Thursday, 21 May 2015


So, until they change that, wild horses wouldn't drag me into their store.
They demand sick people work and then they go all out to make it difficult for them. What a cow.
I wonder what the land reforms will cost them in Immoral.
Sorry Balmoral.
All about class, connections, who's who, London
Society, and Old School Ties.
And this is all about common sense.
They say there's nothing to worry about...
...but it doesn't seem like that to me...
and there is the small detail of it costing money we don't have...
How embarrassing. No one cared Jack.
Yawn. The FM that will go down in history for
 wearing a skirt in New York.
No, I hadn't but, if you want to swing by for drinks on Saturday evening,
Munguin will be happy to get to know you.
Are you not a bit old for this job?
But wait, I hear B&M are looking for folk...
Well, you should have...
So Alistair is good, is he?
Not what I heard.
Never saw that one coming, did you Mr Smarty Pants.
Nor, I suspect this one.

Was that when you were pulling your pants down...or up, Paddy?

I wish I'd thought of that, says Jim.
In bleach... no wait, H2SO4
Bang on, son.
Well, what do you know?
Including the unlovely Viscount Aston and his uppity daughter.


  1. Just thinking about the wee clips you have there Tris about Trident ... dear dear old Trident.

    I wonder if this may cause some more *ahem* interesting headlines in the near future?

  2. That's excellent. (For those who can;t get it, it is a note to the effect that the SNP has won the right to a debate over the whistle blower's revelations). Would a Labour dominated Scottish band of MPs have even thought about asking for it, or would they be demanding the trial and punishment of the guy who has done us all a favour and let us know what a complete mess they are making of these killer subs? And to hell with the safety of millions of Scots.

  3. It's great news that the issue of Trident safety is to be debated. This is an important subject and the claims must be investigated.

    But whatever anyone's views on Trident, let's not dive in an assume everything the young man is claiming is true. Have a proper debate, establish the facts and if there have been any failings or safety issues get them sorted, and deal with those responsible.

    Love the Murphy pic btw. And on that subject, anyone watch Newzoids last night with a spoof "Mad Macs", with Alex and Nicola driving the jeep running over a "Vote Murphy" sign?

    1. Of course Anon. He may be exaggerating; he may be running a vendetta against hi bosses...

      Or the truth may be that, like most other things they do, it's fur coats and nae drawers. Cut corners to save money so that they can do the showy bits.

      I'm afraid I'll never see Murphy working in McDonald's. I read that in a couple of branches they refuse to sell food to a teenager who was buying food for a homeless man, and in another refused to sell a guy food because he "looked homeless".

      If only we knew that Micky D's was an exclusive Morningside Bistro!

    2. I agree with what everyone has said about Mr McNeilly and his dossier.

      One thing I think that, above all else, makes me tend to believe he is telling the truth, mostly, is the listing of the collision between one of the UK's subs and a French sub. I remember reading about this *ahem* accident at the time and thinking "how the hell could this happen? Don't these subs have stuff like sonar etc that should prevent this sort of thing? After all sonar detects outside noise in the oceans so surely the sonar on the UK sub really should have picked up on the presence of the French sub."

      Funnily enough, after the initial reports in the press about the incident nothing more has been said, as far as I can tell. This is a worrying aspect in my view. Surely an updated report should have been released to the press by the M.O.D. concerning the actual damage and repairs.

      The M.O.D. silence on this incident is deafening!

  4. What is Willie Wally Astor the one-percenter on about in his contribution to the Spectator on the Scottish Government's proposed land reform?

    "Following the SNP victory, however, we worry that we will find ourselves regarded as foreigners… in our own country… Are we estate owners now to be nationalised or made to feel so unwelcome that we have to sell up in a Mugabe-style land grab?

    Is it because we don’t sound Scottish? We should not all have to sound like Rob Roy. If the SNP wants us all to speak with a certain type of Scottish accent, what does that say to the … immigrant community [that] still speak with the accent of their birth? Are they not Scottish?"

    1. Astor does not own the Tarbet Estate in Jura. Until late 2014 it was owned by Ginge Manor Estates Ltd of Nassau. Ownership was apparently transferred to a company in the British Virgin Islands.
    2. He lives at Ginge Manor (ah!), Wantage, Oxon and of course has a small pied-a-terre in London. When he takes his son-in-law up to Jura for a few days of bloodlust and slaughter, I expect he arranges it with the overseas, or foreign as he would say, owners.
    3. He appears also to have renounced his English heritage and now sees himself as a proud Scot. But?
    4. Could it be that nobody likes him, not because he doesn't sound like Rob Roy, who would mostly have spoken Gaelic by the way, but because he sounds like a privileged twat?

