Wednesday 12 February 2014




  1. Got to admit, Red Ed does wear that hairstyle well doesn't he? LOL

    1. Well, he's marginally less ugly than Thatcher.

    2. Blimey, I think I took her home from, the Barrowlands one night after a few wine-gums!

    3. Yes, you're right. She told me. (Not impressed!)

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    5. LOL... That will be you back then Urchin?

  2. Tris

    Wonder if any of the northern branch will defend him and Labour now in Scotland. He must have forgotten that the dirty unwashed in Scotland do get some bias news from the msm. If the posh boys and thick balls rule out currency union it is a good day, watch the panic set in. Salmond should get on to the clydesdale and a get a competion started for the new Scottish pound. Bring it on, project panic has begun.


    1. Well, I saw that The Scotsman covered his speech but left out any reference to Thatcher. Unlike Blue Rinse Ed, they seem to be aware that this is not a selling point in Scotland.

      The thing is that there are two ways to deal with recessions, you either go for austerity or you spend on capital projects to put people into work and stimulate the economy (whilst improving your infrastructure at a cheaper rate than you would do during boom times.

      The UK now has no choice. There's the Thatcherite Tories, or the Thatcherite Labour Party.

      As M pointed out on the last post...

  3. It would be nice to think that Miliband's admiration for Thatcher, and his enthusiasm for cuts, will wake some the tribal Labour supporters in Scotland out of their dream in which they will vote in a Labour government in 2015 (having rejected independence), and all the iniquities of Tory rule will be swept away, never to return.

    What I mean by a tribal supporter of a political party is one who unthinkingly votes for it, just as they might unquestioningly support a football club even if its management is corrupt and incompetent, and its players are overpaid has-beens. They support it because they have always supported it, as did their fathers before them.

    Sadly, in the case of Labour, some of their voters are unlikely to change their ways unless Miliband does something like pledge to substantially increase duty on beer.

    1. Hi Les...

      I know. You are bang on.

      There are people who will support the insupportable because "Labour is the party of the working man", ... even when it introduced Atos, and Bedroom tax and promises to act like Margaret Thatcher.

      She must be pleased. She swaid that her proudest legacy was New Labour. Now she can add One Nation Labour to that list of pride.

      He probably shouldn't have mentioned Thatcher though in his mad desire to impress the people of the SE.

      Next he will be telling them that money is no object (Or maybe even Ed isn't that daft. Can you imagine how stupid that was to say that money was no object!!!!?)

  4. Please tris, no more morphs!

    Anyway, it will be interesting to see whether or not they reject us from their toy town pound. It was not that long ago that Icelanders bought up the entire knitwear collection on Sauchiehall Street!

    1. Spoil sport Douglas. I had a series planned...

      Oh well...

      I remember being on holiday with some Icelanders in Istanbul, where even I found things to be cheap.

      They dedicated one day of their holiday to shopping for clothes for the entire year, as they could afford the very best. It was like they were paying in confetti.

      I think this is yet another blunder, particularly so close to the love bombing. It's like no one thinks.

      Then the Tories tell us that Alistair Darling knows what he's doing... but Alistair (although he seems to have forgotten he said this) said last year that a currency union was the sensible thing to do.

      Geez, when will they get things right?

    2. Ha1

      They will never get things right. The most eyebrows can do is pretend to be important. Which he is not.

      Indeed we have Cameron pretending he is important, from a distance, and Gordon Brown from another planet. Or the Chairchoob, I expect.

      We are running against a full load of folk that do benefit from a union.

      Is it a tad surprising that the likes of you and I reject that sort of patronage?


    3. Well exactly. We gain nothing and lose most stuff by being in the union.

      But we would lose even more if we stayed.

  5. Euthanasia? I don't think I could agree with that one. Asking medical professionals to breach the hippocratic oath isn't a policy I could support.

    But on the substance of the indyref, I think attitudes toward Maggie Thatcher do helpfully underscore just how different in terms of political culture the constituent member-parts of the UK seem to becoming.

    1. Well... that was a joke, Dean. Even Margaret Miliband isn't enough to make me want to end it all. As long as I have enough money to get the hell out of Thatcher's Britain!! :)

    2. Oops... sorry I missed that joke :(

      It seems I have about as much a sense of humour as the late Iron lady was purported to have!


    3. Oh don't worry... I should have put a smiley face at the end of it.

      Yes... she was a humourless person I understand. Never saw a joke. Makes you wonder what on earth she saw in Jimmy Saville...

