Sunday, 23 September 2012


Alan performed this on Saturday. I think a few people were chattering through the beginning parts but they soon stopped and listened... and well worth it it was too. There's a recorded version on Youtube, as he says, but the live one is better in my opinion.


  1. Excellent.

    How many people would STILL vote Britain AFTER hearing this, not too many I think.

    Perhaps this should be "REQUIRED" reading and spread throughout the land.

    Who needs politicians going on and on and on about this, that or the other when you can pull it ALL together into a piece like this. Don't forget there are quite a number of "items" that were NOT mentioned in the piece that could, may be SHOULD, also be included.

    For example:
    a) attacking the unemployed.
    b) attacking the infirm.
    c) attacking the disabled.
    d) REGIONAL pay.
    e) 16,000 FEWER police officers in England.
    f) Privatising the N.H.S.
    g) CUTTING firemen numbers by 800 in London.
    h) CUTTING fire stations by 25% in London.
    i) ONE party system.
    j) SNOUTS in parliamentary troughs.
    k) UNELECTED members of HoL.

    I think that'll do for starters. :D

  2. I think this should be required reading or listening too, Arbroath...

    Let's try to get it as widely dispersed as possible.

  3. I wonder if Johann actually exists except at lunch time on Thursday...

    Come on Labour, wake up. Stop taking your orders from London where the only way that you can get power is for Red Ed to start praising Thatcher. Take up the baton of a true Labour party in Scotland.

  4. Thursday Johann's day off Tris.

    The rest of the week she is too busy digging escape holes in her underground rabbitesque warren. This is the reason also that she NEVER appears in front of the camera or MSM to chastise ANY Labour councillor, M.P. or M.S.P.

    Whilst digging NO ONE is able to get in contact with her. This is why she repeats her questions at F.M.Q.'s, she was unable to receive London's written instructions on how to proceed should Alex Salmond answer her first question.

    By the way Tris, you ARE aware that there is no such thing as the Labour party any more aren't you?
    We are all living in a ONE party state, at least as far as Westminster is concerned. The one party is off course the Tory party. The ONLY choice you have is the party colour. Do you vote RED Tory, YELLOW Tory or even BLUE Tory!

  5. Ah that's what she's doing, is it. She's lucky our environment department isn't engaging in a badger kill. If she were in England she'd likely be shot.

    Yes yes, I know, I know. But I'm a bit stuck in my ways. I long for the good old days when there were three parties, and there could be again in Scotland.

    Labour, The National Party and Murdo's Men. Without the SE of England, Labour could return to being what it used to be all about on the left. The National Party broadly in the centre (towards the left) and Mr Fraser's breakaway, No Longer the Nasty Party, right of centre.

    * * * * *
    Did you get my message about the spam. I'm really sorry, I have absolutely no idea why you were put there. You must have annoyed Mr Blogger.

  6. Sorry Tris, I missed it. So much going on over on your last topic you know. :D

    However, I did assume that something had been resolved because after your message went up I appear to have been able to post links without any problem, THANKS! :D

  7. Sorry for going O/T Tris but I've just posted this over on Wings.

    Sorry for going O/T Stu but I’ve found this over on NNS.
    I also apologise IN ADVANCE if my language doesn’t quite come up to scratch on this either, I’m utterly DISGUSTED by the actions of this alleged politician!

    This slime ball MUST be drawn over the hot coals by Lamont. Failure to do so is just TOTALLY INEXCUSABLE! Lamont is “allegedly” the leader of the Scottish Labour party, although no one REALLY believes this. There have been an innumerable number of slurs and personal attacks on Alex Salmond and NOT ONE has been withdrawn NOR has Lamont berated the imbecile responsible.

    Now I know that personal attacks by various political parties are all part of the “game.” However, for ANYONE to use the deaths of 96 INNOCENT victims in a PERSONAL attack on the First Minister is utterly despicable. This scum bag MUST be made to make a PUBLIC apology to EACH of the 96 families of the 96 victims of Hillsborough AND to the F.M. He should further be made to PUBLICLY apologise to the WHOLE of the Scottish Parliament for bringing their name into disrepute!

    This is NOT McMahon’s FIRST step into gutter attacks. He Tweeted an attack on Kenny MacAskill using the 77 victims of the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik.

