Friday, 22 May 2015


Did he lie to you too, or were you part of the plot?

It seemed so strange that although the Telegraph, which broke the lie, didn't manage to get hold of anyone from anyone in the SNP, they did manage to get a quote from Willie Rennie, who, with respect, is a rather junior entity in Scottish politics.

No one from the Labour Party, or the Tories, the second and third parties in the Scottish parliament, was asked to comment, but up pops Wee Willie, leader of the 4th party. 

Strange that he was just hanging about minding his own business... with a statement ready.

Incidentally, I read that the inquiry into this incident is reported to have cost (for some unknown reason) £1.25 million. This could have been avoided if the cabinet minister, in a government determined to cut costs, had just admitted his involvement for the get go. 

He seems to think that not taking his £10,000 redundancy (despite still having a £75,000 a year job) is sufficient recompense.  

Right Honourable? Not even legal!

May we expect an apology from Rennie any time soon?

And, while we are on apologies, maybe those who immediately believed the leak in the Tory Telegraph, despite there being no checking, instead of the First Minister or the French Consul to Scotland or the French Ambassador to Court of St James, might like to reflect that they bought into such a pile of lies. Kezia for example?

Finally. This was Scotland Office stuff... who was Carmichael's bag boy at the time?

None other than Fluffly Muddle. What did he know about it?

Letter from Shetland News:

So, our newly elected MP Alistair Carmichael has admitted he knew of the contents of, and sanctioned the publication of the leaked memo concerning the French ambassador's discussion with Nicola Sturgeon.

He also seems to consider that apologising to both parties and refusing to claim his severance pay from his term as Secretary of State for Scotland is sufficient to eradicate responsibility for the consequences of his actions.

I beg to differ.

His duplicity in not admitting liability before the election on 7 May demonstrates a lack of moral rectitude in achieving election, which is unbecoming, to say the least, in an elected member of parliament.

I, for one, am calling for his immediate resignation from his post as MP for Orkney and Shetland in order to allow someone with moral compass to be elected, at a by-election, in his stead.

George Pottinger


  1. tris

    The Telegraph is saying

    Nicola Sturgeon memo 'recorded accurately', official inquiry finds

    Wonderful world Tory world up is down..down is up..
    lies damn lies and Tory statistics etc etc etc .

    “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” 1984

    And that how the Torys win Elections.....IN ENGLAND

    1. Funny you should say that as that is how Labour used to win in Scotland, pot kettle black.

    2. I can't understand why you love the British system, Niko.
      Do you lose any sleep at night over the deaths that your No vote will result in?

    3. Well Niko, the Telegraph is now in the hands of the mad twins, both of whom, were, and are probably still are, madly in love with Mrs Thatcher. The Telegraph has gone from being a well written, albeit Tory news paper to a Tory information sheet.

      They pledged to get Mr Cameron into No10 by fair means or foul.

      I admit I used to get the Telegraph, because the news coverage was good and fair, the crossword was hard but doable, and between them they could take up a fairly long train journey. The editorial was hopelessly Conservative, but as long as you kept away from reading the leaders, you were safe.

      now it's some sort of comic, dumbed down and quite mad.

      Apparently Mr Carmichael has admitted that there was no truth in the story, and that the French Ambassador, the Consul and the FM were telling the truth.

      So I'm inclined to believe that.

      As you say, Tory reality is something most of us don't recognise.

    4. Ah the mad twins who used to own the Hootsmon. I imagine still living in Sark with the Mad Aristo who runs the place.
      The Tory graph, stranger than fiction. Now if this were Alistair Carmichael that someone in the SNP had even sneezed at, think Neil Hay and his tiny offence, you can see how two faced this is.
      I asked Bruce for his opinion, I imagine he will not be best pleased, Bruce is an honourable man.

  2. ch

    this will help you as you do need lots of help

    1. Niko

      As to help then I suggest that your good self is the last person bar J Murphy or even anyone in the Labour party that one would look to for help in any matter that pertains to mankind's wellbeing on this planet. Help is best delivered by being honest with oneself at all times which sadly excludes you from any types of discussion pertaining to integrity so I decline your offer thank you very much.

      Are you flying or sailing from these shores when the time comes for your departure as Mystic Meg might forewarn of perilous seas or an inclement Jetstream hazardous to your future journey, forewarned is forearmed and all that., bon voyage.

  3. Thankfully, Carmichael would not have kept Mundell in the loop. Otherwise we might end up with 58 SNP MPs.

    1. Hi James.

      I'm inclined to think that Muddle was probably playing at snakes and ladders or something equally demanding while all this was going on.

