Saturday 1 February 2014


Yes. Danny Alexander and all the other people who think that it is fair
 that THEIR kids have to have bedrooms in the housing the state pays for them,
despite not living there full time, and that we should pay for visits
I'm incredibly rich and frankly neither I, nor any of my toff cabinet
gives a stuff how you live, or indeed IF you live
Odd that!
Sinking without a trace. Water Rats.
Incase someone like me is saying that you're a chancing old Spiv?
Yer on your own Ken. No one else gives a toss
Glad it is working out for someone.
Little things mean a lot Johann
It's not all about the SNP
Johanns wee things keep on rearing their ugly head... and will for some time
That's the bloke. Probably soon to be an ex-MP , but don';t worry folks,
he'll just go into the retirement chamber. Lord Clegg of Fudge
Yep... just imagine. No more Blair.
No more pandering to the rich south east
But even from here you can see the cut is
 altogether better on the panto dame
Does anything our MPs say ever make any difference at all?
Nope, thought not.
What complete and utter hell. Nope can't be done.
Completely Simples
Hmmm, that died a death, Dave. Prepare for withdrawal.
Monsieur Hollande's not for turning! 


  1. That 1st picture is very strange.
    Why is he staring at a blurred penis, and why is it there?

    1. I don't know.

      I suppose you would stare if it were right there in front of you, and you were such an elevated personage as he. He reminded us recently that he was the most senior Scot in the government. (That put Alistair in his place.)

      But the why...why it was there... nope, that defeats me?

      Probably a very personal thing.

      Talking of Alistair Carmichael, has anyone heard anything of him recently, or has he been sent to the Johann bunker.

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    3. The only answer to that is "Schwanz!!"

  2. Umm more scots voted against the snp and yet they
    claim the right to govern, so what is your pointless point
    about westminster.

    Ohh i get it snp version of democracy is different from
    every one else's

    1. No Niko, more Scots did not vote against the SNP in 2011. More Scots did vote for the SNP, that's why they won. If you are trying to count those that didn't vote as having voted - then your idea of democracy is different from everybody.

      If you are trying to count voting intentions for the GE in 2010 as being more relevant for the Holyrood elections in 2011. Then your definition of democracy is seriously out of whack.

      You seriously need to get over the fact that labour lost in Scotland. In fact labour needs to do that as well. They need to take a long hard look in a mirror, because the reason they lost is staring them back in the face.

    2. Niko. No. It's the Labour system.

      Under the system set up by Tony Blair (you remember him; he called himself a Labour Prime Minister, which is dubious, but he was certainly a Scotland hater (despite a Scottish father and the best education that money can buy in Scotland, which he left the day he went to Oxford and never returned) and a great big unionist.

      Any ways, under HIS system Labour would always be in power and they would have a junior partner in the Liberals or the Greens or even the Tories. For ever and ever. And best still, (according to Lance Price) he would control it by making sure that his man was FM… There’s democracy. He would comply with the demands of the Council of Europe, and yet all he would set up in reality would be a Parish Council.

      Clearly the Tories would never win, nor would the dreaded separatists. So he was set to reign for life.


      But then, the Iraq war was supposed to make him a war hero, and it made him the opposite... How often his little plans went wrong. Never mind, he is richer than Croesus so it all worked out in the end.

      Unfortunately, unless you hold an election like, say the American presidential, where you vote for one of 2 candidates (OK I know there is a third, but that’s not serious), across a whole country, you are bound to get situations where the winners got fewer votes... If you look at constituencies here, it is only in the diehard places where the winning candidate gets a total majority… (Some Glasgow constituencies for Labour, The Northern Isles for the Liberals and Huntingdonshire for the Tories). In most the opposition parties outnumber the winner.

      Anyway, it is certainly true that at the election the results worked out like this: (figures rounded up or down)

      SNP 1,779,000; Labour 1,154,000; Tory 523,000; Liberals 261,000 (and others of course)

      There were in fact 1,779,336 votes for the government and 1,917,798 for the 2 main opposition parties and the Liberals. So is that fair? No. I agree.

      In the UK election in Scotland Labour won 1,036,000 votes…which were 42%; they got 41 seats, which is around 69%; the Liberals got 465,000 votes (18%) and 11 seats (nearly 19%); the SNP got 491,000 (19%) and 6 seats (10%) and Tories got 412,000 (17%) and 1 seat (under 2%)

      So we voted Labour and got Conservative and in fact ended up with a Liberal SOS from the third party!

      Overall in the Uk, remember that the Liberals got around 60% of what the Tories got vote wise and 20% of the seats that the Tories got.

      What is your solution to this situation?

    3. tris and the other fellow

      My point is having taken part in an election
      and losing under the election rules.To whinge
      that the outcome is an imposition is factually
      incorrect although does feed into the snp
      (and Mr Mortons ) delusion of English(the bastards)
      rule by musket and fixed bayonet.

      I believe you tris get my point of more
      in aggregate voting against the snp.
      Does not lead to the snp Government
      being imposed on the Scottish people.
      no more than Westminster rule is imposed
      on the Scottish people.

    4. Well, that's certainly a point, Niko. If you are a British person, who believes that Britain is your country, then you (one) may well feel that way.

