Saturday 8 February 2014


I just felt it

I watched with utter horror as this inarticulate buffoon stuttered his way through his "Scottish SNP thing" speech. (Is there a Welsh SNP?)

Even if he is absolutely 200% against independence; even if he really thinks that we are too poor, wee, stupid, pathetic or whatever to cope without Eton and Oxford educations to keep us afloat, surely he should have made it his business, before rising to speak in what he presumably regards as the mother of parliaments (even if it isn't), to find out what the Scottish independence movement is about.

Surely, too, he should have prepared something to say instead of spluttering on like a drunken grandfather giving an unwanted speech at a wedding.

I'm sure that his constituents will be delighted beyond measure that he doesn't give a stuff whether they are better off or worse off. Who cares about Tory attacks (or Labour ones) on the poor? Who cares about Atos? Who cares about nuclear weapons costing billions when Glenrothes Food Bank is nearly out of food.

Of course, should we, at his urging, vote NO, then Mr Hood (no relation to Robin) will secure himself another 5 years of troughing, in his rock solid seat where he got very nearly 50% of the vote, and with an increased salary and still not that much to do.

The words "I'm alright Jack" sprung immediately and uninvited to mind.

Good for you Mr Hood. Nice work if you can get it. But most of us aren't in that happy position. No trough for us. 

I suppose it is too much to ask that you would spare a thought for us?

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