Saturday 22 September 2012


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  1. just say NO you know it makes sense

    1. Yes Niko and the campaign that used that soundbite in the first place was a rip roaring success lol.

  2. A real march not like the snp pretendy one

    Barcelona was a sea of red and yellow Catalan flags as more than 1.5 million people brought the city to a standstill on Tuesday at a mass rally called to demand independence for the Spanish region.

    The planned route was already filled with demonstrators before the march began, in what marked a watershed for the hitherto marginal independence movement.

    At least one train and more than 1,000 coaches had been chartered to bring supporters to the march.

    and now the snps pretendy one

    Lothian and Borders later said an estimated 5,000 attended the march and rally. Leading figures in the event claimed the total was around 10,000.

    H! WOW All of 10,000 when asked how come there wasn't more people
    Alex said that was all the malcontents they could find.

    and they cost the snp most of the money they had in donations.
    Blinking eck get more people at a football match.

    People will not be voting yes in 2014 for any particular party or government. This is a referendum, not a parliamentary election.

    No this is a one party snp state a vote for them is a vote to the end of Democracy in Scotland.

  3. I was there today, nice to see the Catalans, Basques and the Veneti in colourful solidarity.

  4. Conan

    yeah! shame was not many Scots who arent members of the snp bothered to turn up.

    Mind we Unionist organised a stop at home day on the 22nd sep 2012 looks to me we won

  5. from the BBC

    Lothian and Borders Police estimated that about 5,000 people took part in the march and rally.

    5,000 numbers going down good old dependable BBC the voice of the Union

  6. C.H. Niko is the one hiding behind the butcher's apron.

    Is it really true that Niko and his wee pal were the half time comedy interlude?

    Oh, by the way Ryan's back folks.

    I think I've uncovered the unionist "secret" song that must be sung whilst doing the funny handshake.

  7. Now wish I had gone, but alas double -booked today. Good turnout, far greater than I had anticipated. Will go next year, even if I have to be wheeled around.

  8. I think this one photo is all we need to DISPROVE the "only 3,000" claims by the Bitter camp. :D

    I've also found the song the unionists sing when they do their funny handshakes.

  9. I was there and it was a fine day. The Ross Theatre was chock-full with the same again between it and the Princes Street fence, there was probably half as many on either side. Since the theatre area has a seated capacity of 2000 and folk were bunched up standing, I'd estimate it was at least 5000.

    In any case, its a good bit more than turned up at the better together/no road show two or three weeks ago.

    It was nice to be around like minded folk for a change.

  10. Also, a group put a union flag up the back, the police moved quickly to take it down to good natured cheers & laughter from the crowd.

    There was nothing swivel-eyed about any of it, it was a good crowd of decent people making their feelings known, no exstremist stuff and no bother.

  11. extremist?

    Yup, thought that didn't look right...


  12. ye!p a damp damp dampy squib

    still with two years to go the nats might just might make it up to 7 or even 8000.

  13. I'll give this one more try.
    I've tried to post this about two or three times already but it never appears so here goes one last time.

    Here's the latest estimate that I've seen about today's march and rallyu.

    Here's a wee video about the "defend the union at all costs" protest today.

    If this post doesn't go up THIS time then I give up, honestly. :(

  14. Niko's at the back. He had to stop at every tree!

  15. Supporters all over the world for independence Conan. Many people have said they will come back if we gain independence.

    Many young Canadians with Scottish ancestry looking to offer their talents for Scotland's future.

  16. Niko... you don't half blether when Taz isn't there to keep an eye on things

  17. That sounds like unionists Niko... a Stay at home day and do sod all bout what the Tories are doing to us.

    Well done the unionist side.

    That's why we're in this mess. Too many people for too long stayed at home and did nothing!

  18. Hmmm did it ever occur to you that the BBC lie Niko. It must have been that old dear, what's her name. You know the red head with the freckles.... Mary Marquis who did the estimate.

    I can see the SoS... If you tell the truth about how many people there were, there will be no licence fee increase for 10 years.

  19. Come with us next year Marcia... :)

  20. Pa... It's brilliant that it was so good natured.

    The only arrests were some EDF people... dunno what they were there for... no, wait a minute, I do.

  21. Ah yes Niko. You may be confusing today's event with the 'Big Bang Weekend' that Butter Your parsnips held, when only half a dozen people turned up at each of the stalls, which only appeared to be open for 15 minutes.

  22. LOL great one, CH.

    I see that Ms Lamont's still saying nothing.

  23. 9,500... seems reasonable Arbroath...

  24. Nice video of the only trouble at all at the march, Arbroath... and that was caused by Brit nationalists provoking trouble.

  25. O.K. folks here's the s**** from tday's march and rally.

    Tris, is that Niko, hiding behind the tree on the phone to the "masses" of Bitter together supporters at the rally?

    Now we've got the s**** out of the way you can all enjoy the rest.

  26. Tris can you check your spam box or moderation box? I put a post up earlier and, like a few of my other posts today it seems to have gone AWOL!

    It was posted around 10 p.m.
    I can't be bothered digging out all the links again,

  27. I'll look into it Arbroath. Although the same thing happened with CH and there was nothing in the spam box...

  28. True Alex... They aren't quick learners though!!

  29. Found them lurking in the spam, Arbroath.

    I'm really sorry.

    I have no idea how that happened.

    Sorted now though...