Sunday 9 February 2014


Ah Yes... the blokey from BP made a personal statement, not on behalf of BP,
saying that he would worry about doing business in an independent Scotland.
He somehow feels that this would be worse than doing business in Libya and Nigeria.
Odd that!
Then there was this poisonous ignorant old bat, the egg woman
(the one that thinks Alex Salmon (sic) was a Labour MP), who weighed into the debate
 on food banks and poverty. Someone should probably remind her we can't
 all sleep our way into a job and then write a kiss and tell book
 about what a tart we have been and whose pants we've been in,
 wrecking marriages on the way to make even more money.
Shut up you silly toxic old fool.
 Go and dribble somewhere else.
Dave's first draft. Someone thought that talking about the
History of England was a better bet. Duh! Spads these days huh!
Add the personality of a wet weekend in Cleethorpes and you sum the man up
What was it Ozzy said about uncertainty stopping investment? Liar?
They were wrong about every single one of their predictions of gloom.
THEY LIE PEOPLE. Either that or they are some extra special kind of thick.
Nah, right enough, it was lying.

Damn, a paper that tells the truth about money, and Oh, look, it's the FT.
Now what would they know about financial matters?
We are heading back to the Victorian days. You have to be rich to get any justice.
Justice isn't for ordinary people on the minimum wage
who don't have £12 to spare never mind £1200.
Goodness: What a shock.
Competition Caption...

Incidentally, I've just noticed that Stewart Campbell has posted about the amazing number of page hits that he has been getting. 

Of course first and foremost it is attributable to the fact that his blog is quite simply brilliant.

He gets the stories, he researches, he links, he writes in a flowing, informative, amusing style, and he's bang on. Although he has come to verbal (or written) blows with people in positions who could easily take him to court, he is sure of his facts and he stands his ground... then they back off. Or (I think I'm right here) they never even broach the subject, pretending they haven't seen the story (Ian Smart).

But of course the Daily Mail has to take some of the credit for Stewart's record breaking figures.

In an attempt to put him (and us) down with their pathetic front page feature on Cybernats (the one which all but ignored the fact that there were equally as many Britnats saying equally repugnant things), they insisted on highlighting Wings over Scotland on a couple of occasions.

Well... for all its faults, the Mail has the third largest tabloid circulation in Scotland... and
there's no such thing as bad publicity, Mail. Thank you for helping us to spread our message. What would we do without you?
Oh come on, they ask for it...


  1. Heaven knows what happened... All the posts disappeared

    1. These damn lemon juice keyboards leaking again.

    2. I suspect dirty works!!!!

  2. Look out Tris you're under attack from Better together or GCHQ or Cameron's love bombing! LOL

    1. I now I should have been nicer to Cameron.

      or maybe it was the photograph of that sour faced old bag, Currie, with Major's underpants on her head. Maybe Better Together think that that's porn...

      No, don't laugh. There are some very sad people in the world.

  3. Who annoyed Niko to such an extent that he love-bombed your blog?

    1. Damn... It was Niko.

      Niko... Go to Munguin's office on the Penthouse floor.

      Be afraid... He's not a pleased Munguin!

  4. With Currie's teeth I hope Major opted just for the missionary?

    1. Ewwwww. Could you please not do that to me.

      I would like to get through the day without vomiting.

  5. Tris,

    Can you borrow the head-lines from Wings for Niko?

    1. Russians are coming?

      Or the ones about Ed Thatcher?

      Now if there were ever a vindication of what we have been saying about New One Nation Red Ed Labour, that is it.

      He knows how much that woman is hated in the North of England, in Wales, in Scotland. And yet he actually used her name to describe how he will run the country.

      Well, if there is anyone in Labour who still wants to stay in miliband's Uk then all I can say is they should never have been in Labour in the first place.