    2. I have it on good authority, cause I live in DCT, that wee Fluffy was doing what he always does ... out checking pot holes. He feels it is his sole responsiblity in life to make sure that all pot holes in DCT conform to regulatory measurements ... no more than 6 inches wide ... no more than 12 inches long ... no more than 6 inches deep. LOL

  4. Well the LibDems aren't going to do anything about him. I think he will do an Eric Joyce and remain disgraced but employed for the next 5 years. Since I doubt he'll do the decent thing, I guess the next chance we get to make our feeling known is at the 2016 SGE when hopefully we can rid the parliamentof any Libdems.

    Poor Shetland - they voted for Danus Skene of SNP and got someone else
    Poor Orkney - they voted for a proven liar and coward.

    Apparently protests organised for today in the Islands. But is it possible to shame Carmichael. So he could keep his seat he lied and stood way whilst £1.4million was wasted on an enquiry. I'm sure the folk at the foodbanks will think that is money well spent, not!

    1. Yes. It's a good use of money. Although I'm wondering why these things have to cost so much. I mean it was run by the Cabinet Secretary. It's part of his job.

      The witnesses must have been state employees. Carmichael, the assistant, folk in the department.

      Why did it cost extra money?

      I doubt he will go.


    2. Well I've not seen the costs breakdown but I suspect it includes

      staff time - yes there are already paid for but they could have been doing some actual work instead. There is an offence of "wasting police time" so this was wasting civil service time effectively.

      overheads - office costs and share of rent,utilities etc

      In full cost acounting you allocate all these costs to a project. Let's not forget they could have being doing something productive during that time.

  5. The right wing English press closing ranks to protect "their" man.
    The Liberals seem to have quite a track record when it comes to tax payer's money.
    Did they ever pay the bill to Police Scotland for providing security at their annual conference?

    1. The Scots man did a good article as a leader. But the English press are insisting that NS did say it. They lie.

      No, the Liberals owe Police Scotland money... In other words they owe us money.

    2. Do you really wantan answer to that question Bringiton? ... Oh you do ... REALLY? Oh O.K. then the answer to your question is ... drum roll please ... NO! LOL

    3. I'm not sure how these "important" people get away with not paying their bills, when others would be in court.

  6. Why are tax payers having to pay for an enquiry and a potential by-election which would not have been necessary at all if this government minister had admitted the truth earlier?

    Under the Proceeds of Crime Act (2002) Carmichael should have all his goods and assets seized, and given to the Scottish tax payer to compensate for the costs to us he has engendered by his actions. Criminals should be made to pay for the damage they do to their victims - in this case, us.

  7. This is unbelievable .

    Why anyone in Scotland can honestly vote for any of the union parties is something i will never understand. These guys have lied and cheated the Scottish public for years and folk still try to defend them .

    Independence is the ONLY answer. it's time we faced up to that or bury our heads in the sand.

    Nawbags is Scotland really BETTER TOGETHER ?

    1. Not with them anyway, Richy...

      They take the ****

  8. Tris

    Since joining the Liberals my blog has never been read more lol. I think the Liberal Party are making a huge mistake in not doing something about this to be honest and Willie Rennie has a few questions to answer I suspect. I thought yesterday that the party could not fall any further but I was wrong, it can, and will because of this affair and possibly deserves to. It's time for the Liberal Party to step back and have a real think about what it is for, I'll certainly be expressing that opinion when I get the chance. I have been responding on facebook to some of the more silly Liberals out there trying to excuse this incident, there is no excusing this incident and while I don't believe it cost 1.4 million pounds to investigate that is not the point. The point is Alistair Carmichael could have avoided an investigation and he really has done more damage to the party than even the tuition fees stupidity. Well that is my opinion anyway.


    1. Well, I'd like to know what the Liberal Dems are for too.

      I mean I understand Liberalism... but I'm not sure exactly where they are living up to any of it.

      I agree that this is bad. Of course they are effectively without a leader. But someone must be acting leader. He or she should do something.

      If he won;t resign he should be asked to leave the party. Even the Tories and Labour did that with people who brought them into disrepute... Rifkind and Straw... and Joyce. and the SNP did it with that bloke that seemed to like beating women.

  9. Labour and the Lib/Dems are only cannon fodder for establishment duties and they have been quietly manipulated by WM and deep state to appear as' opposition '(the biggest joke of the last 40 years)-whilst being run down in managed decline.

    They are finished in Scotland, and what should be increasingly accepted, in dear old Blighty as well.

    The whole set-up is a farce but unfortunately the same farce is what rules our lives.

    Time for the end of this abomination.

    1. I think that this time they may well be finished.

      They sort of came back from the near dead before, but I wonder how they can again unless they show that they stand for something Liberal.

  10. Carmichael-Frenchgate smear.

    Ruth Davidson-voter smear in Mundell's constituency-that seems to have been conveniently forgotten.

