Wednesday 19 September 2012


Richard Desmond, owner of 'The Daily Star' is also part owner of 'The Irish Daily Star', whose editor has been suspended over the publication of pictures of Kate Middleton in a less than fully dressed situation.

Mr Desmond has said angrily, that had he been the outright owner and had had full control of editorial policy, the paper would never have published the pictures.

Now you might have concluded from this that our Mr Desmond has a deep 'respect' for William and Kate. But if you did, you would have been wrong.

You see, as well as owning 'The Daily Star', 'The Daily Express and Channel 5 Television  Richard also owns a number of tv stations whose programmes, or rather delectations are not listed in in 'Radio Times'.

After a great deal of publicity in the aforementioned 'Daily Star', two of these channels chose to celebrate last year's royal wedding by showing "A Royal Romp".

You could be forgiven for assuming that this was an appropriate mark of respect on a day of celebrations all over England. You may imagine that the programme was an account of members of the family on a horseback, galloping across their vast estates. But if you did, once again you would be wrong.

"A Royal Romp" actually featured a character called Kate Fiddleton in the business of consummating of her marriage with lookalikes of Wills and Harry, while lookalikes of the Queen and Charles looked on. Tasteful, huh?

And just to make sure that no-one missed the show, it was repeated the next day...
However, Dirty Dicky Desmond is not the only tabloid proprietor to be caught displaying double standards.

Mr Murdoch's 'Sun' commented on the 'Irish Daily Star's' decision to print the pictures, saying: "Prince William's wife is entitled to feel fury and disgust at these low life rags printing pictures of her topless".

A wee bit odd that they should have forgotten that only two weeks before they felt within their rights, indeed justified, to show pictures of Prince Harry's arse, saying that it was "a crucial test of the freedom of the press" and that it was absurd that in the days of the internet that 'Sun' readers with no access to a computer should de denied the opportunity to engage in the 'national conversation'... (so the sub heading on the above pic is not entirely accurate or truthful, is it?). 

Yep, that's the what the national conversation was about... Harry's bum, or at least so reckons the Sun, oddly around the time that Hillsborough was about to explode in their faces.


  1. tris

    the things you do for a Knighthood/Lordship etc

    "Prince William's wife is entitled to feel fury and disgust at these low life rags printing pictures of her topless"
    (before we did the Bastards)

  2. I don't see anyone at the Sun getting a title, do you Niko...?

    But your defo right about the "before we did" bit!!!

  3. Id rather poke me eye out with pointy stick than look at the royal nibble.

    Although me wife the ultra royalist made me finf it on the interwebby so she could have a peek...
    and the condemn the photographer afterwards. to my cry of hypocrite she just said rubbish!

  4. oh i dunno bet the sun has been keeping something back to fire off if and when it goes all Broken arrow on them

  5. Yes. Like everyone who is outraged by it. They've all had a look so they can shake their heads and say that it's an invasion of privacy.

    Someone actually sent them to me from America. Of course I can't say who, because Danny would throttle me if I let on...

    Out of politeness I looked at them (but then, I'm not outraged at their printing), and guess what, becoming 'royal', and becoming 'high' doesn't appear to do anything to bristols. They just look exactly the same as normal human's bits!

    Even more surprisingly, Harry's backside seems to be pretty much the same as any other backside. And they told me these people were better than us.

    I expected at least Kate would have three... still, give her time.

    Don't poke your eye out, Niko. There are lots of other things you can do with a pointy stick...

  6. He he... maybe they have. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds, so why not?

  7. Whatever happened to the old adage of "Don't do anything that you might later regret!"

    Oops I forgot that adage only works for us mere mortals and as we all know the Royals are not Royals but in fact GODS!

    What worries me is that THESE royals, sorry Gods, are the FUTURE of House of Windsor. Gawd help us!

  8. I know Arbroath. On the day they get crowned, it's all we'll be thinking of...

  9. Oh please Tris don't say that. I've just been relaxing with a wee beer at home. Now I'm thinking I need to rush for the basin!

  10. Och, sorry Arbroath.


  11. LOL CH... that Monty's taking a big chance. All it needs is for Billy to be reading the blog tonight, and he's in court tomorrow.

