Thursday 13 February 2014


It seems that it may be that even if we vote for independence 
we won't get it.

This, apparently, is tomorrow's headline in the Herald which, according to YES DUNDEE, is saying that the Coalition may not accept the outcome of the referendum now that it is starting to look like the YES side will win it. 

Hey Ho, that's the Tories for you. 

Even I, who wouldn't believe a Tory if he told me the sea was wet, find it hard to believe that they would do this... 

Let's hope it is a hoax.

12.21: addition: It may not be a hoax.
We've also heard that on BBC Newsnight, Labour's Michael Kelly said that if the vote is YES all Labour MPs will act together against Scotland's interests.

This is beginning to sound a bit like war to me... What do you think?
It's certainly not much like my idea of democracy.


  1. Yeah, the Tories are bottom feeding pond life, but are they worth bothering about? It's the New Tories that are the problem - the shower that used to call themselves Labour until Kinnock, then Brown and now Balls got converted to Thatcherism. Shame on them. They've let us down so badly.

    1. Hi Iain...

      Welcome to MR.

      No, agreed, they aren't worth bothering about... but they are in government and if they refuse to accept a YES vote, I can only imagine that we wouldn't take it lying down....

      We really really don't want that. So although they are the dregs, (pond life bottom feeders are quite reasonable by comparison) in this case what they says actually matters.

      I've always said, though, that with the Tories you get what you voted for. A bunch of self serving hoorays, or a bunch of spivs. The first lot have no idea what life is about, and the second lot only care about money and themselves, and would probably sell their mother for dog food if it paid.

      Labour have always been dodgy, on the fiddle, but at least some of them were the genuine article (and maybe still are).

      I think you left out the biggest traitor, the odious Blair scumbag.

  2. You think the Herald headline is bad Tris, check out Stu's site.

    He has the novelty of the Herald front page but also the front page of every cyber/caber/street/whatever/nat's favourite paper, the one, the only Daily Mail.

    Now before you turn over to Stu's site can I just give you a wee heads up if you don't already know. The First Minister was on Newsnight last night giving Kirsty "I vote Labour till the coo's come home" Wark a damned good kicking, apparently. He was also on Scotland Tonight over on STV where he apparently gave a very good interview. It was when he was on Scotland Tonight that news began to filter out about the Herald's front page.

    I'll let you make your own mind up about the papers Tris. :-)


      Well... wow... And I thought they were just having us on.

      I'm actually pretty speechless. But to be honest, if they were trying to stir up bad feeling in Scotland, then it seems to me that, possibly for the first time since the entered office, they have succeeded in doing what they set out to do.

      Of course the independentists are going to be portrayed in a bad light in the papers, and by Labour Scottish MPs.

      I wonder how it will go.

      Well we must do our best to ensure that this opportunity they have given us works out well for us, and backfires on them.

  3. Thank goodness for Rev. Stu, Derek Bateman and yourself, Tris, otherwise we poor, wee, stupid Jocks would never hear the truth.
    The MSM are "bought and sold for English gold", and are dancing to Westminster's tune.


    1. Well thanks Eck, that brightened my morning!. I'm hardly in their class, but I lead where they follow...

      There are some other really good and groundbreaking blogs out there, some of them written by readers here, and whose posts I wouldn't dream of missing because they inform me.

      I never cease to recommend them to people who are so cowed by the imperial power that they doubt our ability to do things on our own.

    2. Don't do your blog down Tris, it's one of my personal favourites and a must read. Plus much prefer Munguin to the Rev's rats!

    3. It is called the cumulative effect like the straw that breaks the camels back as each and everyone who write blogs have equal status in a common goal.

      As the giddy one ignored Bernard Ponsonby from STV shows the pure arrogance of the British establishment in action is something they might regret later on.

  4. Trish

    I would be very surprised if there was any truth in this to be honest. It would fall down very quickly,someone will recognise Scotland straight away, the USA would put pressure on due to the Scottish and ITrish ex pats. Just all bluster and as far as Labour go is Kelly suggesting civil war, how low will those bankers stoop. Bring iron and try. Ducking idiots.


    1. Bruce. I've not read all round the papers yet, but from what I can see, they appear to be saying that unless we tow the line , their line, on negotiations they will cease to make the negotiations.

      It's part of the scare technique I suppose.

      You can't have OUR pound, despite all the money you have tired up in it.

      If you then "default" (or to be more accurate, refuse to pay OUR sterling debt), we will stand in the way of everything you want.

      You will go into independence without things sorted, and therefore independence will not happen. There will be no transfers of power.

      :Like the currency threat, it is empty.

      They are gambling that the fear of pensions, benefits, money from the Barnett formula not being paid, will scare Scots into accepting that they should continue to live with the status quo.

      They are acting like threatening landlords. Their great great great great great grandfathers dealt with peasant revolts. They will do the same. It's a part of having blue blood.

      There are two ways that that kind of thing works out. One is good little obedient Scots do what their betters tell them, and stop all this nonsense about wanting to be a real country instead of a county. The other is that they don't.

      We shall have to see.

      On this occasion though, unlike when the peasants revolted, the final say will not be at Downing Street or the palace.

      Cameron will be allowed to carry on, because America doesn't want Scotland to go, possibly weakening its poodle. But when things get difficult, I suppose there will be a call from the Secretary of State, and the Bris will respond accordingly.

  5. The negotiations for independence from the unionist side appear to be, "you'll take what we offer or we won't let you go".

    Have Labour condemned the spokesman quoted in the Herald yet and promised negotiations in good faith if they're in power in 2015?

    1. Brilliant summation Doug.

      I think the likes of Sarwar and his miserable crew have already made it clear that they will do all that they can to act against Scotland in the event of a yes vote.