  6. I really really hope Alex Salmond calls George Osbornes bluff, with regards to the currency union, it would be priceless to see Osborne et al faces if Scots decide to strike out with their own pound. Billions would be saved by not servicing Westminster carelessly amassed debt.

    Though a lender of last resort (probably a European bank) would need to be found, and some sort of system set up to trade with our neighbours in the rest of the UK, and we'd still have our biggest bargaining chip to use Trident, to at least get some of our way.

    1. Well from what I can make out it is not the end of our world.

      It could prove very difficult for the Uk though.

      I would have thought that there would be banks that would stand guarantor for us in the early days until we prove creditworthiness.

      Ande starting without the Bank of England's debt would certainly be a plus on our balance sheets.

      I see the idiot Darling is worming his way out of the fact that he said it would be best to share currency... and now apparently wants us to take 10% oif UK debt with no connection to its credit rating.

      Bloody idiot.

  7. Replies
    1. Erm...yes urchin.

      Not, maybe, up to the usual high standard of your contributions, but interesting none the less... :)

      I take it you are trying to get your iPad to connect to the Republic... ?

      Mine, it could be code. I can see the letters NIKO there...

    2. Whateffer happened there? Wass it his choke about Bible Chon? How do you like my Hebrides accent?

    3. My mum says she loves your Hebrides accent.

      Actually, I have to say she's right.The Islands' accent is the nicest accent in Scotland.

      Hamish Macbeth from the books!!

    4. Actually, bejasus, after being away for so long my accent is more Irish, for some reason, than that of the Hebrides. Gregor Fisher has a terrific Hebrides accent in his "Hello civilisation" on Naked Video(?)

    5. Well, you're back now, so you should encourage your accent to return. Not that there's anything wrong with an Irish accent, as long as it isn't attached to Robinson or Paisley!

      I must go and see Hello Civilisation.

  8. Just a quick note Tris, but have you read this over on Wings?

    and have you seen the latest YES video?

    1. Just got in Arbroath. Away to have a look... :)


    2. Yep... good video.

      When you think about it, we all know someone who says that something or other can't be done... and we all know people who take the can do attitude...

      They are the ones that get the girl or the boy, learn to drive, start their own business and end up on the same bill as One Direction...

      As for Better Togeteer.

      The question is ...are they stupid, or are they liars?

      Would any of them like to write to the Finance Secretary and demand to know how much of this money the government has supplied?

      Would they like to write to Westminster and ask how much money has been spent on telling us how stupid we are.. or instructing our ambassadors to pour scorn on Scotland?

  9. niko the love bombFebruary 12, 2014 8:55 pm

    tris and the malcontents

    What would you want to have a currency union with
    England. Alex is on the record stating he is willing
    and happy to cede some of Scotland's sovereignty
    to achieve a currency union .
    And thus Thatcherite policies under snp misrule
    and at the behest of the bank of England
    are willingly taken to ensure the Scots can use
    the English pound.

    anyone ......bought and sold for English gold

    you lot really do talk a load of shite about
    Scotland being more left wing and with nordic
    style social security...

    1. Yo9u think Scotland is as right wing as England?

      Why do they not vote conservative then?

      Why is Fluffy the only representative they have under the system that serves the Conservatives well in England and makes them the government more often than not, even with their little helpers?

      Why is England on fire for Ukip and they lose their deposits here?

      Why do most of our MPs vote against all their policies?

      I don't think that Scandinavia is perfect, just a lot better than this worn out old place of aristocrats and royalty and moneyed classes.

      Don't you?

    2. Plus the 40 or so red ones only the go in camouflage to hide from the plebs.

  10. tris

    Under English monetary hegemony (which Alex is
    demanding )right wing policies will be enforced on
    the scots by the snp.........simples

    1. Brahms Niko the soothsayer of all things irrelevant.

    2. Why would they be Niko?

      Are you saying that Labour wouldn't ever win the vote in Scotland? Or are you saying that JoLa and Ruthie are more of less the same and would force their right wing policies on us?

      Are you saying that sharing a currency means everything has to be the same?

      How would you explain that the OAP here is £110, and in Guernsey, they get nearly £200.

      How would you explain that they don't have bedroom tac in Jersey, or Atos in Gibraltar?

  11. Kinnock, Smith, Blair, Brown and now we've got Thazzaband, scourge of working class good-for-nothings. Nice ear-rings.

    1. I suspect he inherited them from the old lady.

      Ity seems that Brown and Miliband were far closer to her than we imagined.