Tuesday, 5 May 2015



The protection squad is there to keep Cameron safe from terrorists. Quite rightly.

It is a regrettable but inevitable part of having poked your ignorant stupid nose into just about every possible middle and near eastern country, in one way or another, always in support of the mad royal dictators. And always leaving behind you utter and complete chaos, poverty and misery, and usually horrific unrest, having installed  the government YOU thought was the best for YOU and your mates.

And, of course, always having made a good deal of money out of it.

The protection squad is not supposed to protect Cameron from people voicing legitimate concerns about party political policy. It doesn't, nor should it, for Miliband, Sturgeon or the other one.

So why does it for the Eton boy?

Cameron probably expects the plebs and riff raff to listen to his drivel with deep respect and deference to his richness. How dare a mere Scot question his agenda?

Know your place, should be the Tory slogan.


  1. Tris

    I was also thinking about blogging about this. I am really bored that this campaign has seen the idea that you can't heckle, you can't shout at any politician. It's becoming a bad joke, the SNP might even be bowing to the bullshit from the media and suspending people. My membership hangs by a thread but if it turns out the guy suspended only shouted at Murphy then that's it for me as far as membership goes. People need to wake up and see that we are approaching a Police state, what's next internment for nationalists, midnight secret Police. We cannot allow the state to dictate our peaceful protest, we already have some of the most draconian laws in the world, communist countries look at the UK with envy at what the state gets away with. It's a dangerous path to go down and the SNP need to be careful of falling into more uninist parties crap. If they can't beat the SNP they will pressure them to become like them, just as they did with Labour.


  2. I understand that the guy has not been a member of the SNP for 8 years. He's an independent independentist (if you know what I mean).

    The story seems to be that te was informed by someone in East Renfrewshire's Labour organisation, and he went along and shouted at Murphy.

    Now I think he had every right to shout at the man. He's a politician. Much better politicians than he have been shouted at for a long long time, but I think that he walked into a Murphy trap.

    Murphy was as happy as a man cracked with an egg (which also didn't come from an SNP supporter), because he knew that like the last time the press would make a mountain out of it.

    I mean when someone smacked him one with an egg he made the story last for weeks, and got police protection... police protection for a loud mouth like him?

    We should all get police protection walking back from the town centre on a Saturday night!

    He won because despite the fact that we know it was a set up, the BBC and the press has made it into a tragedy against free speech. Clearly for Murphy, not for the idiot who fed him the best publicity he's had for months.

  3. There's a difference about shouting at someone, and going right into their face. Yes, Murphy milked it for all it's worth but this main antagonist needs roped in by someone. But 2 SNP members have been suspended. One of whom has already attracted the wrong sort of attention. What the hell were they doing there? I know the SNP leadership cannot control all their members, but they sure as hell can lay the party law down properly. Any action bringing the party into disrepute should be considered as gross misconduct. The MPs and MSPs are highly disciplined, so why can't the same rules be applied to the rank and file membership? It sends a strong message to the opponents and the electorate. A party that is tough on discipline is more likely to be effective in government.

    Perhaps it was a trap set by Murphy. But it worked. The SNP lost this time, particularly as Nicola said no one was involved from the SNP, only the next day having to deal with the issue. It's unlikely to have much effect anyway, but there's been a little bit too much lately. Lessons need learned before next year's Scottish elections. You can bet the digging has already started.

    Anon - police state? Get real. There was a pile of similar mince being spouted 4 years ago on some blogs. It won't happen. How about the Scottish Government's plans for sharing data from NHS files and this "Nominated Person" stuff? State interference going too far.

    1. You are right, with respect to bringing the party in to disrepute but, how do you control 100,000+ plus people, without being labeled a totalitarian dictatorship of a party. Oh, that's right the SNP's opponents already do that.
      Where is the evidence these people are members of the SNP? They openly stated that they were not but, were intending to vote SNP.
      The main "offender" is a well known antagonist of Murphy and others, so well known in fact he seems to have been preselected by Labour bloggers to rant at Murphy.

      Nicola, should have brushed it off as:
      1, nothing to do with the SNP, then the media would paint that as obfuscation.
      2, these things happen, during a campaign. (Sound familiar?)

    2. Unless I'm missing something:

      The main protagonist has not been a member of the SNP for 8 years.

      Duncan Hothersall was tweeting before the event that this Clerkin fellow was going to be there (how did he know? Fid he invite him?) and asking that cameras should be there.

      It was a set up and Clerkin was daft enough to fall into it.

      I don't think that ordinary members can be controlled by Nicola or anyone else.

      The minute people start telling me how to behave is the minute I walk away from anything.

      I think they are being super cautious. They can't, as Jim said, control everyone. Nicola should discourage, as should we all, people from behaving loutishly, but in a mass movement there are bound to be some louts. I think that they are trying to make sure that no criticism can be laid at their door, unlike say at Labour's door, where again, I noticed that Ian Smart was tweeting about Hitler (although he typed Hitter instead, whether intentionally or otherwise... It was a bit early to be that pissed.)

      MSPs, MEPs and MWPs along with councillors have to have some discipline, and of course anyone who is violent or breaks the law shouldn't be tolerated.

      But as far as I can see here an ex-member shouted back on the street of Glasgow at a man who shouts on the streets of Glasgow. I have no idea whether Clerkin is a liar, but I know for a fact that the other one is.

      Personally I wouldn't waste my breath shouting at him. He lies when he opens his mouth, most recently about pensioners losing their pensions. For that he should be in prison, never mind having a member of the public shout at him.

      Really if Murphy can't take the heat of being a politician he should get his sorry arse out of the political kitchen, and leave it to someone with a bit of guts. But of course we know that this was Egg II. The Sequel. it worked last time.

    3. This film here was nothing to do with Murphy.

      It was to do with Cameron apparently using his protection squad to deal with hecklers.

      Why am I helping to pay for someone to hinder the right of a political heckler to should at a lying politician?

  4. Greetings, civilisation, I hope you are all enjoying the gales and hailstones? Last evening I made a shrewd investment. I told Angus Brendan that I was going to tactically vote for him and all it cost him was a pint of Fosters thus proving that bribery and corruption is endemic in the SNP. Tonight I will be approaching the Labour candidate.......

    1. Ah... I wondered where you'd got to.

      Was it the storms that knocked out you guys' electricity? Or have you just been in the pub for the last month or so?

      I see you've managed to corrupt Angus... Well, if anyone could do kit, you certainly were he.

      Doubt you'll get anything out of the Labour bloke unless he can put it on his expenses...

    2. Och, I know. After all it takes time to work out schemes to get free beer from candidate...


      Long as you're OK mate. But we miss you when you're not around.

  5. John having given the game away by posting here, how successful do you think this ploy will be given that Labour will be reading this (or maybe not).

    1. I suspect Labour may be a bit busy today, Helena, to spend too much time on Munguin's Republic.

      But if you're looking in Jim... Hello.

      What kinda job do you fancy looking for next week?

      Or should I already call you Lord Jim?

  6. Helena, I'm aware that Murphy is an ardent fan which is probably why Munguin features him so frequently but he probably has no idea who Western Isles candidate is - he probably thinks it's Brian Wilson.

    1. Munguin likes putting Jim's picture up.

      He then leaves his computer on all night, and the pictures scare away burglars or evil monsters...of which he is mildly scared!