  12. I don't know why there is such a furore over the French bringing us topless Royals.

  13. tris / cynical...ha ha I wish it was a scoop. I'd be rich lol. I 'borrowed' the pic from grandad at head rambles.

    I've just watched Scotland Tonight and then Newsnight Scotland. Like chalk and cheese. Both had Jimmy Shand at the end though . Interesting.

  14. I don't know what Billy you are talking about but this one is not interested in the Royals - They are just a part of the Illuminati secret society scum who are ripping off the ordinary people of this country and world and yet you get the people who are too stupid realize this and who idolize these jumped-up numpties.

    Apart from that I think their wealth should be redistributed back to the people who need it and the royals given the jobs no one else wants to do. It will do them good and let them know what is is like in the real world and save us having to bring in a few hundred immigrants to do the work.

  15. Its a farce from top to bottom as our corrupt establishment fight amongst themselves over decency. I popped a Greek Sculptor with its 'naughty bits' blanked out into Caron's blog on her angst against p3 pics agreeing with her fight, its still in the basement out of sight.

    I hear that Sky TV will be covering Sat's March to Freedom so be on your best behaviour you lucky devils.

  16. Good weather and SKY T.V. what more could we ask for?

    Oh, I know the BBC to turn up so we can ALL ask them if they are going to report the TRUTH or THEIR version of the TRUTH!

  17. Thanks Tris....for keeping my secret about having some of the pictures....LOL.

    With all the royal outrage about the matter, has it occurred to any of them that one solution would be to just keep your clothes on in public?

    It certainly didn't take very long for the self-serving opportunist to start shedding bitter tears over the loss of her precious "privacy." Royals deserve all the scorn and embarrassment we commoners can heap on them. An American view of course.

  18. I see that the pictures are now going to be published in Sweden and Denmark too.

    Another opportunity to view and be outraged over the shocking invasion of privacy. So why did the royals just go after the French publication? Not the Irish, the Italians, the Swedes, or the Danes? Is there some special bad blood between the royals and the French?

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  20. Ha ha, Arbroath, Brilliant.

  21. Aye Monty... but they'll still be after you. Watch out for a letter in a very classy envelope inviting you to defend yourself at the Tower of London Court!

  22. Nah, Billy, I didn't mean you, I meant Prince Bill.

    That's a great idea though. The jobs that no one else wants. Hmmm. I don't think there's enough royals to go around though. They may have to work double shifts!

  23. Yep, CH. Barclays fixing Libor and fiddling us all out of billion... a few days minor irritation. Someone snapping some girl who's parents were rich enough to get her into the same year on the same course as Willie and the bomb goes up.

    And apparently nice William wants the person who took the photographs jailed...

    The "off with her head" habit of of his ancestors appears to be alive and well.

    I don't think Caron sees statues or paintings of nudes in quite the same way as page three girls. Although I'm damned if I can see the difference.

  24. I'm pretty sure, Arbroath, that the BBC will cover it in the "Mrs MrGinty's cat got stuck up a tree" section of Reporting Scotland. They will probably use footage of a few protesters against the match wearing union jack tammies and report that a few dozen madmen with their faces painted blue and white were in Edinburgh (they don't like saying "the capital"... that's London for them) but were outnumbered by people flying the union flag and shouting "God Save David Cameroooon" (and please could they put up the licence fee; a freeze on benefits is ok, but surely saving the country money shouldn't extent to highly paid executive and stars!!!!!)

  25. Er yeah, hmmm, sorry about that Danny. It just slipped know how it is.

    If anyone hasn't seen them (the photographs I mean), for a small fee I could email them.

    I'm not gonna put them on the blog. Katies' parents might come after me armed with party poppers and fire crackers.

  26. I think they somewhat stupidly decided the sue in France because French privacy laws are very strict. They were bound to win there, but it was stupid because it has kept the whole thing in the public eye for much longer and it won't have discouraged anyone else from publishing.

    There is no point in doing this in Sweden or Denmark, as they are pretty open countries. I reckon a court would throw this kind of thing out.

    That said, the English and the French seem to have been at war forever, and pretty much dislike each other.

    The royals are by tradition obliged to learn French, firstly because it was the international language of diplomacy until 1918, when your lot got involved and made everyone speak American. (They move with the times, but very very slowly.)

