Tuesday 18 February 2014


IDS, wouldn't know the truth if it bit him on the ass
Bless him, the vomit-inducing rat Iain Duncan Smith has been strangely absent from these pages for over a week… mainly because we've been laughing our heads off, here at Munguin Towers, over the mad antics of David Cameron’s Valentine Message, followed by what Gideon clearly thought was a kick up the ass, followed by an elderly aristocratic relative of Jim Callaghan telling us that in the event of a yes vote, unless we comply with what Westminster wants, they will turn nasty, and we won’t get independence. Then just when we were all laughed out, good old José Manuel Barroso tells us that it is highly unlikely that Scotland will be accepted into the EU because Spain will block it.

So, with all that going on we stopped counting how many people Mr Duncan Smith had managed to get off the sick by killing them off or causing them to have heart attacks while they were being interviewed by the Atos nurse, and having their benefit stopped for failing to complete the assessment.

But the monster’s name cropped up today in another story. Apparently the UK government is paying strip clubs and massage parlours to take on staff from the dole. Yes, that’s right young unemployed people are being sent by jobcentres to work in the sex industry and the companies employing them are getting government grants.
That is about how much I care about the thousands of you
I have 'freed' from unemployment and ill health

Of course we are assured that the young people who are sent along to act as receptionists, cleaners, admin staff, bar staff, camera operators, etc, are not supposed to be directly involved in the sharp end of the business, but let’s be honest, I've never seen a job description that didn’t say “and any other duties as directed by line management” or words to that effect, included in it. Mr Duncan Smith’s department says that they would not get the subsidy if they were employing topless waitresses, stripogrammers, or cat fighters.

Labour MP Fiona MacTaggart has highlighted the fact that sex industry employers can receive £2,250 under the “youth contract”.

The Huffington Post asked in an FOI request, how much money the taxpayer had subsidised these industries, which may include pornographic filmmaking, strip clubs, massage parlours, etc, but they were unable to answer, saying that they didn’t count that kind of thing.

They did say that they acted to ensure that jobs which took advantage of jobseekers did not appear in jobcentres, however, they apparently missed this one.
Full on sex operative
The pay was a startling £10 an hour. But at least you had a drop down menu to say why you didn’t want to apply for it. I wonder what the options were!

Jobcentre said that this ad shouldn't have gone in, but refused to say whether ads were checked before they went live.

Good to know that in Dave's big society we have the welfare of our young people at heart.

Fortunately people at the DWP are doing their best to bring down costs for taxpayers
....well, all except the troughing pigs of ministers.
Here's a French "sondage" or opinion poll on whether or not you approve of the desire of Scots for independence. It seems the old alliance is holding up well.


  1. Just voted 'Oui'!

    1. Merci Cathy.... :)

      Ca marche bien!!!

  2. Seems London are the only ones against us strange.

    Another blogger you might like to keep an eye on.

    The Rev is still under DDOS attack and now by the BBC they are really getting desperate.

    1. The BBC's own news that they don't want it to show just because posh boy Darling was consumed with hatred and lost his rag. They are becoming a farce...

      I think i've added that blog CH...

      They really are becoming a laughing stock

  3. tris

    All the time the floods(all those austerity cuts) were making the news Gideon nowhere to be seen. Inflation falls and all of a sudden he is all over the news grabbing all the kudos he can.

    have a read here


    see old Alex is still telling the world he is right and they are all wrong
    quite funee really

    1. Oh lordy, George wouldn't want to get his feet wet... Wellies are for the countryside when one is doing country pursuits, not messing about with idiot constituents from the lower classes that were stupid enough to buy or rent houses not on the top of a hill.

      If inflation HAD actually fallen that might have been a real story but it hasn't. They still inventing the figures. But they need to be seen good at something.

      So, even if they are killing off the old and the poor, they can always tell people who still believe them, that they have brought down inflation. Even with their lying figures it's still twice what ordinary people's wages went up by.

      Won't bother them though 11% pay rises for the troughing bastards...

      As for Eck...well, he does seem to be being proved right.

      We can use the pound; if they refuse to make it official then we needn't accept their debt; Barroso has been shown to be talking through a hole in his butt and people are reporting increases in the polling for yes.

      It's been a good week...

      Oh yeah, and Gordon Brown who wrecked everyone's pensions back in 2000 has the temerity to tell us that we won't get our pensions if we are independent. Has the man taken leave of what little wit he had?

      Equitable Life anyone? Lowest pensions in Europe anyone?

      Jeez Gordo, shut up you oaf.

  4. Tris

    The Tories are the scam of the earth , closely followed by the others. The attacks on the poor will continue until the poor fight back and do something about it. What that is I don't know as people just seem beaten, having three Tory parties does not help I guess. Voting yes would be a start but the followers of that cult labour don't help due to their brainwashing.


    1. How about this for scumminess, Bruce...


  5. If I was to "work at the sharp end" - what kind of saunas do you have in Dundee? - I would expect more than £10 an hour in case I found myself in a difficult position.

