Friday, 8 May 2015


Aye, let's get Dougie and the others and get over there.
Do they pay expenses?
Aye, a piece of cake wasn't it just?

Maybe he meant "odd goods"?


  1. 10:55 PM Central Daylight Time, USA: Monitoring the happy results in Missouri, USA, on the BBC website. SNP seats stand at 50, with a gain of 44. 300 of 650 seats decided at this time. Tris.....please accept my heartiest heartfelt early congratulations.

    1. 11:35 PM Central Daylight Time US: This is on the BBC website:

      "Ed Miliband says it's been a "disappointing and difficult night" for Labour. He adds that he's "deeply sorry" for what's happened in Scotland."

    2. Thanks Danny. I eventually went to bed for a couple of hours but I couldnt sleep.

      The final tally, as far as I can make out is 56 SNP seats, 1 Tory, 1 Liberal and 1 Labour.

      So, despite the dreadful news that the Tories will form the next government, I'm elated, because you simply can't, even if you are an Eton/Oxford Tory, ignore that. Especially as the majorities are so huge.

      It will take some time to sink in,but Boris Johnston, the prime minister in waiting, is already admitting that they need to look at a federal Britain.

      Good nights work , I'd say!

  2. Superb night....hasn't really sunk in yet...
    Feels like it's still a dream

    Well done Munguin and Tris for all your hard work

    1. Hi Martin... Nor here. I keep on thinking I'll wake up and it will be bad news....

      It was a great fun and Munguin and I enjoyed it immensely.


  3. I hope they get sanctioned.
    All the tactical voting worked out nicely for them.

    1. Yeah, that was a good plan...

      Wish I'd thought of it!!!!!

  4. Esther is gone gone happy event in a long dark terrible night

    1. I'm genuinely sorry for your losses in England, Niko. I'm obviously not sorry about the ones in Scotland.:)

      But Labour in both countries needs to work out what the hell went wrong. What are they? To whom do they appeal?

      I think we need to completely re-look at British politics. From Federalism to the Lords to voting methods, Europe... and we might as well fling in the royals at the same time.

      The whole thing needs looked at.

      McVey going was a cherry on the cake for me. Wicked callous old woman. I hope she finds herself on the dole, although clearly she will fall on her feet, go to the Lords and get a pile of lucrative lobbying and director jobs.

      Another sad thing is that that ghastly bitch Hopkins won't now leave the country.

    2. tris

      The answer to winning in England is attack the poor the unemployed the sick
      and the elderly poor demonise them hate the despise them.....
      and bobs yer uncle the English will vote for you'

      Broken politics or broken morality i wonder

    3. Well, overall it may be that, but there are lots of parts of England where the poor well outnumber the rich.

      In my opinion it is the problem of the country within a country... ie the South east with its different economy and way of life.

      There's precious little morality, I admit.

    4. Looking at the map of seats won in England those poor areas still voted Labour, trouble it that all the rest voted Tory. There are pockets of poor in London which if you strain your eyes in the sea of Blue are actually red. Having just come from Wings, Stu has an excellent take on the Tory majority which is not as good as it looks. Rather like the Major Government it could be on borrowed time if any deaths or some crossing of the floor, say like those who have moved to Ukip.
      Good night for Scotland, we will be vilified for actually doing something positive but who damn well cares. This is not the feeble fifty we are sending down, just look at all those strong Scots women.

  5. Lasted until 4am. Unbelievable result. Only prediction I got right was that Carmichael would survive.

    One major reason for Labour getting trounced was that they treated this election as if it was the Referendum. And Sturgeon has come straight out and once again emphasised it is about a stronger voice at Westminster for Scotland. Let's hope that the contingent use their strength effectively and behave themselves.

    Neil Hay has paid for his idiotic tweets. Clegg has paid massively for getting into bed with the Tories and especially doing a u-turn on tuition fees,

    Vince Cable and Ed Davey gone. No loss there. And Ed Balls might be joining them.

