Monday 24 February 2014



  1. Actually, remove Scotland from these 'facts' and the British economy gets a massive boost as it's the drag factor of Scotland's populace (along with Northern Ireland) that is damaging the UK economy.


  2. Yeah - all that oil must be just an awful burden on the UK... nevermind - we'll take care for that worry for you soon enough old chap :D

  3. Quiet_Man, please explain what the "drag factor" is of Scotland, which pays in more into the pot than it gets back?

    The problem is Westminster's bad management and has been for at least decades. That is what is causing so much harm to the economy. Once the people of the rest of the UK start to wake up to that then maybe things will be better. As it is, Scotland is the only one so far to get the ball rolling on removing control from the parasites of Westminster and start reforms for a better nation. England might do the same in the future and I hope for their sake they do.

    1. Guys, the Brits were taught by Eton Boy and before him, North Britain man, and even before that Mr Edwina Underpants Major-Curry, and most of all by Hilda Margrit Boadicea herself, that Scots were a pile of drunken, drug addled, lazy, workshy redheads.

      They aren't going to change their minds in the face of a few facts.

      Even at the height of the Empire that they had, when riches travelled from all over the globe to Britain, fortunes were made from the materials brought at very low cost from Africa and the Far East, and when the conditions in the cotton mills were appalling, the one thing you could guarantee was that in Scotland they were even worse. (Ref, Neil Oliver...History of Scotland, BBC)

      When we take the burden of oil and energy, water and whisky, tourism and engineering away, along with our fish and our dairy products, they will prosper as never before… and even if they do, the poor will still be the poorest in Europe and the old will still be hot ar9und the head by people like IDS to make sure they die off as quickly as possible and don’t cost decent hardworking young people money. But just think how joyous the royals and lords and Tories will be… well and Labour of course because they are Tories who went to slightly less posh schools… and what was that party that Jo Grimond used to lead? The Liabilities, was it. Wonder what happened to them?

      Leave them to believe it. It keeps them happy while they watch spinters cycling to church and listen to the thwack of something on something. Edwina's head on the wall I shouldn't wonder.

  4. I must protest as that RIC poster is wrong as the UK has gone up one more place in the inequality stakes to number THREE well done Westminster!

    1. Onward and upward with the Y UK.

  5. I feel a lot of hate in Munguins republic these days
    wee shame but there you are..spose it always
    wuz gonna go that way.

    Dont like to piddle on you parade but all those bad
    things dun in the name of the British Empire..many
    of them were dun by Scottish men freely and with
    malice fact some were just as EVIL
    as any English man....
    not sure if being kind,respectful , humane
    is in fact a specific racial trait but then
    the snp would claim differently