Sunday 23 February 2014


Yesterday's front page of The Sun. The main feature with emotional response instructions in red block capitals was: £120 a week benefits claimant whose state funded obesity 'will make your blood boil'. Horror of horrors. Just imagine if she had been getting £130 ...she'd have burst!

Single column side story: Multi millionaire state employee in £1m tax fraud. Nothing much to see there then. Just someone who works for the state managed to steal many millions of your pounds. Nothing to get excited about. At least not when compared with a fat bird.

Tiny third story: Multi millionaire footballer who dodges £600k a year in tax gets new £70m deal, tax unmentioned. Again, hardly damaging to the economy that someone has been dodging tax to the tune of £600,000 a year. Not when some woman has been getting fat on £120 a week. Goodness me thats around £6,000 a year...  

Let's remember too that at the moment some of the newspaper's stablemates' executives are in prison for hacking people's phones; bribing the police and other public officials and using a dead girl's phone to access information, in doing so giving the parents the hope that she was still alive.

Fortunately, there is a photograph of 46 year old Kylie Minogue's backside to raise the tone of the issue.

Very sadly, this is the biggest selling newspaper in Britain.

Makes you proud, eh?

(with thanks to Yes Dundee)


  1. Tris

    I suspect that most people who buy the sun do so for the footie and for the gossip. I don't think anyone, other than the ignorant and the right wing nutters of the three tory parties, will read much into it.

    I don't care about the benefit story, as it will not be true in any shape or form, no pun intended. More likely the woman buys cheap food because she has little money and the sad reality is that it is cheaper to go to McDs now than it is to the shops.

    Chris Moyles, never ever saw the point of him, is a non talented bbc hack like the thousands of others on the EBC. He will get away with slimy excuses and as it's not two bottles of water probably won't even get a fine. However, I really do resent paying a tax for people like him, Dimbleby, Wark, Neil, Marr and the list goes on.

    Rooney, not that great at football and his and others like him are killing football. I admit to being a DFC fan but to be honest the older I get the more I can't be bothered going anymore as it's not entertaining, most footballers are up themselves and at the highest levels they earn obscene money and think they are gods because they can kick a ball. The sadder thing about it is , esp in Ingerland, the prices people pay to go to games for what is at the end of the day, something that means nothing really.

    I just can't be bothered with the printed media anymore, the sooner it all dies off the better to be honest. If journalists were having a real go at the greed, lying politicians, influence by companies on government, hypocracy etc I would be all for it but they don't. They are part of the same elite and I just can't be bothered anymore to the extent that it is the extreme when I actually buy a paper now.

    Anyway, will look forward to the decent sites like this one for the latest cameron love bomb from Scotland. Who wouldn't want a cuddle from him, Osborne, Alexander, Clegg etc. They care so much about us that they went all the way to Aberdeen to talk about how we can't manage oil we are too fucking stupid, and to think they could have come to Dundee or went to Glasgow to talk about abject poverty. maybe the next time.


    1. I agree with you Bruce.

      I mean, what a pathetic story. I' don';t know anything about the woman, but I see people every day like this. I did when I was younger too.

      It has precious little to do with benefits. Low incomes means you buy crap food, and you fill up with stuff that makes you fat, because it is filling and it is tasty.

      AQp-art from a cartoon I left that Tory prat and his odious cabinet of poor slayers alone.

      I laughed like a drain at the patronising way that they suddenly decided to come to Scotland for (I'm told) the second time in 300 years, and have a cabinet meeting.

      I do hope that the Scottish police didn't have to pay for the bastards' security..

      Funny that, after all this time, a cabinet meeting in Scotchland to keep the plebs happy... "They'll be delighted to have titled and important people in their cold little county, I mean country."

      I left the put downs to people far more equipped to do them than I am...

      Wings and Derek both had brilliant pieces.

      As for the football. These people have turned what used to be a working man's game into something only rich people can afford.

      And yes, up themselves they surely are...

      I'd give them the average wage. If they don;t like tit they can get a job in Tescos.

    2. PS. I had to look up Moyes. The BBC is kinda off my radar. You're right. He's a little nomark, of inconsequential import.

      And he's a thief.