    In a tweet, McMahon claimed that Breivik would have been given only a “few hundred hours community service” by the SNP Minister.

    Where does this dingbat get off using the grief of others to attack a Scottish government minister?

    As usual there will be NOTHING about the DISGRACEFUL behaviour of this “individual” either on BBC nor in the MSM. Questions MUST be asked as to WHY none of these organisations is prepared to report or even highlight such disgusting and unsavoury behaviour from an M.S.P. These people are allegedly supposed to be OUR representatives. Well I for one do not want this individual in ANY position of responsibility with regard to representing me, my region OR my country!

    Once again I apologise Stu for the language I have used here in this post. :(

  8. People should check out the report on the march on the BBC's 'news' website.

    The very last line is an interesting one.

    I'm not big on BBC bias, sometimes I think we can be a wee bit over-sensitive, but I think this is a prety good example of exactly the kind of complaints people have.


  9. I followed pa_broons link to BBc and noticed there is an even more obvious bias- that is of the total lack of any mention of Allan Grogan and Labour for Indy. Considering how powerful his speech was, this is truely a blatent bias!!

  10. I left a link where it will be most appreciated...

  11. Arbroath

    I've only one word to say to that idiot.


    Lamont needs to tell him that as he seems to have a very short memory, he should read up on the creeping that Labour has done to Murdoch, flying all over the world at his bidding and becoming part of his family.

    And while we are on it, Boris the Haystack is busily using the Dirty Digger to put Dave down and get himself made leader of the Tory party.

    He's an obnoxious bruiser, clearly upset by all the attention that Mitchell is getting and in competition to see if he can be even more repugnant... and at the moment I think they are at neck and neck.

  12. It's a pity that they couldn't have bothered to find out, Pa, that the people arrested were nothing to do with the march, but BNP people out to make trouble. I would have thought that was a good story.

    Clearly not.

    You may be right that we see slights everywhere though. Clearly some people like that Johnson chappie, think that the BBC is pro SNP...

    Ho Hum.

  13. Not being one who will stand up and defend the BBC, I have to say that the last line is accurate, up to a point.

    Under any NORMAL set of circumstances a report like this would have delved deep into who the two people were, where they came from and what organisations they were members/supporters of.

    In THIS case nothing. Kinda makes you think what the BBC were afraid of. Surely they are not afraid that reporting the unionist leanings of the BNPesque supporters who were arrested might lead to questions being asked of the Bitter campaign about why they are allowing BNPesque supporters to be part of their campaign?

    I wonder what Murphy has to say about the presence of the BNPesque supporters at the rally on Saturday. Oops I forgot he doesn't have ANYTHING to say, just following his "leader's" example then!

  14. The Dundee Courier reports that the weekend has seen a double blow to the SNP. With a disappointing turn out at “their” Edinburgh rally and a poll showing that primary four pupils in Perth mostly want to stay in the UK! This from a “newspaper” that last Thursday managed to print exactly the same story, word for word, on page two and page four complete with picture. Standards slipping? Well they are not the only thing, if it gets any thinner the only thing you will get for your 60 pence is a bitter feeling you’ve been swindled. Meanwhile its sister paper the Press and Journal likes to regale its readers with the delays that were experienced on the Piccadilly Line yesterday and when asked if this is really relevant to the people of Aberdeen says that a junior sub-editor has just come back from London and so it would be at least useful to him. As if you want to read about yesterdays delays that made you miss your train back to Scotlandshire! As for the Scotsman....well its printed in England now and has a circulation of slightly less than it reported turning up in Princes Street Gardens on Saturday, literally not worth the paper it’s printed on.

  15. Conan... I've just written this on the Telegraph. It may be taken down.

    Sooooo, this year he comes down to breakfast with HM, and the newspapers are full of gategate.

    Is this progress?

    I've still never met anyone in Scotland who doesn't think that the Tories are an English party full of toffs and brats and Mr Mitchell has reinforced that in an almost unbelievable archetypal way. "I'm the chief whip... you pleb... I'll have your job for this... " If only he had said "Do you know who I am? it could have been straight from an Ealing comedy.

    I wonder if you could explain to us, Mr Cochrane, why it is that you think that Scots should be denied any further powers, which is what opinion polls tell us they want?

