Thursday 27 February 2014


MPs in the Royal Palace of Westminster to discuss their pay increase... of around £8,000 a year, about £2,000 more a year than an OAP gets in pension.
The Tories and the Liberals have standing room only.

Then when they were obliged to discuss the effects that the social security cuts have had on the sick and disabled, oh look, most of them have disappeared. 

I think I can see 5 people from the government side who give atos. The benches which were most empty last time, are the ones which are full this time.

What does that say?


  1. Nice to see them hard at at it in their workplace skivers.

    Clearer images of the same scene.

    1. Taken at a slightly different time too...

      Thanks. :)

  2. I think you have all the evidence you need; that MP's are self-serving bastards at best, and some, like Blair are sociopaths. A small but significant number are sexual predators, deviants even. Having said that Scots will experience unprecedented levels of propaganda from the class of 'honourable gentlemen and ladies' working for the (sarcasm on) greater good (sarcasm off).

    Those gangsters in Westminster mean watch your backs.


    1. Thing is Steve, they seem to be genetically programmed to rule...

      NO seriously, Johann Lamont aside, they are a weird lot. Added to what you said there, a good number of them ...over 50% were fiddling their expenses.

      And Jim Murphy seems to have developed an affliction. Every time he seems Pete Wishart (having not spoken to him for many years, he appears to lose his self control and tells him to F Off! Repeatedly.

      Strange man.

  3. Adviser - Public Policy

    Only nuLabour party members need apply as they have the correct genes required.

  4. Surely nobody could disagree that political giants like Jimmy Hood, Brian Donohoe and Sincerity Jim are worth every penny and a lot more. They need broad shoulders to carry their immense workload and struggle for their constituents who occupy their every waking moment.

    1. Erm....Hello Proudscot Slab... do you think you should maybe see a doctor... or at least have a wee lie down and take a pill?


      Although clearly the gentlemen to whom you refer have unimpeachable records...

  5. Tris,

    You ask:

    "What does that say?"

    What I think it says is that all politicians - the SNP contingent being exceptional in the sense that their intention is to do away with the institution - is self serving careerism.

    The Scottish contingent of that Parliament have lost any moral compass in favour of a healthy bank balance.

    But it speads like a cancer to opportunists who see selling Scotland out as a career opportunity, a way to be. It is frankly a parliament in name only. Iit is a puppet to the extremely rich. If you sell your soul to the extremely rich you will make a good 'living' out of subordinating yourself to their interests.

    Scottish Labour has done that.

    A pox on the lot of them!

    1. For so many of them it has become a career, and because of the electoral system, it can be one for life.

      Often it pays far more than a person might otherwise expect to earn, and for those who would have had high earning potential anyway, there are always jobs that can be done, because no one really notices if you don't bother turning up.

      You get to work in a royal palace which means that the laws you pass don't apply to you in there; the expenses scheme is still fabulous... and the leaders have agreed that, now the furore about cheating has died down, there is no need to introduce silly sackings, which people might use in cases of extreme laziness... instead of which, people dissatisfied now have to wait up to 5 years to sack their MP.

      (Mind you, when they do get rid of someone for being lazy, you can bet that they will be rewarded. I'm told that Tim Yeo is being considered to replace that Ashton woman in Brussels. Even less of a job, even more of a salary, probably a title, and no pesky proletariat to satisfy.)

  6. National Event in Dundee

    Labour for Independence will continue with their National tour promoting a Labour vision for Independence.

    On February 28th, we will be in the Mark Henderson Centre, Anne Street, Dundee.

    1. Thanks CH. I'd go if I could, but I have a commitment tonight...

      If anyone else is going, Jutie, Bruce, etc... can you let us know what happened?

    2. I can't make that, but I believe there is a National Collective do in a Dundee pub tomorrow.
      I might try and get to that. I think the pub is called 'Buskers', No idea where that is, but it's probably a pub I drank in years ago with a name change.

    3. Good guy...

      Let us know how it goes.

  7. What does that sy - It leaves me fecking speechless!

    Completely off-topic but check out the report by Standards & Poor over Scotland's credit rating in the event of a Yes Vote! No doubt BBC Scotland will be all over it tonight!

    Again off-topic but I cannot reply on Frazzledown for some reason. Maybe Pa Broon has never forgiven me for the incident with Daphne?

    1. And Violet is blue in the face over your shenanigans!

    2. Yes... I was wondering if anybody had bothered to mention it.

      I can't help thinking that emblazoning ever negative and hiding every positive is goin g to make for an unhappy country regardless of the outcome.

      It really is unwise.

      I'm having problems posting some places too... Wingas, Bateman, and Bruce's place.

      No idea why. Haven't done anything to deserve it.

      What are you using ...Explorer, Google, Firefox>?

      You could try another...

      I don;t think it was the Daphne thing. He's forgotten all about that. It was when you were young and foolish.

  8. Tris

    As noted before we have created a politicial elite, we are at fault because the political parties have been taken away from the members. Do the members or followers even care that they unless they are rich they actually have little or no say in the running of their parties anymore. Somedays I hate everything about these people.


    1. In the end, it is our fault ...the public... for letting them, Bruce.

      We are too accepting here or what we get thrown at us.

      Third rate politicians and only one part of the crap we get because they can get away with it.

  9. Replies
    1. I'm sitting here after reading that CH, partly sad and part;ly wanting to do something to hurt Cameron and his filthy government.

      It's murder by another name.

      I'm beyond words.

  10. Obviously just a theoretical question, but how many lives would be saved if a sinkhole opened up below number 10?

    1. Well, I've never been one to wish harm on my enemies, but yes. I really wish it would, and that the whole ghastly lot would disappear into the sewers where the bastards belong.

    2. OMG....

      No expense will be spared. Money will be no object. Even if they have to kill a few 1000 sick folk to pay for it.