      I've personally always avoided any nasty words about traitors or quislings, although I've never stopped anyone else using them on this site. I reckon that if you are, as we all are, British, you can't really be a traitor for continuing to believe in the Queen and the Palace of Westminster, the House of Lords, the Privy Council and Downing Street.

      But that changes if the Scottish people vote for independence. Working for the other side in negotiations makes you exactly that. There would be no difference from announcing in 1942 that if Hitler invaded you would work against Britain.

      They are going about this in a really cack handed way. They are begging for trouble. And I can understand that the Tories are engaged in a desperate attempt to undermine, and don't give a stuff because all they will be sacrificing is Fluffy, and ...well who cares...

      But for heaven's sake, Labour playing the part of the master's ghillie...


      What does it all tell you about private polling?

      Do you think for a second they would have done this if the Yes side was really only polling around 30%?

    2. If they do, I will be very surorised, but I still won't believe them. I trust Labour on this even less than I do the Tories, as the Tories only stand to lose about one MP if Scotland becomes independent, and I do not think that the Tories hate the SNP with the same intensity as some parts of the Labour party do.

  6. What ever else comes out of this, its proof positive that this is not an equal union.

    People in Scotland are second class citizens in the UK - no doubt about that now. Funnily enough, in a surprising display of precognition, I blogged about it last year.

    Finally got some thing right.


    1. So you did.... :)

      I don't want to steal your scone, so I'll say no more than I remember reading it... :)

      What do you think the next step is...?

      I was intrigued by the idea that despite the FM giving 3 or 4 interviews on television, with, at least in a couple of occasions, hostile Britnat interviewers, and Osborne refusing point blank to answer any questions, Eck was accused of running away...

      WHAT kind of parallel universe do they live in?

      Do they think that no one saw the FM on television?

      Do they think that Bernard Ponsonby piece to camera, now on Youtube (and Wings), about Osborne refusing to talk to the Scottish press after taking away Scots' rights to Scots' pounds, would go unnoticed.

      I have a feeling that making an enemy of Ponsonby was yet another of Mr Osborne's miscalculations. It's one thing to say, 'I really can't give a comment at this stage..'. It's another to walk past the man without even acknowledging his presence.

      Clearly Mr Osborne didn't go to Eton. No manners. no class. Just a nasty little spiv despite his daddy's titles.

  7. David Cameron, ex Bullingdon Club, opens the salvo with a lovebombing which bombed, Gideon, ex Bullingdon Boy, lets fly a nuclear depth charge, which exploded in his Ministerial Box and someone is away looking for the key to cage where they keep the Third Bullingdon Boy, Boris, so he can join in the gang thrashing they are inflicting on Scotland.

    I laughed so hard the tears of laughter rolled down my legs.

    If they had any brains, the just might be dangerous. Too much in-breeding if you ask me.

    1. Trouble with aristocrats is that at these big weekend house parties where everyone retires at about 10 pm, and an hour later door are opening and closing and dressing gowned figures are seen in the shadow of the stairwells and corridors, no one quite knows with whom one is breeding.

      I'm sure at least half the cabinet are the result of unfortunate weekend house parties with too much post being taken after dinner.

      But, yes, maybe they are funny... or maybe they are dangerous because of their ignorance.

      I'm led to believe that a load of them read history at Oxford. Not a lot of study, particularly if your grandfather figured in it and your father is titled and rich. It's a pity though that in the blur after a Bullingdon night of restaurant wrecking, NONE of the lectures seem to have stuck.

    2. PS... welcome back Snotty....

    3. On my MacBook but still nogo on the iPad


    James has a very measured piece here.

    You should read it if you have the time...

  9. Not Jimmy Hood MPFebruary 14, 2014 2:42 pm

    Osborne-Balls and little helper Alexander have totally changed the basis of this campaign. They seem to think they have stolen a march on the Government, but they have actually managed to normalise the post-Yes scenario. They didn't do that before - they had been trying to prevent Yes ever happening. Now it's what happens after. They must have access to polls and information not available to the rest of us, because that was panic behaviour.

    1. LOL Hello Not Jimmy Hood MP

      I reckon their private polling must be telling a very different tale to the polls that are manufactured for the newspapers to say what they want to be happening, as opposed to what is happening.

      I think they are scared that they are losing the argument. Time to scare the horses.

      But I doubt any of us that think is in the least frightened. There was an obvious reason that Mr Osborne wouldn't answer Bernard Ponsonby's question about what it would cost Britain's industry...

      It's a bit of a pity that you are NOT Jimmy Hood MP. I'd have loved the opportunity to ask him why he would vote NO even if we were all going to be far better off... except obviously him and his troughing mates.

      If you read this Mr Hood, you honourable member you, feel free to explain how you are serving you constituents and earning 3 times the average salary for doing precious little apart from making a speech that sounds like you've been on the sauce since you woke up.

  10. Lets have some facts to let us determine if the 'no pound in indy' is all bluster and bluff?

    FACTS: The EU Commission forecasts that the present UK trade deficit will hit 4.4 per cent of GDP next year – the highest of any major industrial country. Take away the circa £50 billion annual export earnings from Scottish oil, gas and whisky and you will near double the trade deficit of rUK. It would climb from 4.4 per cent of GDP to a staggering 10 per cent.

    Source: wingsoverscotland

    Thus I'm concluding Ozzy, Ballzy and Danny are three bluffing peas in a very similar pod!

    1. I'm inclined to agree, but as far as I am concerned, they can bring it on...

      I fear that this may have been a more serious miscalculation for them even than bringing on Goliath in the form of Mr Carmichael.

      They've just made some serious enemies.