    And secondly, of course, because a part of their Empire speaks French. I've heard a few of them speaking the language and they seem to go out of their way to ignore the rhythm and cadences of the language. It's quite funny to listen to.

    The French don't like them either. They despise their food, their sense of fashion and their stuffiness about sex. In frnace they say that it is possible to eat well in England, but only if one takes breakfast three times a day.

    They also call custard "la sauce anglaise", because they reckon that it is the only sauce the English can cook.

    God knows what they think of Haggis, tatties and Neeps!!!

  27. Just found this on the BBC World news site.

    "Thousands of protesters have laid seige to the French, Danish and Swedish Embassies in London this morning over pictures published in magazines and papers circulated within their respective countries.

    Royalist agitators chanted 'Down with this sort of thing!' and 'Middleton's Mam's are not up for grabs' as others tried to gain access to embassy staff to register their deep unhappyness about things.

    One protestor BBC royal Correspondent Chris Areola spoke to said, 'These are British mammaries, they belong to the British people, we pay for them so they're ours, only we should be able to see them!'

    A spokesman for the royal couple said 'We where contacted in advance of the publication of pictures including Kate and William but misunderstood the editors when they said they'd be printing images of a couple of fairly useless tits.'

    Johann Lamont was unavailable for comment."

    I may have made this up.

  28. pa_broon74

    Johann Lamont was unavailable for comment because she thought that one of the fairly useless tits the royal spokesman was referring to was her!

  29. Price of the free society is that you don't have the right not to be offended.

    So while I am pleased that British papers are abstaining from publishing these tasteless pics, I do think St. James Palace is over reacting slightly.

  30. I couldn't give a toss (quite literally) about Kates breasts, my spelling on the otherhand...

    Oh dear.

  31. Well, the pictures were certainly not very good porn. If I hadn't found them free on the internet, I would probably have asked for my money back. The funny part was how the royals came absolutely unglued about this. And they are so happy about the French verdict as the pictures are seen and published around the world. A warning to the papers and magazines in the future I guess, the next time the royals disrobe in public in view of a passing photographer.

    I was half way through pa_broon74's report before I discovered he was joking. The name of the BBC Royal Correspondent was the tip off. I loved the idea of the famously polite and reserved Brits taking to the streets with the angry cry of "Down With This sort Of Thing."

    Interesting about the royals speaking French Tris. I'd heard the Queen speaking French, but it didn't really sound like she was doing it right. And I'm not really sure that the President of France actually understood her.

  32. Ha ha... Brilliant Pa...

    ...But I hope you didn't make it up. Kate and William and Mr and Mrs Middleton are in litigious mode and may be looking for your head on a plate next.

    The what would Johann Lamont say...

    Oh yeah, silly question...

  33. I doubt if any of the royal aids have even heard of her, Billy. I'm not sure her boss, Mr Miliband, even knows who she is.

  34. Hello Dean my lad. How are you and long tome no hear.

    Did you get my email about someone pimping your site "New Right">

    Yes, of course the pictures are tasteless, but that's the kind of world we live in. Money is more important than good manners, indeed it is more important than anything.

    I wonder if any of the British press will publish. After all they seemed to have little problem publishing Harry bottom and he's a proper royal; as prince Andy would say, a "blood" royal (some of the rest of us might say a "bloody" royal.

  35. I have to admit, Danny, I was some way into Pa's report before I realised what he was up to! He's a droll one. (You should read his blog "Fazzeldown".)

    There's a funny story about a luncheon at Buck House. Prince Charlie was sitting between Helmut Kohl, German Chancellor and François Mitterrand, French President. Chancellor Kohl speaks English quite well, but Mitterrand has poor English so he asks Charlie to translate a little plaisanterie fr the chancellor.

    He starts off... 'Il y avait une fois un vieux savant...' (once upon a time there was a wise old man), but Charlie thinks he has heard 'Il y avait une fois un vieux savon'

    So he translates for Kohl: Once there was an old SOAP!


  36. LOL @ Tris: Very good! You multilingual guys have great jokes. Of course you always have to explain them to us Americans. :-)

  37. Now now Danny, I remember you telling me that you have some French from your Canadian teacher!