    I wonder, could you write a piece saying why you think we are incapable of running our own affairs; why we are better with a country that is on such a downward trajectory at the hands of Osborne; why our money is better spent on nuclear weapons and punching above our weight than looking after our elderly and our sick?

    I often ask unionists to to explain what is so wonderful about the union; what does it do for us? All I ever get in reply is a generous helping of negativity about Scotland. The oil money will run out; companies will withdraw to the safety of England; you won't be able to pay all the social security benefits; you won't get Eastenders unless you pay for it; your granny in Carlisle will never see you again.

    Sometimes we even get moronic Labour MPs telling us that Alex Salmond is partly responsible for Hillsborough, because he supports Rupert Murdoch, conveniently forgetting that all important word "Godfather". And the Tories are no better: Brookes, Coulson, etc.

    I want to hear something REALLY positive about the union. I want to know why I should vote to stay in it.

    You have to remember, of course, that, like most people, I derive no real benefit from my country sitting as a permanent member of the Security Council. No trips to New York for me. I get no benefit from invading Iraq or Afghanistan. I get no benefit from the billions spent on nuclear weapons. My Icelandic and Norwegian friends are no less safe than I am, but they are a lot better off.

    How much benefit do I derive from the UK, and supposedly then Scotland, having an embassy complete with ambassador and all that entails in Kyrgyzstan?

    So there is your challenge. Convince us Scots with positive argument that we are better off forgetting Edinburgh as our capital and transferring our allegiance to London.

    Will you take it?

  16. Maybe Labour will get into bed with them next. They seem to have no problems with their Tory bedmates..and I heard that there were some liberals too, although I've not seen anything of them...

  17. It's a pity, Munguin, that the 'lobby' correspond of the Courier (that's the bloke that sits in the lobby and minds the door) can't be bothered to research who is organising the rally.

    But then, if they manage to print the same story on two pages (and I saw that too), they aren't really much on quality, are they? It's not even like it's the first time.

    As for 16 year olds, isn't the object of that exercise (as it was when Labour and the Liberals wanted votes for that age group), to allow people who were entitled to marry, have children and their own households, pay tax and council tax, to have a say on who runs the country.

    In Scotland, adulthood has always been at 16, if I'm not mistaken (hence Gretna Green), we have simply had to kowtow to the English system as it has to be seen to be equal across the UK.

  18. For all those who couldn't make Saturday's shing dig here.s what I posted over on Stu's site.

    Well folks it’s twu.
    It’s weelly weelly twu!
    The BBC and MSM were right and we are all WRONG!
    Only a couple of thousand at Saturday’s march, OFFICIAL!………NOT! :lol:
    There were:
    Big Yins
    Wee Yins.
    Old Yins
    Young Yins
    Tall Yins
    Short Yins
    Folks with walking sticks
    Folks in wheelchairs
    Folk on Mobility Scooters
    Folk on Electric Wheelchairs
    Folk singing
    Kids in pushchairs
    Kids on bikes
    Folks of ALL creeds
    Folks of ALL colours
    Folks of ALL sexualities
    Folks of ALL faiths
    Folks of ALL nationalities
    Folks of ALL beliefs
    Folks with big flags
    Folks with wee flags
    Folks from the East of Scotland
    Folks from the West of Scotland
    Folks from the North of Scotland
    Folks from the South of Scotland
    Police enjoying a saunter in the Afternoon sunshine
    Dugs as well.
    Big dugs
    And yes Ryan EVEN WEE DUGS!
    Oh yes, the OCCASIONAL person taking a photie as well. :D

    Anyone with an arithmetic mind might want to watch this.
    Everyone else, clickers at the ready and………

    Here’s someone who couldn’t make Saturday. They were otherwise engaged.

  19. 5000, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    I love the heilan coo

  20. Yeah Tris he was REALLY p****d he couldn't make the march on Saturday!

  21. I suppose Ms Lamont has not commented...?

  22. Thanks for the utube of march.

    Walking at 1mph for half an hour at 8 abreast gives a solid column at 1yd spacing 8 x 880 totalling c7040 min.

  23. Something tells me C.H. that the actual number was a LOT higher than 7040! :lol:

    Here's a wee quote from Joan who had been having a wee chat with a police officer at some point during the march.