      But if you see yourself first and foremost as a Scot, you can say that, as England is another country, to which we are attached by treaty only, we could get rid of the grossly unrepresentative Conservative predominance in government (whether by the Tories themselves or by Labour pushed by the overwhelming number of votes in the South of England to follow Tory policies) by detaching ourselves for the country from whence it comes.

      Rather like England, joined by treaty to the European union, and being forced to do things that it doesn't want to do (like have human rights legislation, accept "foreigners" have as much right to live in England as in Malta or Finland, and of course accept regulation of the criminal banking system, etc) has the right to have a referendum to leave that union, and stop all these socialist policies being forced on it.

      I guess it depends whether you see yourself as Scottish, as British, as European.

      Of course we all are and will always be, all three of these things, but it’s how we FEEL about ourselves that indicates whether we feel aggrieved by England’s Tory Party ruling us. If you feel you are part of the great British tradition, then you don’t mind. If you are more inclined to think of yourself as Scottish then you probably do resent it.

      When I see some cruelty being visited on some poor, sick, old person, some heartless social policy that favours the rich, I think… I don’t think that that would be allowed by a Scottish government. I resent that it is being allowed by a government which is overwhelmingly English.

      I know that there are right wingers who deplore the fact that the EU can inflict green policies, or health and safety or human rights laws on them. They want rid of Brussels. It is the same thing.

      I don’t mind the EU having a say over some of our regulations because they seem to represent, as Mrs Thatcher once blisteringly accused them, socialism by the back door. Socialism is Ok with me.

    5. Of course you may say… noooo, Scotland will be right wing and cruel.

      But Scotland largely votes Labour. The SNP is getting votes at the moment because the Labour Party isn’t really being much of a Labour Party, ditching universality, disarmament, strong social security.

      I honestly don’t believe that that is Scottish Labour. I believe it’s Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair. I really don’t think that it is Iain Gray, or even Lamont. Look at the old Labour figures who aren’t leaving Labour but want independence because they reckon that they can make Scotland a fairer place.

      I could be wrong but I really don’t see Scottish Labour being about that.

      And I don’t see in my lifetime there being a Tory government in Scotland

  3. That last pic sums up Britains attitude over the centurie we know best.

    Red Tory lies unravel.

    1. General De Gaulle voted against the UK in Europe. He said they would want to run it; have everything their way; treat it like it was their empire; be in the thrall of the Americans...

      Was he right?

      Britain should never have joined the EU. It should have negotiated a trade agreement with America. It is an American satellite state. It isn't European in any way, shape or form.

      Britain will come out of the EU.

      Scotland is a far more European country than the UK.

      Good graphic. Interesting figures about how they made life better for the poor.

  4. I suppose you could start a caption contest for the first one. Some of the Cameron posters would work as they are straight to the point.

    1. Good idea for next week, Marcia.

      Jutie's kind of come up with a caption for the first one...

      Is that a penis I see before me? (not so much Hamlet as Ham!)

  5. Who said this?
    The Prime Minister and other Ministers
    will go to Holyrood for questioning on
    a regular basis.

    Page 83.

    1. Hint: It was a lying little spivvy creep.

  6. Regarding the Scottish part of the UK election in 2010, if proportional representation had been used, then the Labour Party would have had 25 seats, the SNP 12, the Liberals Democrats 11 (which they do) and the Conservatives 10. That is how Scotland voted.

    Nothing in elections is fair Niko... but how would you improve them?

    Bothe the main parties in the Uk said we should stick to FPTP... and Labour introduced the FPTP/PR system in Scotland.

    I'd prefer PR.

  7. I see Nick Clegg after weeks of complaining about the £250.000 spent on garish oil painting of MP's, has finally succumbed to the idea of having his mug shot painted for £10.000 quid. All these Picassoesque paintings (Meaning their ugly coupons) are paid for by taxpayers money.

    Its an absolute disgrace, roll on independence.

    1. Only a waste when it wasn't him,,, God they are so empty of any decency.

  8. Replies
    1. If you are going to take on an academic on their own area of speciality it is a good idea to research it carefully and be absolutely certain of your grounds. Mr Small would have done well to take academic advice before launching his attack in such a petty way, and writing to the university boss.

      Like most BBC executives he is probably over promoted.

    2. I think most primary school kids have more intellect than BBC Scotland management have.

    3. They certainly seem to have gone off half cocked here.

      I'm not saying academics don't sometimes make mistakes, but with their entire reputation at stake they are usually quite careful.

      And if you take them on, you should remember they tend to be quite smart.

      As you say, BBC executives aren't noted for smartness. Not here, not in London.

  9. What is going on? IDS has been replaced by other shining foreheads?

    Has Niko replied to the question of whether he is willing to go on paying for WMDs, HS2, London cross-rail, House of Lords, etc etc which do not benefit Scotland? Go on slagging the Yes campaign, Niko, but tell us why we should vote No and, consequently, vote for right-wing and further right-wing UK Governments?

    1. Jings... You're never happy. I thought you'd like to see Wee Dans chubby coupon staring out at you.

      You have to admit that he's an improvement on the evil one.

      Anyway, there's a new post up now, and you have a pretty lady to ogle. So quit your mumping.


      I think he slept in this morning!