Friday 21 February 2014


Blinky lies and stutters and then lies again... Note that he says ''independence'' and then changes it to ''separation''.

Is he really the best they could find to stutter his way, you know, through, you know, the No, you know, campaign.



  1. tris

    at least when you stutter(not that i mock a disability )
    you four or five noes for the price of one....

    wonderful unionist word No

    1. LOL, Yes...or No, Niko, whichever...

      I wouldn't mock a stutter either, if it were a physical disability. Mr Darling doesn't have that. He just gets into a temper when he caught out and becomes relatively inarticulate. Certainly inarticulate for an independent schoolboy.

      But yes, I agree with you. It must be a wonderful world..

      I think I'm gonna try it for a day...see if I like it. :)

  2. He does tend to flap when put under pressure.

    Doesn't matter what he says, he's got form - people should never forget what happened when he was CoE nor should forget what Gordon Brown did to pensions when he rears his ugly bonce to tell us the pension pot (that doesn't actually exist) would be at risk if independent.

    The lies...

    1. Yes, I think Pa that the UK government has already said that it has responsibility for pensions at least at the level that they are paid in the Uk for some time. After all, people have paid their entire working lives to Westminster for a pension. In theory there should be a pot of their money ready to pay that pension. of course there isn't because they have used it to kill people with brown skins in countries where there is oil. But they owe us.

      Gordon Brown seems to have made a fool of himself over that. Of course the fact that he walked away from an interview on the subject, in a temper, as he has done so often when people fail to treat him with suitable deference didn't help.

      Can you imagine if Salmond did that?

      And old Darling... when listening to him we should remember that he flipped his house 4 times to get maximum use of the expenses and while head of finance for the whole UK managed to claim, I think it was £700, for nothing at all, and was made to pay it back. Then he got us to pay for a tax accountant to sort out his tax affairs...

      When you hear all that, it is not surprising that he managed to get the Uk into such a mess.

      I don';t know what they were doing when they chose him as their front man. He's not a good speaker; he doesn't do good interviews; he is uninspiring [he has no vision of the UK, except more of the same, which is fine for him (Sir Alistair/Lord Darling of Expenses), but pretty crap for the rest of us]; he has form as having been a poor minister.

      Did they have no one with a bit of appeal. Charm, charisma, good looks, a winning smile, a good talker?

      Nope. It seems not. Brown, Sarwar, Lamont, Davidson, Fluffy, Margrit..

      All charm free, all inspiration free zones...poor communicators.

      They had, to begin with, Charlie Kennedy and Annabel Goldie on board, both of whom were at least quite likeable, good speakers and articulate.

      But no one has heard anything from them.

  3. All I can say;

    Is Brewer putting on the beef?

  4. He is like thae Jehova's Witnesses and other who arrive at the door, offer salavtion, if you just read this pamphlet please, and then when asked questions, which they cannot answer, refer you back to their pamphlet. It in turn gives no logic but refers you to a bigger book which is even more illogic and confusing.

    Darling can only parrot the answers he has been programmed to give and anything off piste is poison to him.

    Anyway, is Brewer layering the lard?

    1. Yes, it must be difficult for him to sell the future with the UK.

      No one denies that you share sovereignty over some matters. We do by being ,members of the UN, NATO the EU and many other organisations.

      If we share a currency we give up certain political/economic freedoms. I don;t see a huge problem with that.

      At the moment the UK gives up a lot of freedoms over things like health and safety, pollution to Brussels. It gives up its freedom to wage war to America.

      No currency regardless is ever free of outside interference. I can remember before the Euro, that every time the Germans raised their interest rates, the Uk followed. It was never the other way around. Germany led, UK followed.

      But I think Darling is kinda lost when it comes to economics anyway. He was run by Brown when he was at the Treasury. I think he was just the face of the Treasury. Brown was pulling the strings.

      I don't know who is doing that now. Cameron isn't bright enough, Osborne either... and whatsit from Inverness is the tea boy.

      I thought Brewer was looking positively fat there...

      Must pay good money at the EBC

    2. Nice to have you back Urchin!

    3. Well, I'm always up for that!!!

      Just been and had a look... :)

      I expect I won't be able to spend it!!! :(

  5. Replies
    1. Maybe she'll take off....

      She looks a bit like Cilla Black trying to sing.

    2. It's Scotland's new virtual currency tradeable without transaction costs.

    3. I'd sooner have the Euro... or the Polish Zloty...

  6. tris

    told you so £10.50 from you all
    send to the drowning plains of England.
    Tory style socialism to those that have shall
    be given even more from those who have very
    Householders in flood hit areas have been able to continue to buy cover under a deal between insurers and the government, but there has been no cap on the cost of cover. That is set to change in 2015, under an agreement called Flood Re. This will see a fund set up to provide payouts on properties insurers are unwilling to cover, with the industry paying in the premiums for high-risk properties, plus a levy of £180m a year, or the equivalent of £10.50 a year on all household insurance policies.

    1. Jeez.... They have some nerve.

      Wouold they do that if it was the Clyde or the Forth that was flooding?

      Did they do it when the Tay flooded at Perth?

      Thought not.

      Well... you'll just have to vote YES Niko. Then we will be a separate country. I take it Mr Cameron isn't thinking of getting France and Denmark to pay up to save Tory voters in teh south of England...?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Although I feel for all those who have been flooded either in their home or business but I am sure many of these same people will be the most vociferous regarding benefit scroungers You know the ones I mean the sick disabled or just those who have fallen on hard times.I don't suppose they see themselves in the same light of course They'll see it as their right to get state handouts I mean it isn't their fault that they don't have insurance and that they bought a house on a recognised flood plain

    1. Exactly. No matter where people are hit by natural disaster (even though the natural disaster could have been mitigated by some river dredging and common sense policies on flood prevention)... I feel sorry for them. In Africa, in The USA, in Turkey, in England.

      But I'm damned if my insurance should go up to pay for this.

      If it were in Scotland I could see it, although I'd still be hacked off about it... but sorry, this is way out of line.

      Much though I'd love to live near to a river and go to sleep with the sound of water gurgling in my ears, I hope I'd be bright enough to realise that when it rains that gurgling becomes a crashing sound.

      If you can afford it, fine. If you can't live farther away.