Monday, 4 May 2015


Following on from Jim Murphy's letter (in the last post) saying that Nicola Sturgeon will take away old people's pensions, we now read this:

If you can only win by doing this kind of thing, guys, and you are Labour... yeah, LABOUR, the party of people like Hardie and Maxton, you really have sold out to ...well, I dunno whom you've sold out to. The devil? 

Even Tories would baulk at this crap...well, some of them anyway.

Them there's this:

AN SNP activist had to lock herself in a campaign office for her own safety after being terrorised by a gang of thugs.

The 12-strong group of men were walking behind an Orange Order flute band procession when they stopped to launch a tirade of abuse at a lone female volunteer inside the office in Glasgow and began banging on windows and kicking the door trying to get in.

While attacking the office in Dumbarton Road, the woman was verbally abused with shouts of “f*** your SNP”, “yous are a********” and “why don’t you get to f***”. However, they fled before police arrived.

The office is the campaign headquarters of SNP candidate for Glasgow North West Carol Monaghan who is challenging Labour’s John Robertson for a seat at Westminster in the General Election. [Read more]

Today, according to the press and the BBC, there was a riot in Glasgow. It was probably the smallest riot there has ever been in the history of the world; it involved no violence whatsoever and seemed to consist of some left wing nut case called Sean Clerkin, an ex Labour man with a grudge against Murphy (who knew it).
So Labour VIPs knew about it.
Maybe because they organised it?
Labour apparently blamed Campbell Gunn, an SNP employee, for alerting the activist to the location of Jim's "rally". I'm not sure why they thought Mr Gunn would have known about it. In any case he has denied any knowledge of it and demanded an apology.

The current theory is that it was some person from East Renfrewshire
Labour who was responsible. Who knows?

But, you know, actually, if you are having a rally, wouldn't you want it to be publicised to as many people as possible, so that...erm....people would come

Novel for Jim maybe, but it works for Nicola.

Anyway, it has been covered by many different bloggers more competent than I am, including Craig Murray, Derek Bateman and Wings. I only mention it here, for two reasons... 

Firstly, why does the press make such a deal of Murphy's 'riotette', when they make so little fuss about threats to old people's livelihoods, from Murphy or his henchmen, or intimidation from Orange Order thugs, whether in that Wings story, or at campaign rooms, as detailed above?

And secondly, I was wondering if it were possible that it was a stunt organised to achieve the sort of attention that Murphy once enjoyed on the 100 days tour. 

Let's have a second egg situation without an egg? Another cunning plan  from Baldrick?
There's nothing new under the sun, Jim.
You're just not man enough.
Frankly I think the bloke who shouted at Murphy today is an idiot. He played right into Labour's hands. It was exactly what Murphy wanted. Another boring rally with a dozen at most attendees, when he says the same thing over again and no one is listening to his message. Everyone can see that looking at the crowd (or lack thereof) that he gathers. What he can get is BBC and press coverage, for obvious reasons, you know, that the BBC is Labour's press office in Scotland and apart from a couple of notable exceptions the press hate the idea that Scots should have some say in the running of the UK. 
Eddie Izzard and Jim being chased out of town
 by a raging mob of three old people.
The Daily Mail article has just about every single detail of the story WRONG. It's a tissue of lies start to finish. The Tory press is lying for a so-called Labour MP.


  1. I'll paraphrase from someone else.

    It's wrong for voters/hecklers to question a politician in public but it is ok for 3 unionist politicians and adjudicator to heckle Nicola on tv as that is debate, give me strength.

    1. Ive never heard of a politician that couldnt cope with a bit of a heckle.

      What a bloody wimp.

      Egg all over again.

  2. Looks like Murphy's got egg on his face again.

    Or rather he hasn't...

    1. How to do the egg trick without an egg?

  3. Don't you know the mantra, of course you do.
    It's goes along the lines of, SNP bad, SNP bad, and so it goes.
    The press and the beeb, hand in hand, with Labour, lying for all they are worth and yet, the polls say it isn't working, though we'll find out come Friday.

    They really are the lowest of the low, targeting the vulnerable the very people the party was set up to protect in the first place.
    They did it last September and they think it'll work again, I'm not so sure it will, it may in the short term but, people have long memories and Labour will reap what it has down. You sow distrust, you become distrusted.

    1. And... it's all worked so very well up to now.

      Every time they try this it is found out.

      Listen Mr Murphyp:


      Absolutely right. You can fool people twice or three time, but you have to leave a bit of space in between.

  4. Tris

    They just can't get over the referendum or sink any lower. The sad thing is the people they target are the old and vulnerable knowing full well that the compliant media will not report any of it and may infact take part in it. What a sorry state of affairs but at least last years referendum and this election are showing Scots the real face of unionism and Britishness in all it's glory. Some people are seeing who the real villins are here, as they said you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.

    The unionists might win their small victories like last year and even this year by slim margins but even they know that their time is running out, they are grabbing as much as they can while they still can. Scotland is on the path to independence and that will not be stopped now, it really is just a matter of time, the UK is also moving towards possibly some type of Federal system wether it likes it or not as people outside London and South East are slowly but surely waking up. I think the days of the Unionist are coming to an end, not fast enough but getting there. I would not be surprised next week if we have a grand colaition of the red and blue tories. That will really speed up Scotlands exit from this dreadful country if it happens.


