Saturday, 30 May 2015


Question 1:

Why, if Scottish Labour is so independent from English Labour, does the letter expelling a Scottish Labour member come on a letterhead indicating an address in either London or Newcastle, or both? I thought Jim had sorted that out. He and he alone, ran Scottish Labour.

Question 2:

Why, on the same basis, does a person have to re-apply (always assuming that they want to) to a London address? Is no one in Scotland entitled to make a decision on such an important matter as readmitting a person who has been expelled?
From Labour's Rules

Point 1:

If I were a member of a party and had breached rules and then received a letter like this, I would most assuredly not want to rejoin. There is no inquiry as to why the now ex-member decided to vote for the SNP. No one seems interesting in knowing what the problem with Labour policy was that drove this person to leave a party he had previously supported? If I were Labour in their current position I'd want to know that more than anything else.

Point 2:

The name of the party that the person said they were going to support is the Scottish National Party, ie the party of the Scottish Nation. Not the Scottish Nationalist Party.

It may be fun to insult the SNP by calling it by a name you think sounds unsavoury, but the truth is that it's not the actual name of the party, and makes the writer look either ignorant (I appreciate that they are not Scottish, but surely a complaints officer, even in England, knows the correct name of the party), or just plain petty.

* As the title says, this was seen on Twitter. Thanks to Jamie Ross. I cannot guarantee its authenticity. However, this rule does appear in Labour's Rule Book and Jane Shaw is indeed their compliance officer.


  1. tris

    Still no one threatened to 'Kick the shite out ' of him just cos he supported a
    alien party.unlike wot was said to me by you know who .

    Me I am off to see A Royal Night Out at the Cinema as all good unionists
    should remind us all of time when the United Kingdom was just that United.
    not like this horrid nasty ill mannered attempt to dissolve our beloved Union
    by bad people......

    No i didn't mean David Cameron !

    1. Why don't you save yourself some money and sit and watch the endless stream of "British" history programmes that the BBC churn out. They completely ignore any of what they condescending call the Celtic fringe countries. That should give you your Empire fix.

    2. Aww Niko, pet. I'd never let anyone kick anything out of you.

      Off you go and sing God save the Queen and God Bless the prince of Wales and all that stuff... but you know, you could just do what Andrew suggests. The Beeb is fond of the empire fromn an English perspective... although Neil Oliver's History of Scotland is an honourable exception.

    3. Hey Niko, don't ya ken that Her Madge has said that this never happened. That she is not amused, Les Majestie methinks going to see that and a good Unionist like your good self, tut tut.
      I have to say stop upsetting my Hubby as well.

    4. What's it supposed to be about?

  2. What is the policy of other political parties when dealing with those members who publicly decide not to vote for their party in an election? I'm not being sarky, genuinely interested as I refuse to join any political party or trade union. I never trust the bureaucrats who run things behind the scenes.

    It is a bit strange to remain a member and vote elsewhere, but possible I suppose in certain circumstances like a protest vote. As you noted in Point 1, an effort should have at least been made to ascertain why the member was changing. However, using social media to tell the world indicates it would be a waste of time.

    1. Oh I don't think I have a problem with people being thrown out of a party for voting against that party. I can understand the reasoning and I'd not be surprised (although I don't know for sure) to learn that other parties do the same. However, my main point was that this letter is very curt. Almost like a punishment. As you noted, no attempt is made to try to find the reason for the person's vote. Even when you leave an electricity company, they phone asking what they did wrong and trying to persuade you to stay.

      It's a but sad that they don't feel that their members are worth that courtesy of an inquiry.

      Secondly, as I said, the newly independent Scottish Labour Party seems to have discipline enforced from England. That kinda makes a mockery of Jim's "I'm in charge". Seems to me he is every bit as in charge as Johann, or Iain, or Wendy... that is, not at all.

  3. What about all those Labour talking heads that advocated tactical voting to keep out those horrid SNP bad ™ people ? Hope they're getting the boot too. Sounds like Labour will soon have kicked out the few who remain here. Hooray.

    1. Yes, I wondered about that. I seem to remember there were some well known names. I'm not sure but wasn't his Nobleness the baron ffoulkes one of them?

      In fairness to the Tories, when Rifkind was doing the same sort of thing, wasn't he already thrown out of the party for being a lying cheating get who didn't consider being an MP on £66,000 + committee chairman salary to actually amount to a job adn an income.

    2. Notice how during the GE campaign the SNP leadership suspended two activists - both well known to the leadership apparently - because they stepped way out of line? But the difference is "suspension". The party hierarchy at least give the benefit of an investigation. My personal view is that their alleged behaviour was far more serious than some poor sod announcing on social media he/she is voting for the opposition.

      OK, they'll probably leave regardless of any disciplinary action, but at least give them a fair hearing first. How do they know that it was definitely that person? If their action was purely on the basis of a social media post, without an investigation, it would get thrown out of court if it was a criminal issue.

      Tris, I agree that Labour central HQ is running things in Scotland. My view is that Lamont should have told Milliband to bugger off and formed a proper Scottish Labour party. Are they scared that people will think they are pro-independence?

    3. Have you heard the Bateman interview with Steven Purcell...

      I don't agree with all he says, but he has some sound ideas.