Tuesday 25 February 2014


Home sweet home: Benyon's manor and with fellow Tory fatcat landlords
 Earl Cadogan, Sir Richard Drax and Lard Cavendish

When the Tories spew their bile about benefit claimants receiving £20,000 a year in benefits people should always keep in mind that 70% of that figure is in housing benefit and the claimant does not see a single penny of that money it goes straight to their landlords.

The Tories have a lot of MPs, aristos and important donors who are mass landlords and they receive an awful lot of taxpayers’ money in housing benefit whilst pointing the finger at their tenants, when they are the ones who have pocketed the majority of their tenants’ benefit claims!!

Some unemployed may get thousands of pounds in benefits but unless they are defrauding the system they still only get £73 pounds per week to live on and pay their bills and eat, the majority of the claim goes to the landlord.

So next time the Tories get you to hate on the poor just remember who the ones are that are getting very wealthy out of our benefit system and just why the Tories refuse to build social housing in England.

Remember no one gets rich off of somebody living in social housing.

Pardon the spelling in the illustration.


  1. Tris

    Totally agree it is a scandal and why no political party will ever agree to rent control in the private sector no matter how much we need it. You also have the issue that the msm as normal just don't cover the stories that need to be out there, a lot of that is down to the fact that they are owned by the very same elite and have nothing to gain by actually reporting the truth or doing proper investigative journalism. It's far easier to lie about the yes campaign and call Alex Salmond bad names while propping up the system that serves them well.

    However, given the continued fall in sales they are being found out and while they might continue on message in the longer term their future looks bleak. I just wonder if one of them will flinch when the journalists actually wake up a relaise that if no one buys the paper there is no paper and no jobs. The Sun and the BBC are safe, the FT is safe asnd local rags like the Courier but the rest I would suspect are not.

    Still we all need to keep hammering away, good blogs like this are vital and blogs with rants like my own are at the very least an opinion even if only one person reads them.


    1. Well, Bruce, your blog is highly regarded, and I reckon it must get pretty good readership. I can't comment on it for some reason, but I read it on a regular basis, and I enjoyed today's post.

      I'm not sure that in 10 years there will be many newspapers left. Their prices don't reflect reality either. In a way it will be a pity to see them go, at least in paper form, but everything changes.

      Credit to the Record, it has covered this story.

      But yes, it's pretty much an English owned press being pushed to support David Cameron and his union, and they lie, encouraged by the political parties. (See story on Wings about the Tories and the Health Service... and the English subsidising us... and how it will all stop if we are independent . It's all lies, but they don't care because it will scare the hell out of old folk who imagine that if they vote yes, they may be left to die. Imagine the irony. The notion of being dependent on the English heath service... creaking to a standstill.)

  2. tris,

    Thay are lying to us, simples.

    Take a chill pill, no-one believes a word they say.

  3. Saw a good graphic today that there were 3,250 civil servants investigating Benefit fraud of about £1.2 billion yet there are only 300 civil servants investigating tax evasion of £70+ billion.

    The BBC as an organisation in Scotland are finished no matter what side one is on as they are lying to both at the same same time and will never be trusted ever again.

    Would someone tell Google that my dictionary is UK English as they don't listen to me.

    2hrs till the fireworks start on STV I hope they fix the online steaming by then or I will be back. ;)

  4. For those who missed this event last night here is Jim Sillars inspiring speech and there were others..

    Shettleston Event

  5. That house in the picture is about 2 miles from mine and about 200 times as big). The Benyons made their money out of the East India Company's exploitation of the people of the sub-continent so there's a long tradition in the family of taking money from the poor.

    Maggie's Right to Buy legislation has, amazingly, turned out to have been a real money-spinner for Tory landlords. A third of the properties sold off by councils are now in the profitable hands of private landlords. This is how the Daily Mirror covered this in May last year -


    and this is a report made to the London Assembly by Tom Copley in January - (figure 1 on Page 6 is interesting)