    1. Brilliant Barney... Just brilliant.

      Can't add anything to that!

  5. Had never heard of B&M so I took a look at their website. They will be opening a store in June in Elgin. Maybe the good folks in that area might want to make sure the local populace knows.

    1. I hope that they will bj.

      I hope people will write to them asking how many slave labourers they have.

      I'm happy enough that people get an opportunity to work, because having worked in the re-employment business, I know that the majority of people who are unemployed wish to be working.

      But if they need people, they should employ people. God knows the wages will be low. Instead they seem to be getting free labour from the from you and me. Why am I subsidising that company?

  6. Well that is the B& M shop off my shopping list, wish I had known sooner, we bought a wee table for the kitchen out of there, oh and a lamp shade. No more then I can assure you. Now how is Home Bargains doing, probably similar?
    I have to say that is why I shop in Aldi, their wages are not too bad considering it is retail, they work people's tails off but they are a happy bunch, I am friendly with the two old hands who work in my old store. Then of course they are German.

    1. Yes, Aldi is my shop of preference, for all the reasons you suggest.

  7. Wee Johnny, sure knows his stuff, grade A student.
    Great pics, again, Tris. A shed load of info, easy to digest.

  8. I see the tuba playing tube has confessed.

    1. Yes. He says if he were still a cabinet minister he would resign. But he doesn't have to resign because this has nothing to do with him being an MP.

      So, whilst being a lying cheating bastard is unacceptable for a cabinet minister, it is perfectly Ok for an MP.

      Well he should know how they normally behave. He's been one for a while.

  9. Replies
    1. Done CH.

      No matter who it was, or what party they were from, this was despicable.

      It risked relations with France. It was an attempt to do down the SNP by a Cabinet Minister at election time, presumably to save his sorry arse.

      |And his headed paper suggests that he is a RT HON???


    2. Politicians of all parties will use various tactics to discredit their opponents. It's part of the political game and they all use it. There is a difference between taking comments out of context, which is a common tactic, and leaking confidential information.

      Whether Nicola Sturgeon made the comments or not is irrelevant. The information was confidential. More seriously another country is involved. As a cabinet minister Carmichael should have known better. When you have access to confidential information it remains that. You do not discuss it or share, regardless of your views on the matter.

      He should resign as an MP, as he has proven himself to be untrustworthy.

      I hold the same views on any politician who behaves in a similar fashion, no matter who they are or what party they represent.

      I know I sound like I'm on my high horse but data security is a serious issue, more so at government level.

      Carmichael showed how bloody useless he was as well. Of all things to leak, he uses the allegation that Nicola wanted Cameron to remain in office. More than a few people I know agreed that was probably the case but didn't see any issue with it, and it certainly didn't affect those who were going to vote SNP. Added to that, he apologises only when he's secured his seat. All this talk about not taking his ministerial payoff is bollocks. Damaged goods who should resign and allow a more respectable Lib Dem candidate to stand in his constituency.

      Rant over!!

    3. He seems to admit that the information in the leak was false as well, and I assume that he must have known that at the time.

      He is Rt Hon. How can he possibly retain that appellation, or even Hon. in his situation.

      I agree he should go. He encouraged an advisor to do something which was dishonourable, if not illegal. He risked diplomatic relations with France, by allowing the Ambassador and Consul to Scotland to be made to appear liars not to mention the first minister.

      He kept quiet about it and allowed money to be spent on an inquiry when he knew the truth.

      He is despicable. he should go, but he won't and really no one can make him.

  10. See the nats are foaming about Alistair Carmichael feigning shock horror
    the usual nat Pavlovian response to OTHERS but not there own misdeeds.
    Personally i think Alistar should be commended for being honest...
    Er ! eventually the wicked story about him being exposed i am sure had
    not a jot to do with his mea culpa.

    1. Well, I reckon it had more to do with his SPAD wilting under questioning from Jeremy Hayward or whatever his name i,. and dropping old Alistair in the dodo.

      Given that they split on him, he had to fess up.

      He lied to the press, he lied on tv, he presumably lied to Nick Clegg, and David Cameron, unless they are complicit.

      he called the FM a liar, but much worse, he called the French Ambassador a liar.

      He admits he should have gone if he had still be a cabinet minister. But he was a cabinet minister when he did it, just not by the time he was found out.

      It's up to him whether he goes or not. If he goes it will all be forgotten quite quickly. If he stays every time he does anything we will be reminded that he's a lying old bastard.

      It's all the same to me.

  11. Good old tris no one does unforgiving hatred like tris
    you cross a line with tris thats it forever.....
    such hate i can feel the heat from your hate filled heart
    warm up me cold handy pandys on it..

    I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.
    martin Luther king.
    even though its hard to do sometimes