Monday 24 February 2014

Camergoon and the Morons on Tour

They came; they made asses of themselves; we laughed; they left.
They didn't even bother to learn the language. Tourists, huh!
Roll on September.


  1. Do they not look, vaguely, like desperate people looking for dry land. It was cruel and unusual to take DC out yesterday to look at yet another area surrounded by water.

    1. LOL. I think it was very nice. He got to feel at home. That's what you are supposed to do with visitors, even unwelcome ones like him.

      That's probably what spurred him on to make the promise of massive investment. Money will be no object, and of course Scotland wouldn't be able to afford that on its own without its super rich motherland.Of course, just like his promises to most of Somerset and the other areas down there, it'll never actually happen.

      In fact just like almost every promise he ever made....

  2. Cameron shuffles North dragging his cabinet screaming along behind him. Why might you ask did he do this. Well to win the hearts and minds of the too poor too wee and too stupid Scots of course.

    I'm thinking that someone might want to have a wee word in his wee ear like and mention to him that his wee trip was not that successful. If his previous wee visits are anything to go by then only the YES campaign can surely be cheering his wee visit to Aberdeen. LOL

    Interestingly Cameron arrived in Aberdeen claiming his government would back Ian /wood's report that will see ate least £200 Billion being added to the economy over the next 20 years, around £10 Billion a year. Hmm... Now can someone remind me again what it is that Darling's marlings have been saying about Scottish oil industry... oh that's right it is returning diminishing returns. Well from where I'm sitting £10 Billion per year is not small peanuts, and let's not forget that thanks to Ozzy Osborne's outburst the other week we will not be in a currency union with Westminster so we will not be taking our projected share of THEIR debt. Consequently we will be even better off as a new independent country than previously thought.

    Thanks Dave for coming up to Aberdeen and highlighting how much better off we will be when we gain independence than even we poor mortals thought or even dreamed of! LOL

    1. I was wondering if they overnighted with you in the borders, Arbroath.

      As I speak you are probably preparing a nice English breakfast for them (Scottish breakfast wouldn't be to their taste, Haggis pudding and square sausage!!!

      I can't for the life of me see why he came.

      If it was to convince Yes voters of the love mother England has for them... then bwa ha ha ha ha ha.

      If it was to buck up the No campaign... even people voting no don't like him or his policies.

      Did the Secretary of State for Portsmouth make any speeches... you know, the big fighter, the one we were all to be scared of?

      I never heard... but them I purpose;ly missed all the news yesterday.

      The site of his poggy old face and the sound of his posh voice telling us how wondrous Britain was was more than my blood pressure could stand.

      The list of achievements which figured in the post the other day... kinda make lies of all that.

      Dave is more at home in the Guildhall talking to other spivs of his own class, from a golden throne and a golden lectern. He should stick to that.

  3. Yes what was he trying to achieve? I particularly liked you could only have this investment if we were in the union which left me wondering how Norway managed given they were so anti-Swedish they separated :-)

    Still tonight will be fun with Nicola and Johann debating on STV. Hopefully it won't be a rerun of Anus' "if I shout enough, no-one will hear the positive case. Job done"

    1. I'm not sure I can take that tonight PP. I think I'll give it a miss and read Stu's report of it. It's less likely to be injurious to health!!

      I have no idea why he and his class came here like a Geography day trip from Eton. It just had to be counter productive.

      When you think of all the countries, some of them TINY, which have benefited from oil, it's hard to see why we need to attach ourselves to a war mongering set of wastrels.

      it's not like they have this brilliant record on how to make the most of oil.

      If anything we'd be much better in a union with Norway. They don;t have a passion for killing brown people and they are awfully good at saving...

      In fact they have already (I believe) offered us advice on setting up an oil fund, and managing the profits. And we should certainly be lucky to learn from them. They make more from interest on their fund than the UK does from oil.

      Bloody country!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. You know how Westminster has no plans to militarily defend Scotland? I wonder if we could convince them to invade?

      I know I wouldn't resist if Norway wanted to conquer Scotland.

      Or even if they decided that we needed some "peacekeeping" forces deployed here. Would be amusing to give Westminster a taste of what they handed out in Iraq.

    3. Yes Illy, that would be really funny!

      I'd love to be Norwegian or Icelandic and live the lives they live.

      If they want to come and show us how to achieve that I'm up for it.

      They can bring their half a trillion pound oil fund.

    4. I'm pretty sure the King of Norway was also King of Soctland at one point (I think he was also King of Denmark, Sweden, Northumbria, The Isle of Mann and probably a few other places as well, at the time. Viking kings were wierd like that)

      I keep finding myself wondering how things would have gone if Harold Haldraada hadn't gotten himself ambushed, and Knut's empire had stuck together.

      (Yes, *that* King Knut, "I'm going to sit here and command the tide to stay out, to prove a point to all these sycophantic courtiers. I'll get my feet wet, but hopefully they'll get a sense of reality" We need more people like that around in politics)

      For some historical perspective, compare the following two maps: (Northumbria and Mercia joined together very early in England's formation) (See that red bit, that was the *other* Kingdom that merged into what is now England)
      Northumbria was ruled from York, that massive viking settlement on the east coast.

      A little bit of history can say so much, can't it?

    5. Indeed it can. Very interesting too it is.

      I think I'm going to get that History of Scotland by Neil Oliver and rewatch it.

      I think I've always wished that British government would spend their time, and money, looking after our affairs, instead of trying to run the world, very badly.

      Yes, if only, if only...

      We we have a unique chance to make that make something... let's hope we are not saying "if only" in 3 years time as we privatise health and education to make ends meet, and pensions are abolished forever to pay off the next bankers crash.

  4. Westminster takes absurd position on Scotland’s oil

    This is an evidence-based wake up call for the independence debate. Scotland has been continuously misled over the value of its natural resources and its economic ability to succeed as an independent country. Today, leading Westminster politicians repeat this claim, suggesting that a source of great wealth is a burden if the tax is collected in Scotland rather than London.

    Don’t be fooled. Oil will form part of Scotland’s many economic strengths after independence.

    1. What an excellent site... and it has many members does BfS.

      About 100 times what the CBI, that the BBC are so fond of quoting, has in Scotland.

    2. I have, kind of, joined BfS. (Haven't paid the fee yet, 'cause not every business has money floating around). I did that because Ivan McKee is probably the most impressive speaker for Yes I have ever heard,he'd becoming a bit of a celebrity in some circles, you may want to watch this:

    3. Thanks Douglas...

      Mr McKee is indeed an impressive performer, and he's speaking to an audience that we need to have on side, not just for votes, but for confidence.

    4. I've added it to the blogroll Douglas...

  5. Has anyone else heard the weird rumour about Lamont going to start twerking during the TV debate? There's no way it can be true. Surely?

    1. Lordy...maybe next year she's going for "Twerker of the year" instead of "Debater of the year"... anything's possible.