    Ian Murray-smear of Neil Hay.

    These are the only 3 MP'S left in Scotland that aren't SNP-don't it make you proud of how this sham is still accepted by Scotland?

    1. Ah the good old "thugs checking who you are voting for" newsflash from wee Ruthie. I remember the day well Thomas. News reached us in the Southern parts of Scotland that wee Ruthie was leading the Seventh Tory Panzer Division to Annan to help sort out the *ahem* problem. Unfortunately for her WE were ready and waiting.

      In fact we had already lots to see who got first shot with the anti tank missile when her *cough* division arrived. I know all about this cause I was not only present at the drawing of lots but I won!

      Unfortunately someone must have sneaked a message out of Annan cause she and her Division never turned up that day.

      It's amazing what a couple of dozen pitch forks can do to the approaching Tory Divisions these days LOL

    2. That was a corker. The council said... not problem, the police said.... no problem... the election officials said... not problem... but Ruth had SNP thugs there so the BBC reported it.


  11. So where are you Niko?
    You voted for bastards like him to rule over us.
    Are you happy with your NO vote?
    You are obviously wealthy, if you can escape abroad to make a new life.
    Under your beloved system, i will have to work until i drop as i have no work pension.
    You are a fucking arsehole, and i would happily kick the shite out of you.

    1. I just ignore his posts. Don't know why he comes here at all.

    2. He is like a pet flea annoying and irrelevant but one doesn't have the heart to crush him between ones nails rather let him eat himself from the inside out just like the Labour party he used to support.

    3. OK I understand your anger, Jutie.

      I've got a neighbour the same mind as Niko. He is always on about hating the Tories and what they did and are doing, but he remains absolutely faithful to the Labour party for no reason I can understand. I think he's mad.

      I hate everything they stand for but I vote for them....weird.

      Niko's kinda tied up at the moment with family let's cut him some slack, even if he does talk rubbish. I think he's stuck in Scotland for the time being.

  12. Replies
    1. Oh look... it was Alistair Carmichael trying to sound statesman like...

  13. Replies
    1. Tris,

      I do not understand this. Why can I reply on here without having to declare some sort of loyalty to Google or the rest of your list, and othertimes I am just completely blocked? It makes no sense to me.

    2. Goodle is weird Douglas.

      Sometimes it does completely mad stuff.

      Sometimes I can;t see who's commented...just the comments.

      Sometimes the pics don;t show.

      I'm really sorry you're having trouble with it. I promise you it's nothing that I'm doing.

  14. I've never had time for the Lib Dems or whatever they are calling themselves this week.

    Charlie Kennedy is the only one of their MPs I had any time for. Ashdown seemed ok at the start but proved himself to be like so many other politicians, shallow and deceiving.

    The Lib Dem claimed to have put the brakes on Tory policies, but they caused more issues, tuition fees notwithstanding. They were the same at Holyrood. OK, Tories or Labour ain't exactly a great choice but the Lib Dems make it even more unpalatable.

    Perhaps they should look at themselves in the mirror and consider just why the UK electorate have effectively ignored their party for the best part of a century. The one saving grace is that it will taken them years, if ever, to regain the support they had.

    1. I think that perhaps the current Tory only government will show what part the Libs played in the last government.

      I'm not Liberal Democrat supporter by a long way, and what the did over student fees in England and over PR and devolution, was awful, but I do think that we will start to see the things that they stopped.

      The Human Rights Act for starters... and some of the worst assaults on the poor.

      I think they may have finished themselves off this time.

      The last time they got involved in coalitions was bad for them. This time has had an equally devastating effect. I think Carmichael's behaviour has made things even worse for them in Scotland, although it is being reported in the English media as something quite different, where it is being reported at all.

    2. I think in the long run Carmichael will survive. If the past is anything to go by, Sturgeon tends to move on regardless. Carmichael won't resign as an MP and the one seat won't make any difference anyway.

      I forgot about the Human Rights Act part. I got too focused on the "green" issues which are a bloody nightmare in some parts.

      The EU issue is another one. Labour have dropped their opposition to the referendum simply due to mathematics - they can't beat a majority. So they will campaign against leaving the EU, which could make interesting times as the SNP and most other parties are opposed to leaving.

    3. Yes, I think he will survive. If there were a leader it would be a good idea for him to discipline Carmichael. Tell him that if he doesn't go they will remove the whip. But they seem a bit rudderless at the moment. It seems like the most senior LibDem is Willie Rennie...

      I guess there are other places that they made a difference, although I can't think of them much at the moment.

      I'm not sure why Labour doesn't amalgamate with the Tories. I really can;t think of anything important on which they differ.


      It seems that they may have been counting on the Liberals to water down their worst proposals.