    I've just written to Mr Darling and will ask the same question of Brian Wilson next time I se him regarding the following scenario: Scotland votes for Yes and in the subsequent Scottish election "Scottish" Labour win a majority and Jo Lamont becomes First Minister - no, no, stop laughing for a minute, I'm trying to be serious here - and in the mean-time the Labour party have won the general election and Milliband is Prime Minister. Would the rUK still refuse to co-operate in a currency union or would two factions of the Labour party be at loggerheads? The same holds true but less likely with Davidson and Cameron - what would be their reaction?

    Perhaps Niko could give us the benefit of his wisdom over such an issue.

    1. LOL... we have erm, sharp ones.

      Actually, we are a very moral lot here. We don't have, to my knowledge, anything like that at all.

      You pose an interesting question there.

      Hmmm... NIKO... your intellect is needed here...

      (How desperate are we?)

    2. Hmmm...Trust you to know about that sort of thing.

      As far as I was aware there were only a few saunas attached to gyms. And I can tell you my gym sauna is not like that at all. I'm sure I would know if it were. :)

  6. Breaking News: My island has been voted by TripAdviser as the best island in Europe and Orkney voted 5th. Also voted third in top tourist destinations after London and Edinburgh! Cue music "This is my island in the sun hidarum hadarum ho...."

    1. Well congratulations. That settles it. I'll come for my holidays.


      Seriously though... brilliant. You are so lucky to live in such a paradise. What are your saunas like?

      Do they pay more than a tenner an hour?

    2. I believe you made the grown up news on the Eng;lish Broadcasting Craperation tonight...

      Congratulations. It does look stunningly beautiful.

  7. 'Tories seek to punish poor' = you shock me sir! :P

    1. His answer to the Archbishop of london takes some bloody nerve.


      He seems to be completely detached from reality, and he calls himself a religious man and England a Christian country?

      I wonder what he is doing to prepare himself for hell?

    2. The worst of all of it is that none of these 'moral leaders' are anything other than the most base of hypocrites.

      We have IDS, and call-me-Dave on some psuedo-Christian crusade to break trades unions, abolish progressive redistributive justice and ... then we have the Archishops opposing them, who like to discriminate against women and gays.

      To hell with the lot of them. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, and Tories are about as far from ethical integrity as its possible to achieve.

    3. Aye well, that's true enough. I'm thinking that they'd all do best to shut their nasty little mouths about matters ethical.

      As you say the Tories are far from morality as it is possible to be and being taught about morals but the Roman Catholic church is a bit of a joke, even if you leave choir boys out of the equation).

      Then you have Tony Blair knowing that his mate was about to face charges over trying to make money out of a dead kid's telephone, offering her and her organisation "unofficial" support. Suggesting to go for Hutton style report... that would be the one which said that he didn't order the murder of David Kelly.

      Even old John Major, harping on about good old fashioned family values while joining most of the rest of the Tory party with Edwina!!!

      Prince Charlie going to be head of a church that refuses to marry divorcees with an ex spouse living, but who marries Mrs Parker Bowles while Mr Parker Bowles looks on.

      Or Prince William who lectures about saving endangered species and then goes hunting with King Elephant Slayer of Spain...


      Ok... so there's a lot of immorality at the top... so it would be best if they didn't mention it in their speeches. They do so leave themselves open to criticism.

  8. He's already claimed on expenses for some fireproof shreddies!


    1. I hope they turn out to be faulty... :)

  9. Replies
    1. Remind me... what currency do they use on Sark and Brecqhou?

      Oh yes, despite not being part of the UK, they use the pound.

      That's what the Mad Twins use in their offshore tax haven which has no company law...

      So typical of them to put Scotland down.

      We could barter...

      Piss off you patronising Tory idiots.

  10. tris and brownlie

    There will be no currency union not now not ever
    the final word has been spoken. If you imagine the English
    will now bow down to the snp you are deluded. They really will
    cut of there nose to spite the snp.

  11. Agreed. This is shocking stuff.

    How can anyone who is trained in any branch of medicine... doctor, nurse or paramedic lower themselves to work to targets for these people.

    They are beneath contempt but IDS is worse. He could stop it tomorrow and would if he were a human.

    I hope they string him up first. I've got a rope and I'll happily pay for the hire of a lamppost.

  12. Well, it will be a bit silly of them.

    Even Darling admitted it was the only thing that made sense from both countries' point of view.

    And they have everything to lose. Scotland doesn't as I see it. As the pound is an internationally traded commodity, and as we have vast supplies of them here, we can use it.

    But if Gideon wants to stick his neck out... fair enough...there are plenty who would bring down the guillotine on it. Me for one. You for another I suspect.

  13. Niko... From Derek Bateman:

    'Johann Lamont said that sharing the pound would mean England “doing us favours” so she also doesn’t believe Scotland has a stake in the Bank of England and hasn’t helped to build sterling. She said England would be quite right to deny it to Scotland. Now there’s a proud Scottish leader to march behind. “What do we want…to be treated like serfs…Small, skint and stupid…Ed, Ed, Ed…” It seems we really are another country.'