    1. That of course is the point. There are still older or poorer people who don't have internet access and who depend on the Daily Mail for their information.

      In which case, they will believe, as the woman in the first part above did, that Nicola Sturgeon is a vile raving right winger determined to starve everyone over 65 to death by removing their pensions, and every one ill by removing their benefits.

      In fact whilst IDS and Reeves may well do that, Nicola would work tirelessly to put them up.

      But the Daily Mail has an agenda.

    2. Aye, they had a victory last September but how was it obtained? Crookedly as per usual. (at least so it would seem now that evidence of postal ballot tampering has come to light):

  5. i feel very sorry for the woman in the first part of the article. I do not feel sorry for Jim Murphy and his acolytes. They are heading for the toilet and they know it, I also am extremely angry with our Press or what masquerades for the press. They deserve obliteration, the time is coming, they will not always have Labour to count on or indeed any of the others. Having read about the couple terrorised by some neds for Combat 18 and then look at Murphy's happy smiling face having achieved what he set out to get, well I am disgusted and angry.
    PS. Eddie Izzard really should stop dressing up he is looking like a well heeled middle class matron. (p.s.s. without any taste)

    1. The press is, as it was at the referendum, determined to demonise the SNP and Nicola. God how they must hate that Alex stood down and now we have a smart popular woman in charge. I was so easy to have a pop at him.

      It's more difficult in most terms to be as harsh on a woman because other women tend to stand up for them in a sisterly way, and men find it a bit naff to harangue women. Easier when it's a man. But the press are doing their damnedest... and is it working?

      Well, the last figures I saw Nicola had a + rating, and a massive one. Cameron, Clegg and Miliband were disastrously minus.

      As for Eddie. I maintain that it absolutely his right to wear whatever he wants (within decency...). it's hardly my taste, but it's no one's business to tell anyone else what clothes they can or cannot wear.

      But I wonder at the wisdom of appearing at a political rally dressed as he was yesterday.

      These things are designed to impress and persuade people. I wonder who was persuaded...

      And it is bound to attract comparisons to Mrs Thatcher rather than Nicola.

    2. Umm

      Helena says Nationalist violence good Unionist violence is bad...not a stance
      the snp in general or Nicola in particular would countenance or endorse.
      As Nicola was at great pains to explain on the wireless today.

      Perhaps Helena support for the snp is unwanted and indeed counter productive
      proving as some claim the snp have within their midst violent extremists.
      cue......tris to (1) defend the abuse on Murphy and eddie (2) describe
      Helena as just a gentle soul..

    3. Niko, where did I endorse violence, do you realise my Hubby was here earlier about to give you a flea in your ear. I am a pacifist I do not really believe that violence would serve anyone. Mr Murphy seems to believe the other indeed he seems to welcome it. I think the gentleman involved,a certain Sean should have considered what he was doing before engaging with this Labour person, of course he may actually have been working with him. Murphy and his girlfriend? were in no danger from anyone in that crowd. Eddie could not even raise a laugh far less anger.

  6. Unfortunately (for him) Tris, that part of Murphy's sting didn't work yesterday. Nobody,as far as I know, attacked Eddie Izzard because of his sexuality. Murphy and McTernan must be so disappointed with that.

    John H.

    1. John. I was a bit proud of Scots for that. I actually have no idea what Izzard's sexuality is, nor do I give a stuff. I vaguely remember reading from when he was a star, that he simply liked wearing women's clothes. And I think that's perfectly reasonable, even if it's not something I'd want to do myself.

      I think most people probably feel the same way. Maybe some elderly or very religious people would disagree, but by and large there has been no comment.

      (Mind I had a laugh at Wee Ginger Dug for pointing out that he looked a bit like Johann Lamont.)

      I imagine it was planned that not only would there be a riot (!! they should see real riots! You tend to need more than a handful of people), but it would lead to criticism of Izzard's dress style.

      Ah well McT, the best laid plans....

    2. Tris, I have no idea whether Eddie Izzard is a Transvestite or not I really do not care. I do wish he would stick his nose somewhere else. Why on earth do English People think they have a right to come and talk down to the Scots. Mind he may have sent a few more towards the SNP.

  7. Tris, I'm sure I read or heard recently, maybe on Wings, that Eddie Izzard once described himself as a lesbian in a man's body. Don't quote me on that though.:-) I visit so many sites now that I may have misremembered, as they say.

    John H.

  8. Was it McTernan up to the old silly tricks-I thought I saw David Whitton lurking too,another old Labour apparatchik from the Dewar 'Father of the Nation' school;the whole episode was a total set up -invite Izzard dressed in a skirt and sussies to walk arm in arm with Jim Murphy down Buchanan Street to St Enoch Sq for a little shindig with the Biased Broadcasting Corporation and Bernie Ponsonby,I'm suprised they didnt have the Krankies for an encore.

  9. The whole thing is getting out of hand. Yesterday's stunt simply feeds the media obsession about raging, angry Nats, when the simple fact is that the vast majority of activists behave properly,

    Murphy is quite capable of shooting himself down without recourse to any protests. No one I know - not even Labour supporters - rate him. They consider him a liability.

    The SNP should expel the two members they suspended. They are doing far more harm than good. And the same applies to any other party where their members are crossing the line, ie Ian Smart.