  6. There is something weird going as it has just affected your blogroll as this was at the top then vamoosh!

  7. Replies
    1. It's got to be Niko.

      I know Wings is having trouble with a Denial of Service attack from someone on the other side, but I hardly think Munguin's Republic is important enough to warrant that.

    2. Relieved to hear that Paul is back. He's another guy they would like to shut up.

    3. Ahem.

      I have a theory. In Russia, all this anti-gay chit chat, well, I think they're overcompensating. I suspect (and bear with me because I think you'll find my logic is irresistible) that Russia is going to be the first country to come out.

      What's happening with wings is like a dead arm you get in the play ground from a girl (or boy) who likes you but doesn't quite know how to express it.


      I told you; irresistible.


    4. Yup, your logic is always irresistible Pa... OK. And Russia may well find Wings irresistible too.

      But, if that's the case, who is flirting with Munguin? Liechtenstein? San Marino? Monaco?

      Btw, no one ever dead armed me in the playground... You may think that that indicates that my fellow school pupils were above average in communication skills. Au contraire. They were a dim lot. So I guess it was because no one ever liked me! :¬(

      Ho hum...

    5. Did you find out who was flirting with you, enough to make you disappear from the top of my blog list, and upset Cynical Highlander?

      France probably!

  8. Hello tris, I saw Edwina Currie on t.v. last week attacking the poor (again). I think that the woman is an emotional cripple who uses the broadcasting studios as a form of therapy. Nowadays she is being assisted by the equally disgusting Katy Hopkins (I think she's called), who knows a chance to make a few bob when she sees it.

    These people shouldn't be encouraged, but they put up the viewing figures while spreading their vile opinions. Unfortunately, they always seem to find some people to agree with them.

    I've been enjoying your blog for about a year now, and must say I admire your compassion, and your patience with Niko.

    1. Hi there John..

      Edwina is the lowest form of chancer. And I agree the Hopkins person joins her down there.

      Failures both of them, yet they sell themselves well, and can always been guaranteed to say something ignorant, ill considered, insulting and popular with a certain brand of equally ill informed, intellectually stunted Daily Mail reader.

      They are and will always be the subject of scorn on the blog.

      I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. I hope you will continue to, and to contribute :)

      As for Niko... well, he believes what he believes, and I believe what I believe, and all of, or most of the exchanges are done in good humour.

      He's a good guy really and I agree with a lot of what he says, especially about the social security situation.

  9. Ed Miliband in the press today promising to keep cutting spending, if Labour are victorious in the 2015 general election Miliband said "I'll keep the austerity measures up". It won't matter who gains power in 2015, swinging cuts will be made, and austerity will reign supreme for many years to come.

    Do Scots really want to be part of such a bleak and depressing future, where cuts matter more than people, or do we choose to go our own way and plan for a better more prosperous society, surely the latter option must prevail. I cannot for the life of me see why we would remain, if only for to say I' m British, a word that in reality doesn't actually mean anything significant.

    1. I think that Ed realises that if he wants to get his hands on the top job and go down in history with his picture of the stairwell at Downing Street, he will definitely have to start appealing to the middle and upper middle classes of SE England.

      The folk in the north have no where else to go...

      We have.

  10. This is where the Tory and Labour parties stand now on all the major issues:-

    The Tories want to be tougher on welfare
    Labour want to be tougher on welfare.

    The Tories want to be tougher on immigration.
    Labour want to be tougher on immigration.

    The Tories want to introduce means-testing for more benefits.
    Labour want to introduce means-testing for more benefits.

    The Tories want to end free tuition in Scotland.
    Labour want to end free tuition in Scotland.

    The Tories support workfare and want to extend it.
    Labour support workfare and want to extend it.

    The Tory plan for cutting the deficit is a decade of brutal austerity.
    The Labour plan for cutting the deficit is a decade of brutal austerity.

    The Tories want to spend tens of billions replacing Trident.
    Labour want to spend tens of billions replacing Trident.

