Sunday, 31 May 2015


You wouldn't want to make it up, 
unless you were writing a horror story.
Still, it's true to say that they seem to be doing a job of work on things that matter to people
And it the Queen can bother to turn up and read the drivel she did, the least that the MPs could do was turn up to the debates about it.
But don't let the truth get in the way of a bit of Jock bashing
Oh look, there they are again showing the place disrespect by turning up to work instead of sitting in the bars.

Well said. They will sink to any depths to make a hit show.
Here's a suggestion.
I noticed Airmiles was sporting one of these watches
 that cost something in the order of £12,000

But soon they will have got rid of the problems of the sick scrounger.
They can speed up the death rate now that the Liberals won't whine about it.
The difference is that he has class and knows the right people,
 and she...well... doesn't. Lovely country

A vast amount of the benefits in this country go straight to landlords in housing benefits...and indirectly to employers, who can get away with paying less in wages than the average rent in the area.
If you though McVile was a bitch,
I suspect you may be in for a surprise.
The Priti one looks like she is shaping up to
take home prizes in foulness.
Good old Professor Stephenson.
Thicker than a thick thing that has been covered in 190 coats of thickening paint.
The question is, who the hell would want that worm addressing their conference.  I'm proud to say that I once refused the opportunity to meet him, most insistently too.
At least thank goodness, he has resigned from the Middle East job Bush gave him for being a totally faithful little puppet
and plunging the region into utter chaos. Actually as peace envoy he kept at it and achieved much the same result but more of it.
 I hope he never has another night's sleep for all the blood he has on his hands.
Nope, he doesn't look any more sensible or statesmanlike standing on his head. I think they have chosen badly.
 Mundell maybe would make a reasonable councillor,
or even a back bench MP, but a Cabinet Minister he is not.
But then...who else was there? Oh yeah, no one!
I truly hope he bursts. Loudly.

They were always a loving lot, the Tories, although he may have been a Liberal when he said that. Who knows? He put himself about a bit.
This one was a Liberal.. or rather, a Whig.
Can't argue that.
What a pleasant man. Has he met IDS? They'd probably get on.


  1. tris

    I looked all over your post wid all the pretty pics and things and not once
    not even one single time did i see ' aspiration ' all you keep on about is
    the poor the dispossessed the struggling working hard up.....

    Just how in hell are you going to cheer people up if you dont mention
    ' aspiration ' ?

  2. Oh OK , Niko:


    It worked for EDUCATION, so fingers crossed and off to the pub!


  3. I see young Tony is keeping up with all those strongly held Socialist views he held during the time in number 10 Tris. I mean he refused a cloak of ermine but insisted on taking on jobs with mega buck salaries as well as giving speeches at astronomical rates of pay. £250,000 just for turning up AND £80,ooo hotel expenses!!! Who the hell does he think he he is ...KING of England ... oh right enough he owns half of England already doesn't he so that is probably right! Not bad for a SOCIALIST when you think about it. LOL

    Nice to see you caught Fluffy just as he was exiting a pot hole after inspecting it Tris.

    1. I think it was his wife who turned it down rather than him. While she is a money grubber she also has an inbuilt old Labour kind of hatred of titles and stuff...she refused to curtsey to Liz, for example.

      But she's right upside him with the grasping. They are unlovely writ large.

      I thought he was about to put his head in the pothole Arbroath. I'd got a spade of soil to fill it in...

  4. "Macaulayism is the conscious policy of liquidating indigenous culture through the planned substitution of the alien culture of a colonizing power via the education system. "
    That'll be why the ex-MP and full time looney Broon, wanted Scots education to be absorbed into the English system.
    There's something to aspire to Niko, self extermination of a nation by political cuckoos.

    1. Aye, that will be it. Can't have us learning Scottish things. It might give us ideas beyond our station.