    Now I am no good at guessing numbers so I will instead repeat a wee conversation I had with a policeman. I was asking him if he had had a quiet day!!…then I asked had he any idea of the numbers, he said..” not sure, we were told to expect between 2 and 5K, but there is a lot more than that”

  24. Actually Tris, over on Joan's site she has, quite correctly in my view, identified THREE options that Lamont has.

    You can read them here.

  25. I believe that it might be on newsnicht tonight according to Alan Grogan so will have to wait to view it on Iplayer tomorrow before I have my rant over the phone to the Labour sympathising BBC.

  26. Yes Arbroath, but it was much longer than half an hour. It's 35 1/2 minutes on the video and the guy says at one point that there was a lot that had gone before, and when it stops there are still more coming.

    So 1/2 hour's worth is over 7000... at least 1,500 just for the time of the video, which was not the full time of the march.

  27. Interesting options she has.

    I think, on the basis of previous behaviour, she will simply ignore him and hope that he will go away, or that we'll all wake up tomorrow and nationalism will have been a nasty dream and we can all settle to Andrew Mitchell thinking we are plebs, and get on with knowing our place.

    She's not really action woman is she?

  28. CH:

    Look forward to seeing Allan being interviewed on Newsnat!!!!

    I've just thought. Maybe Mrs L will send round old Ian to give Allan a seeing to?

    Nothing from Niko today, after he promised to end it all... you don't think he's done it, do you?

    What about Taz?

  29. I found this over on the National Collective site earlier. Thought I'd posted here. obviously not. Oops! :D

    Picture number 4 is interesting. That's Andrew Kerr of everybody's favourite broadcaster doing an interview.

    I don't know if his "interview" ever made it past the cutting room floor on Saturday but the proof is in the pudding as they say.

    I think this is what passes as IMPARTIALITY from our "favourite" national broadcaster.

  30. Niko is living in the past tris when Labour had commitment but that dissolved way back in the 70's as they learnt that any Westminster government has to bow to the City and the established establishment.

  31. Sorry guys... in bed with flu!

    Yes. It was a biased report. There's nothing to say that the 'people of Edinburgh, who had to be convinced', according to the report, were not already convinced.

    Surely even Alistair Darling couldn't say that only the people in the park were independence supporters.

    it was disingenuous of them to give the police figure, without pointing out that it was disputed. They always do that in London rallies Organisers say v police say.

    Why not now? Oh please, you dim numpty. Everyone knows why not now. Actually we do WANT it now, before Osborne makes us plebs' lives even worse. Today. This minute. But we know we can't have it because as Eck said, its a process.

    Margo's right though. Only one person each, who would have voted no, and we are home and dry.

  32. I feel sorry for real Labour people. Maybe if they just stopped and gave it some thought they would see that Tony B£air made them a right wing party of bankers and businessmen. And that he has led from the front by making himself an indecent amount of money on the backs of US.

    When you think what Labour was set up to do... and how far it has come in some of the places in Glasgow.

    I despair.

  33. It is not only you who despairs Tris. Keir Hardie is spinning in his grave as well as the thousands of "loyal" Labour voters who are at their wits end trying to figure out what exactly Labour stands for these days. From where most of them are standing all they see are RED Tories.

  34. Sorry to hear that you've been laid low with the Flu Tris.

    Never mind this "might" cheer you up. If it doesn't cheer you up then you can always play a wee game of "Who left the cage door open AGAIN!"

    I've also found this, mind you I think you might need a STRONG constitution to be able to read this one.

  35. LOL me and Keir, CH.

    I'd have said Pink Tories.

    I just wish I knew how Mrs Lamont actually feels. I suspect that unless age has changed her, she may very well be pretty much FOR independence and AGAINST nuclear weapons and bankers' bonuses.

    But she's so quite.

    Who did Ed want to win?

  36. Well, Willie is only asking what I've indeed we all have, been asking for for a while. Let's hear some real arguments for the union...that don't involve the big clunking fist of the British Empire.

    As for the idiotic idea that people of a particular political persuasion who live in another country should be able to vote... silly buggers.

    Why not say then that Catholics in the rest of the UK should have a say in whether the counties of Ulster should return to the Republic of Ireland!


    Thanks for the good wishes, Arbroath. I just wish it was next week at this time!!