Wednesday 19 February 2014


Shortly before she was arrested for bribing government officials and police; shortly before she was picked up for hacking into people's phones from pop stars to royalty, from politicians to reality "stars"; shortly before she was done for using a dead girls phone and giving false hope to the parents that their child was alive, David Cameron's friend and neighbour was offered support and assistance from Tony Blair. There are some things you support your friends through. There are somethings that you do not. I wonder what's in it for him?
Well another day, another Tory on the fiddle. What worries me is that bitch got a tut tut for claiming £90,000 she wasn't entitled to, but a student who stole two bottles of water from a looted shop got 6 months in prison. All in it together, Big Society.  We've not been so divided for 70 years.
Oh look. Sterling that is not English.
Oh look. Sterling that is not English
Oh look. Sterling that is not English.
Oh look. Sterling that is not English.
Oh look. Sterling that is not English.
Oh look. Sterling that is not English.
Who'd have thought it, eh...? All these countries that use the pound sterling, with the queens head on it because they are associated with the crown, although not with England, or Wales or Ulster or Scotland.

Surely must me some mistake.
At the risk of being a tad on the boring side... Oh look!
No, I'm joking. These are not official.
No wonder, no one much lives there.
The man who raided people's pensions won't need to worry much for himself.
Quite apart form the massive ex prime minister pension he gets, plus a fund to run an office, plus security, he clearly gets rather well paid for his speeches. Not sure why, because he's a boring old git that got more or less everything wrong all the time he was in office.


  1. Tris

    It will be interesting to see what else comes out and if Cameron is implicated. I suspect it might have all been sanitized though before it goes near the court. I would think Blair knew what was coming and had been fore warned.

    Not surprised by another MP with their nose in the troff. Thing is no one will day anything really as they just don't care. Sad but TRUE but at least it's out there and that's a good thing.


    1. Cameron is, or was a close friend of the Brookes. He was at Eton with Charlie and they live in the same village. Until he fell out with Murdoch over all this (as he had to... you could hardly be seen to be endorsing that kind of behaviour), he was sucking up to Murdoch so that he could get preference over Labour in the Sun.

      But the prosecution case is closed now and there's not been much mention, if any of him. None that I've seen anyway. As you say, it has all been sanitised before it got to the courts.

      On the other hand, if Brookes' lawyers were minded, they could bring Cameron into it. Reminding the judge that they had friends in "high" places... with access to knighthood and seats in the house of lords. Who knows? People like Cameron can, sometimes, be useful.

      I think we have all become so used to see an MP or a lord stealing from us and getting away with it, that it probably doesn't much register on Mr Average's radar now.

      Just remember every time you see her... £90,000 to the likes of her means a smack on the wrist.

      Two bottles of water to a student means 6 months in prison.

      That's the kind of society we live in.

  2. £90,000? That's what my wife and I have to live on for TEN YEARS!

    Greedy bitch.


    1. Well, Eck, it would be nice to think that she was going to lose her job for being a thief... or at least be made to pay back the money... but this is Britain and she's in Westminster, so ....

      Maybe Scotland won't be like that.

    2. At least if someone's on the fiddle in iScotland, it'll be someone we've chosen.
      Plus we'll have a written constitution that'll let us do something about it. Have noticed recently that plans to make M.P.s more accountable to constituents have been dropped.


    3. Yes, I did. I meant to write something about it.

      There's no excuse for this one.

      I think it was in both manifestos, because it was a hot topic at the time, and they were all competeing with each other to come down hard on the thieves...

      But we let go of the rope round their necks and no one seems that bothered any more, so the power of recall has been dropped.

      Dave is worried that he would lose too many backbenchers; Ed probably doesn't want it either, and nobody gives a toss what Clegg says any more.

      So the signal is... Trough away.

  3. If you can stomach the right-wing bile, some of the BTL comments on Guido's blog about Blair and Brooks provide some thought-provoking insights into what is really going on here.

    1. On yuy way to have a look Anon.

    2. Are any of them straight up and down people... or are they all corrupt?

  4. tris and the other malcontents

    Bliar bliar bliar....boring boring boring !!!

    on a more substantive issue
    down in the drowning lands of England
    where the average house is around a million plus.
    The torys have come up with a whizz bang idea
    seeing as those who live in an area they shouldn't
    and with the insurance companys refusing to insure
    the torys have decided to make every person in the
    uk pay 10 pound 50p sterling ha ha on their house
    insurance, to enable the million pound householder
    who no doubt have many unoccupied bedrooms
    a lower premium to pay out for their house insurance.
    I mean bedroom tax for the poor and state socialism
    for the very rich.

    now thats taking the pish but who cares
    not Labour who need some tory heartland votes
    and so it seems nobody else..


    They are the very essence of N.I.M.B.Y
    and yet we are now supposed to weep
    floods of tears on their behalf.

    1. You're kidding right?

      I mean I'm all for we are all in this together, but it works both ways. I mean today I read about jobcentres actually having targets to sanction people, and staff being penalised if they don;t get the right number. And people can be penalised for 6 months during which time they can get about half their normal payments (so maybe about £30 a week). Not because they have done anything wrong; but because the jobcentre is under profile for sanctions.

      Of course at that kind of money people can't afford to make phone calls to get work, so they get sanctioned again.

      So we are all supposed to pay more to help out people in Oxfordshire, like Mr Cameron, and Ms Brooks becauswe the insurance companies won't touch them.


      Just no.

      As you say, Labour will be up for that incase they put off the toffs who hate Cameron and might vote for them.

      Remind me Niko...why you want to stay in this union?