tortured by ATOS, and Pensioners are next as they look at bus passes and winter fuel allowances.

    Q: What kind of scum targets these groups of people while insisting on reducing the tax rate for the very riches and spending hundreds of millions on a jubilee for one of the richest women in the world?

    A: The Tories.

  14. Taz could come along with me, Niko, and be the independence mascot. I can see him with a blue and white Saltire rosette.

    If you don't let him come I'll report you to the SSPCA!!!

  15. Agreed Tris.

    But we also have to remember, the tories are merely carrying on from where labour left off, aided and abetted by the libdems.

    Which is why its a no brainer in 2014.

  16. Yes, that's true Pa, but I almost forgot that they are different parties.

    Once Tony $ Blair and his Grace The Noble Lord Meddlesome got his hands on the party, they became as blue as a blue rinse.

    That's why I can't understand Niko wanting anything to do with them, unless he thinks that they will revert to being socialists once they no longer have to pander to the needs of the stockbroker belt.

    It kind of reminds me of the similarities that Danny has described to me between the Republicans in the likes of Maine or Vermont and the Democrats in states like Louisiana and Mississippi ...

    By the same token that means that there is a world of difference between the Democrats (or the Republicans) in the North and South of the USA.

    I think Taz knows the truth.

  17. Re foodbanks Tris.
    I'm just back from a Tesco in Dundee, and the foodbank guys had a stall at the entrance. I dropped a bag off on the way out.

    If anyone wonders about the NuLabour politics, just cast your mind back to THAT photo. Meddlesome, Osbourne and Rothschild holidaying together on a wee rowing boat in the Med.

  18. Excellent Juteman.

    It's appalling that they need to do this work, but it is heart warming that they DO do it.

    It is the real big society at work, but not Cameron's big society. It was operating long before that fool came along.

    The stores are very good, to be fair. When I approached Morrisons, with £200 to spend on food, they said that they would make a £50 addition to it.

    Tesco (which I normally hate) allows them to collect outside the store, and Asda are very community minded. They gave me many hundreds of pounds worth of stuff for a charity project I was working on a few years ago, which helped people in their first month back at work after a period of unemployment...

    The Labour party sold their soul for power in England. I wonder if Lamont is comfortable with their right of centre stance on things... bombs, war, killing, nuclear weapons, bankers' bonuses, cutting help to the elderly and the sick and unemployed...

    It's just so NOT Scottish Labour.

    Sure they have always been self serving...and pretty incompetent (given that their areas are still as dirt poor as they were 80 years ago, despite all the wealth that the UK created) but at least they were against cutting poor people's money, against the bomb, anti nuclear weapons.

  19. I think that with the Tories you get what you see... They are a party of the rich, for the rich, about the rich.

    They make the odd pretence to care about poor people in a sort of Noblesse Oblige style, but you know that Hug and Hoodie, and getting down with the black boys, or talking and apparently listening to the Asda girls are just an act before the election.

    But Labour, by its very name is supposed to be for the working person. They should be done under the Trades Description Act. They should be called "Bankers"...

    erm with a B...erm maybe.

  20. BLITZ, Tris.
    You mean there has been a BLITZ and I MISSED it! Oh no what am I to do?
    Ach wait a minute I'm going to Edinburgh on the 22nd, perhaps there might be something on then that I can go and see. :lol:

    Funny I was thinking along these lines about the "new" proposed body by Barclays when I put the link up Tris. Just another posh boys club with posh boys salaries AND bonuses doing nothing all day and letting the banks off with murder, AGAIN, if it ever happens.

  21. It really is enough to make a grown man weep. A country discovers oil, and folk need food hand outs.
    And it could be you next.
    I'm getting the train on the 22nd so i can sample the delights of Edinburra without the car. :-)

  22. Oh...did you miss the Blitz? Yeah? Well, so did I.

    I wet along to see it and, ....there it wasn't!

    At least in Dundee it was not a huge success, although that could be down to the fact that it was going to be on Saturday and then the changed it to Sunday, but they forgot to change the date on the notifications.

    Sunday afternoon is not a bad time for something like that. The town is usually busy, But I went along at the back of three and...nothing!

  23. I trust our national broadcaster will be there filming it live throughout the day on the TV and various radio stations to show impartiality!

  24. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...

    You're funny Cynical...

  25. LOL That's brilliant.

    It's all very well saying it wasn't his fault, but he shouldn't have his feet outside the car when it's in Drive!

    I expect he'll claim it all on expenses anyway, so we'll end up picking up the bill.

  26. He might have been picking up Niko for a better together meeting. Mind he looks the kind of bloke you wouldn't want to be alone with, even if you were a goldfish.

  27. Another thought. He didn't have his foot on the accelerator, he was trying to stop, but it did all that damage?????

    I don't think so.

  28. It#'s true though Juteman... Oil rich countries usually don't have kids with distended bellies...

  29. There's a flock of sheep outside my garden. Are the No campaigners holding a rally up here, Niko? One of them is a Bob Hoskin's look-alike!!

  30. Are there any goats there, John?