    And Paddy Ashdown is looking for a hat to eat apparently.......

    1. Yes, Carmichael was a bit of a blow. I mean, to be fair he may be a good constituency MP but he adds nothing to the governance of the country. Rightly he will be left to be a backbencher.

      For some reason beyond understanding they re-elected Muddle, whose intellectual contribution is nil. He will, by default, however, have to be the Scottish secretary, and his minister will have to come from the House of the Living Dead. Nice democratic touch.

      As for the Labour bloke that dresses up as a pearly queen... I really shudder at the thought. Still, at least there's only one.

      My own estimations of 30 seats were so far out that I think I should never make another prediction, ever.

      Munguin has stopped 10% of my wages for that.

      I saw an old riding hat the other day, Windbag Ashdown can have that! I hope he has good teeth.

    2. As you say CH... Balls gone too.

      I expect that Miliband will resign. I doubt Clegg with his handful of MPs has any alternative.

      And I imagine that Murphy will have to go too.

      How Johann Lamont must give a little snigger at that one.

  6. It is like Xmas and New Year together, plus it really is my birthday.

    Time to sober up and get drunk again.

    1. Happy birthday. Have a bottle on Munguin... Put it on his tab!!!

    2. Happy birthday BtP, what a present Scotland has given you.

  7. I tight Tory government without the balance of a sizeable leftish party will be driven further right because of the 60 right wing nutters inside the Tories.

    Interesting times

    1. I shudder to think what they will do, but they really will have to sort out the constitution if they want to save what Camergoon calls His United Kingdom.

      Whatever, as you say, it will be seriously interesting.

    2. Happy Birthday Panda, we are hoping for a birth by the lady in Edinburgh Zoo, someone wants her to have twins, no idea if they have those, but we really need to equal up the numbers now.
      Lagavulin, the bottle reserved for the Referendum is being bought and broached this evening. Whoopee.

  8. Lib Dems are back where they belong. Carmichael survived but I think the SNP really have an impossible task up in the islands there.

    Milliband has resigned now. His achievement was to have a worse result than Broon. The SNP and Tories didn't need to campaign against him, no one in their right mind was going to make him PM.

    I think FFA is a certainty now. It will suit Cameron as it would keep the SNP in power up here, and Tories in power down South. Shared on Defence and Foreign Affairs. I think it would be the best solution in the short term.

    1. Anon, I would agree that this would be the best solution but when ever have the British Establishment settled on that. Have to give the Cameron crew their due they played both Clegg and Miliband so well that they both got trapped in the Tory Web. Given that the Tories are known as the Stupid Party what does that make them.
      I hope someone with some credentials (are there any) in the Scottish Branch takes Murphy down, I cannot see him in employment with his lack of qualifications but then most of them have never held a job in their lives.

    2. I'd settle, Anon, at least in the interim, for something like Jersey and Guernsey have, but in the end I'd want away from their ridiculous Foreign policy and War programme.

      I can't see him staying Helena. Who wants to be led by a loser... and a very big time loser, who didn't even have the wit to see it coming.

      Sheeesh. I wouldn't.

  9. Tris

    I must admit I am surprised by the level of the SNP success, not surprised that Labour couldn't win in England and sadly that scumbag Tories getting back into power. Labour only have themselves to blame and no one else. They have taken too many for granted for too long.

    However I do fear for us all and the poorest in the short to medium term as we will be made to suffer and for that I blame Labour as much as the tories. Labours betrayal of the working class is unforgivable. The SNP have been given a real chance to at least shout loudest, I still have muy concerns and remain a reluctant member but I hope they can use the trust they have been given.

    Murphy and the rest can go f themselves, they won't go hungry unlike the people they abandoned.


    1. I'm very worried for the poorest and those on benefits.

      IDS is looking forward to taking all his idiotic schemes a stage further.

      When does he come up for retirement?

      We need rid of him.