    The Tories introduced the bedroom tax for social rented tenants.
    Labour introduced the bedroom tax for private rented tenants.
    (And refuse to say they'll abolish it.)

    The Tories don't plan to reintroduce the 50p income tax rate.
    Labour don't plan to reintroduce the 50p income tax rate.

    The Tories have vague, non-specific, non-committal plans for devolution which offer more responsibilities rather than more powers, and which aren't supported by the party's Westminster leadership.
    Labour have vague, non-specific, non-committal plans for devolution which offer more responsibilities rather than more powers, and which aren't supported by the party's Westminster leadership.

    So if any Scottish journalist is interviewing Ed Miliband in the next few days about his speech, could they do us a favour and ask him exactly what would be different between a Labour and Tory UK government in 2015?

    1. Wow... which one to pick... It's a bit of a mystery...


      I note the Scotsman didn't mention Ed's frequent references to Maggie... whom he admired, when they reported on his look at me, I'm Blue Ed now speech..

  11. M wery james bond,,,,,,

    Seems they are as one on this

    John H

    Compassion and nonviolence help us to see the enemy's point of view,
    to hear their questions, to know their assessment of ourselves.
    For from their point of view we may indeed see the basic weaknesses
    of our own condition, and if we are mature, we may learn and grow and profit
    from the wisdom of the brothers and sisters who are called the opposition.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    plus I is a mentalist

    Party big guns to rule out currency union with Scotland
    Scotland's hopes of keeping the pound will come under attack from George Osborne, Danny Alexander and Ed Balls

  12. I'm reading that the BBC2 has just run a BT propaganda program for an hour.

    1. Well, I never... Imagine that.

      I thought they were determined to be neutral and were challenging academic reports which said they weren't.

      Still I'm sure they will balance it.


  13. PS


    you have been love bombed

    1. Well Niko. Usually I'm just bombed... but there had to be a first time...

      and i'm glad it was you! :)

  14. Sorry I'm O/T here Tris, but there are rumours apparently flying around that Osborne is about to rule out a currency union with an independent Scotland.

    Well to be honest I couldn't care less about a currency union, I have always been one who wanted our own independent currency although I did understand that a currency union in the short term would be useful for both Scotland and rUK.

    Now that Ozzy is 'flexing' his wee muscle perhaps we should agree to have no currency union. Let's face it no currency union then WE carry no proportion of debt!

    There is a second advantage to wee Ozzy denying us a currency union and that is we would be free to investigate the creation of our own independent currency similarly to that suggested by Max Keiser.

    Oh don't forget Iceland is creating its own cryptocurrency soon as well.

    1. We love you. we want you to stay, you are everything to us. this sceptred isle, this England... Tears, sighs...

      But you can't have our currency. It says Bank of England and Bank of England it stays.

      Don';t talk to us about Jersey and Guernsey and Gibraltar and these other places. YOU can't have it.

      What Ireland, for 50 years and more... what? No that was before I Gideon Posh Boy was born. So I don;t know about it, like Ruth doesn't know about Maggie.

      And Ed agrees with me.

      As you say, we can have our own currency.

      But by god they will regret it.

      Without the oil to back the pound it will sink. I feel sorry for the English and the Channel Islanders, the Welsh and the irish, although they should simply take the plunge and go back to being a part of Ireland. it's going to happen anyway. Might as well do it now.

      Maybe we shouldn't have mocked Cameron's idiot attempts to love bomb us.

      (I'm still waiting for someone to phone me and beg me to stay. I was thinking of asking for a few quid, but maybe best ask for Swiss Francs. The pound won't be worth diddly!)

  15. Like you Tris I too am still eagerly waiting with baited breath for THAT phone call. LOL

    Just before all the comments disappeared from Stu's article, about Osborne and his incredible idea about prohibiting us from joining a currency union, I read a post that intimated someone on Twitter had suggested that Osborne has gone all in with a pair of two's. LOL