Monday, 11 May 2015




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    1. LOL Thank you, O wise seer, Alex

  2. I think Cameron's appointment of Blundell as his governor in Scotland and more importantly the retention of the Scotland Office under Westminster control tells us what his attitude towards Scotland is.
    The Tory squire making it clear to the serfs that he is in charge.....for now.
    A week is a long time in politics and 5 years,well who

    1. So Fluffy Muddle get s to be a SoS at long last.

      Buggins turn I guess.

      Good luck Mr Thingy.

      I think if I wanted to show people that I was in charge probably David is the last person I'd choose, but then he didn't have a wide variety of names to choose from. Who's the Minister of State?

      MacTavish the Donkey?

  3. The irony would be if the outward flight was a British Airways one.

    1. LOL indeed....

      The last airline in the world I'd use. Staff treat you like dirt. Never had such horrible fights in my life, and will never use them again.

    2. Tris we arrived early Morning from a horrible flight from Barbados, charter, so you know. We waited patiently in the queue for a gentleman to finish, we moved as he walked away only for him to come back, we lost our place and had to wait yet again, he did it twice and when we finally got to the point of service WE got a row. We have never used them since.

    3. I'd never have booked them, but my boss booked me a flight to Lyons when I went to work at a University in Grenoble. We were travelling with a young child, and they way they treated us was absolutely scandalous. We came back by Air France.

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    1. But it's been done that way for 5 million years....

  5. Cameron reported as bringing his EU referendum forward to 2016.
    Now,what might be happening in 2016 to change his schedule?

    1. Ah 2016... some election in Scotland shire. of no account whatsoever to the likes of Cameron.

      One thing that was said by commentators just after he squeezed in was that, until his EU referendum, which has been bubbling under for about 5 years now, he can count on his back benchers not to rock the boat too much.

      After it is done, he's probably toast.

  6. I love the idea of the FAMOUS 56 sitting on the green benches staring down Cameron at PMQ's and wee Fluffy once a month at Scottish Questions. It's almost like someone somewhere wanted to make Westminster interesting again. LOL

    Now that Cameron is allegedly looking at bringing his E.U. referendum forward to 2016 that can only be for one reason and one reason only ... to bolster his war mongering Scottish branch office manager.

    Let's face it after her outrageous behaviour last Thursday Cameron is about the only thing left that can save her in my view. I guess the two were a lot closer than anyone knew. LOL

    1. She really is going to have to look at a separate party in Scotland along the lines that Murdo talked about.

      The Tories are still a toxic brand here, no matter that both Annabel and Ruth have tried hard to detoxify them, and both of them are more popular than their party.

      It seems to me that the problem lies in London.

  7. Kangaroo says
    NS should just tell DC

    "The settled will of the Scottish people is for Home Rule within the UK. I am together with the 56MP's proclaiming Home Rule. All powers previously residing with Westminister are transferred to Holyrood with immediate effect except those powers which are necessary for the functioning of the Treaty of Union. The 59MP's will continue at WM as Scotlands representatives on all matters affecting our joint position as members of the Union."

    DC has limited options

    1. Call in the lawyers to argue the constitutional case. - Too slow as we would be long gone.

    2. Arrest NS and the 56MPs as traitors. - Civil unrest followed by indyref2

    3. Tanks on Scottish streets. - Civil unrest followed by indeyref2

    4. Withdraw funding from Holyrood. - We set up our own Central Bank. (Sounds difficult but is actually very easy to do)

    The above has the following benefits

    1. DC gets EVEL

    2. England gets rid of the subsidy via Barnett

    3. The Union is preserved.

    4. Scotland remains in NATO, EU and other such treaty obligations are preserved

    5. Scotland gets all the powers it needs to progress its political, social and economic interest.

    Everyone's a winner.

    In short DC is stuck with nowhere to go